22 Fun Chemistry Gifts for Scientists

chemistry gifts for scientists

A list of chemistry-themed gift ideas for science nerds. 

Trying to find some fun and unique presents for chemists or scientists? Then check out this chemistry gift guide that will help you come up with fun present ideas and chemistry gifts that any science nerd would love to get. So, scroll down to find inspiration on what to a chemistry nerd for Christmas or for their birthday.

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1. Molecular Inspired Coasters

molecule coaster by TheChemistTree on Etsy: chemistry gifts for scientists

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These molecule-inspired coaster by TheChemistTree on Etsy are a great set of chemistry gifts that any science fan will love to get. Each coaster has a unique molecule represented on it that is one of the many beverages you might put on your coasters. This is a set of 6, though there’s also a set of 8 by the same creator that has a set of different molecules, except for beer and wine which are in both sets. These sets aren’t inexpensive, but they are truly great gifts for science nerds and chemists.

2. A Punny Chemistry Mug

you're overreacting mug - gifts for chemistry grad students

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If you’re looking for more of a funny gift for scientists, then this mug with a funny pun on it is a great gift to get. A mug is a classic gift you can’t really go wrong with and is thus a great option if you don’t necessarily know the receiver of the gift all that well. Fill it up with some chocolate or sweets and you have a very easy and simple gift that they’ll appreciate. It’s also a great Christmas gift idea for chemistry teachers, since I’m sure they’ll feel like the red Erlenmeyer flask from time to time.

3. A Set of Science Cookie Cutters

 a set of science cookie cutters as chemistry gifts amazon

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If you’re looking for a small Christmas gift for scientists, then this set of cookie cutters would make for a fun stocking stuffer. The set is really affordable and comes with 4 different shaped cookie cutters all in the theme of chemistry and atoms. It’s a fun and affordable chemistry gift idea every science geek will love. Of course, to really turn these cookies into beakers and such, you’ll need to fill them in with some icing to really finish it off. Whether you give them the cookie cutter set or the cookies you make with them, they’ll surely like the gift they get.

4. A Wall Decal for Sarcastic Scientists

 a fun wall decal (personalised chemistry gifts)

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This wall decal is perfect for a sarcastic scientist to hang above their desk. It’s a fun way of adding some character to their office space and is sure to bring a smile to their face when they get this as a gift. There are some similarly styled wall stickers out there, if this one isn’t really what you’re looking for. There are also great chemistry themed wall decals that are more aimed at kids, which are great gift ideas for kids who are into science. So be sure to have a look around, if the chemist you’re trying to find a gift for isn’t really all that sarcastic.

5. A Biography of The Most Famous Woman in Science

 madame curie biography: gifts for science lovers

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This biography tells the story of the life of Marie Curie, one of the pioneering scientists in radioactivity and the discoverer of radium and polonium. The book is written by her own daughter and shows a behind the scenes look at what the life was like of the now famous couple and the road to their rather iron death. It’s an interesting read for anyone who’s interested in the history of the research into radioactivity and wants to know more about this famous woman of science.

6. A Chemistry Christmas Card

ho ho ho christmas card by NewtonAndTheApple on Etsy; periodic table gifts

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If you’re looking for a fun Christmas card to one of your fellow science geeks, then this one is a winner. This fun card is made by NewtonAndTheApple on Etsy and is a great Christmas card to send to a chemist or chemistry teacher. You can get this card on its own or a set of multiple ones. I would say it would also be a great corporate chemistry gift to give out to your employees, colleagues, and business partners. It is a bit more expensive than your average Christmas card, but that’s just because the card itself is way above average.

7. A Test Tube Planter for on the Wall

 a test tube planter (chemistry gifts)

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Another great chemistry gift idea is this wall planter that basically looks like a set of 5 test tubes. It’s a great subtle reference to chemistry without being an actual beaker as a vase. It’s a simple idea and that’s what makes it look so good. You can of course also just put it on a table or dresser instead of hanging it on the wall. Now, if you are pretty handy yourself, then you can probably make this yourself and save a bit of money. Though the entire thing isn’t that extremely expensive either. I would say this is a great chemistry gift to give.

8. A Ring Based on the Double Helix Shape of a DNA Molecule

 a double helix ring - gifts for science nerds

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This ring is a great little chemistry gift idea to give. It comes in three different metals: silver, gold, and rose gold as pictured above. It’s shaped just like the double helix structure of a DNA molecule, so truly a perfect organic chemistry gift idea. Many won’t even recognize it for what it is, since the shape in itself already looks like a nice pattern for a ring. It’s a really chip gift for scientists and small, so the perfect chemistry stocking stuffer if you ask me.

9. The Perfect Hoodie For Chemistry Students

 a Ba Co N hoodie as a fun gift for scientists

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If you’re looking for a fun gift for chemistry students, then this slightly ridiculous hoodie is a great gift to get. It pretty much stands for everything a chemistry student tends to like: a good breakfast, the periodic table, and of course a comfy hoodie. You can’t really go wrong with a hoodie like this, since it’s both comfortable and funny. In other words, this is the perfect gift idea for chemistry students.

