18 Colorful Rainbow Gifts To Brighten Up Your Life

colorful rainbow gifts

Colorful gift ideas for everyone. 

Are you looking for gifts to bring some color and rainbows to your life? Then take a look at this rainbow gift guide filled with fun and colorful gift ideas for everyone. These rainbow gifts are filled with color and will bring a smile to everyone’s face, including rainbow presents for kids and colorful gifts for adults. So scroll down and check out the best colorful gift ideas for her in all the colors of the rainbow.

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1. A Colorful Pencil Case

a colorful pencil case - colorful gifts

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This pencil case comes in a variety of rainbow colors and two different sizes. It is both a practical and colorful pencil case that you’ll actually want to use and is sure to brighten up your desk. This colorful gift idea is perfect for someone in school or in college where you need to bring along a lot of pens and other desk paraphernalia. So if you’re looking for a bright and fun present that’s also affordable, then this is a great one to start with.

2. Cute and Fun Wall Stickers

cute wall stickers (rainbow gifts)

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You don’t need to paint a wall or use wallpaper to bring color into your room. These wall stickers are a great affordable way to decorate your walls without a lot of work and without it being permanent. These wall stickers are great colorful gifts that are perfect for someone who just moved or wants to redecorate their space. The wall stickers come in three different variants. So take a look and see which one you like best.

3. A Rainbow Water Bottle

a rainbow water bottle; colorful gift ideas for her

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Water bottles are always a great way to go when it comes to presents, and these colorful water bottles are the perfect rainbow gifts for her and him. They come in loads of different colors, so you’re sure to find the color she likes. A water bottle is great for those who think about the environment and it keeps you hydrated, so what’s not to love? You can pick from a bunch of different ombre rainbow colors as well as some solids.

4. An LED Rainbow Light

an LED rainbow light as a color themed gift

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If you’re looking for something fun to add to a room, then this LED rainbow light is a great option. It’s not too big and can be put up on a wall or used as a tabletop light. This would look great in a nursery or a kid’s bedroom, or really any room in the house of someone who loves rainbows. It’s a really affordable rainbow gift that will put a smile on anyone’s face. So, if you wanted to find a colorful piece of home decor, then this is it.

5. A Mini Keurig Coffee Maker

a mini keurig coffee maker - best rainbow gifts for adults

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Are you looking for a colorful gift for the coffee lover? Well, here’s the perfect gift idea for her then. This coffee maker will fit in every kitchen (or dorm room) because of its size and looks gorgeous because of its color scheme. It’s the perfect gift idea for coffee lovers because they can now make a cup without having to clean a big coffee maker. It comes in a couple of different colors, including a bright blue and red.

6. Nail Polishes: colorful gifts

nail polishes as cute rainbow gifts

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Another great idea that she’ll love is a set of fun colored nail polishes. This is great for girls and women who enjoy painting their nails in different colors, and those who enjoy nail art. This set comes with all the basic bright colors you may possibly need to paint your nails with fun colorful designs. So, all in all, I would say this is a pretty great colorful gift idea. And with it, you can easily turn your hands into little rainbows.

7. A Rainbow Doormat

a rainbow doormat; rainbow gifts amazon

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A fun and practical gift idea is this rainbow doormat. It immediately makes your home a bit more fun and full of color. This doormat is great for people who love colors and rainbows and want to add a bit of fun to their entry. It will make people actually want to wipe their feet before coming in. It’s not too big, so if you don’t have a lot of space, this doormat is a great gift to get. This rainbow gift idea is probably one of the most colorful gifts on this rainbow gift guide.

8. A Fun & Colorful Umbrella

a fun umbrella (colorful gift ideas)

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When the sky is grey and the weather gloomy, you need to bring some extra color into your life. These fun umbrellas are great gift ideas for people who love a bit of color in their life. And a clear umbrella in itself is already so much more fun than a plain opaque one because you can actually see the rain. So go outside with your rainbow polkadot umbrella and bring some fun to the rainy days. They also have a kid-sized one if you like.

9. Clay Rainbow Earrings

rainbow earrings by DecoDesignsStore on Etsy; colorful gifts

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These gorgeous rainbow earrings made by

10. Colorful Dishware

colorful dishware as colorful presents

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Bright and colorful dishware is a great way to add some color to your life. And who wouldn’t be happy getting up in the morning and getting your breakfast from these colorful bowls? So if you’re looking for the best housewarming present on this colorful gift guide, then I would say this one is it. Of course, the shop also offers other matching items to make your rainbow dishware a complete set. The bowls are a great all-rounder you can’t go wrong with.

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11. A Sturdy IKEA Rainbow Bag

a sturdy IKEA bags - rainbow gift ideas

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You want your reusable grocery bags to be as sturdy as they possibly can be and these ones by IKEA are perfect for that. They’re a smaller version of the traditional huge bag and comes in a set of two with the rainbow colors making it a great addition to this rainbow gift guide. They’re perfect for carrying groceries in or to carry heavier objects in. If you do want the bigger bag, then be sure to look it up on Amazon, because that one also exists in a rainbow version.

12. A Large and Colorful Mouse Pad

a large mousepad: colorful christmas gifts

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This large mouse pad is perfect for gamers or people who want a larger mouse pad for their desk. It’s a great addition to this rainbow gift guide because of the colors without it being a literal rainbow. It’s a great example of how you can find colorful gifts that have a rainbow element without it being a literal pride flag or rainbow. So, if you want to add some color and pride to your desk, then this is the gift to get. Just make sure there is room for it on their workspace.

13. A Bright Colorful Watch

a bright colorful watch (rainbow presents)

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You can add a pop of color to any outfit with a fun colorful watch. This one by Skagen is a great example of that. It comes in a bunch of different colors and there is a size for men and a smaller one for women available. All you have to do is pick the perfect color. If they already have a watch, then this one is probably not for them. Though, if they have an apple watch, then you can actually get a rainbow wrist band for it as a nice colorful gift idea.

14. A Secret Rainbow Mug

a secret rainbow mug as a fun colorful gift

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At first glance, this mug isn’t all that special, though the unicorn on the back is already pretty fun. However, the inside rim is a fun and colorful secret rainbow that you won’t see if it’s just sitting on a shelf. It’s a fun and pretty mug even without that, but the rainbow on the inside makes it the perfect addition to this list of rainbow gifts. So, if you want to give them something practical they will use, then this mug is a great option.

15. A Boho Rainbow Throw Pillow

a boho rainbow throw pillow - colourful gift

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If you’re looking for colorful items to add a pop of color and fun to a space, then a colorful throw pillow like this one is a great idea. It comes in a couple of different versions, all as colorful as the others. This rainbow one is especially great with the fun tassels and would look great in a kid’s room or in an office space of someone who loves a good pop of color. So, if you’re looking for something to decorate their home with, this is a fun choice.

16. A Pastel Rainbow Stacking Toy

a pastel rainbow stacking toy; best rainbow gifts

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Don’t know what to get a rainbow baby? Well, this stacking toy is pretty perfect if you ask me. It’s a pretty pastel, so it will fit in any nursery and is just a great toy for toddlers and babies to play with. There are also more brightly colored stacking toy rainbows out there, though this one is a personal favorite. So, if you want something rainbow-themed for a baby or baby shower, then this is probably the most perfect thing you can get.

17. A Colorful Notebook

a colorfun notebook as a colorful present

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Looking for something bright and colorful for a student or teenager? Then this bright and colorful notebook is a great option. You can pick from a couple of different colored covers, though all of them have really pretty rainbow sides. This is a really affordable rainbow gift and would be perfect to pair with a set of colored pens, pencils, or markers. If you want to go a bit more literal with the rainbows, then you can also just get a notebook with a rainbow on the front.

18. A Colorful Boho Tassel Keychain

a colorful boho tassel keychain (rainbow gifts for adults)

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The last addition to this colorful gift guide filled with rainbow gifts is this fun tassel that’s a great stocking stuffer or smaller present to get. It comes in a bunch of different colors and styles, with all of them being brightly colored. So, if you were looking for something small and fun, then this is a great option. Just make sure that the person who gets it likes this kind of thing, because not everyone who’s into rainbows is into the more boho style.

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Having looked at all of these fun and colorful gift ideas, you now have a list of rainbow gifts to give that they’ll love. These gift ideas ranged from affordable to more expensive, so you’re sure to find the perfect colorful rainbow gift. To really make the gift perfect, be sure to wrap it in some colorful paper. Or you can check out this post that’ll show you colorful gift wrapping ideas. Either way, have fun with it and go with bright and bold colors wherever you can. I hope this list of rainbow gift ideas helped you to find the perfect colorful present.

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