10. A Scientific Beaker Wine Glass

a beaker wine glass (gifts for scientist)

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Another slightly ridiculous chemistry gift is this beaker wine glass. This is truly the perfect science gift for a chemistry nerd and is also perfect for keeping track of how much you’ve had to drink. If you know someone in the medical or chemistry field who also enjoys a good glass of wine, then here you have the perfect present for them. This brand also has some other similar glassware for other drinks, so if wine isn’t really their thing, there is also a whiskey version you can find on Amazon.

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11. A Spice Rack Perfect for Chemists

a spice rack as great gifts for science teachers

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This spice rack is perfect for anyone obsessed with chemistry. It’s a fun way of bringing some chemistry into your house, without hanging the periodic table on your wall. This set comes with a lot of different stickers depending on what spices you use most. And, yes, I know the elements aren’t correct at all, but it’s the thought that counts with this one. Because you probably want other people than just science nerds to be able to find the NaCl, I mean, the salt.

12. A Cutting Board to Study the Periodic Table

a periodic table cutting board; science geek gifts

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Another fun chemistry gift idea that’s perfect for chemistry students, is this cutting board with the periodic table on it. It’s a great way to study the chemical elements and it’s categorization while also cutting up some fruits and vegetables. There are also some wooden cutting boards like this out there. Though, this glass one is a bit brighter and easier to study from, since the categories are color-coded. So, if you’re looking for gifts for chemistry students, then this cutting board/serving platter is a great gift to give.

13. A Serotonin Molecule Necklace

 a serotin molecule necklace (chemistry teacher gifts)

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This is the second piece of jewelry on this list of chemistry gift and just like the first, it comes in a couple of metal finishes. This is the molecular model of serotonin, the chemical in our body that is responsible for the feeling of happiness. There are some other molecule options out there, such as those of caffeine and dopamine that also come in a similar necklace design. It’s a really affordable gift idea and is sure to be a success with any science geek. It’s also the perfect chemistry stocking stuffer.

14. A Kitchen Measuring Cup that Looks Like a Beaker

a beaker measuring cup - scientist gift ideas

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This measuring cup with all the measurements you need for cooking and baking looks more like something that belongs in a chemistry lab. It’s a great and useful gift idea for anyone who wants to add some science to their baking or cooking. It can be used in a microwave and in the oven. So, not only does it look good, it’s also a really practical and useful gift to get.  It’s pretty big and can be filled with up to four cups in volume. There are also some smaller versions available, though this size is pretty useful in any kitchen. And personally, I would even be tempted to use it as a funny vase.

15. A Not So Obvious Iron Man T-Shirt

 Fe Man shirt: a funny periodic table gifts

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If they love the Marvel comic books or movies and are into science, then this is probably the perfect t-shirt for them. It sadly enough only comes in a men’s fit, however the wide range of sizes would also make this a great sleeping t-shirt for women. It’s a funny t-shirt that everyone will have a good laugh about when they see it for the first time. It’s also a great small gift idea and perfect for anyone who also happens to be a Marvel fan.

16. A Set of Four Chemistry Patent Prints

 a set of patent prints as great science christmas gifts

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Another great chemistry gift idea is this set of four patent prints of chemistry equipment every chemist or science geek will recognize. It’s a great piece of home decor for anyone who loves science. Frame them and there you have a great gift idea for chemistry enthusiasts. It’s also a classy way to decorate a dorm room or to hang up in your office. Each print is 8 by 10 inches and together they will fill up a nice surface area of any blank wall. A really nice set of prints to give a science geek.

17. A Funny Pair of Socks With ‘Noble’ Gasses on Them

a pair of noble gasses socks (gifts for chemists)

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A sock filled with noble gases represented as kings, knights, and other noblemen. So, if you’re looking for a ridiculous chemistry gift to give, then these socks are probably as ridiculous as you can get. They are luckily also very cheap and are a great gag gift for science nerds. If you’re actually seriously looking for chemistry socks, then just do a search on Amazon, because they have quite a couple of different designs to choose from. I, personally just really like these because of the horrible pun about noble gasses.

18. A Set of Chemistry Shot Glasses

 a set of chemistry shot glasses: fun scientific christmas gifts

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Another great set of chemistry gifts is this set of shot glasses in the shape of beakers and erlenmeyers. They’re a fun set of gifts to give that are perfect for chemists and other scientists. They’re also a gift that they don’t need to put on display, since shot glasses aren’t necessarily a staple in everyone’s home decor. Instead, they are a fun piece of glassware to put on the table for a party or get together, and also a great conversation piece. It also shows how far you’re filling each glass up with. So, if you’re looking for a unique gift idea for chemistry fans, then this set of shot glasses is a great present to get.

19. A Set of Enamel Chemistry Pins

 a set of enamel chemistry pins (nerdy science gifts)

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Are you wondering what to get a chemistry teacher? Well, this set of enamel pins are great chemistry gifts to get. They can put them on their labcoat and even change them out depending on the subject they’re discussing in class. It’s a great small and affordable gift idea for chemistry teachers that they’ll surely love to get.

20. A Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit

 a molecular gastronomy kit: organic chemistry gifts

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If they are both into chemistry and into cooking, then this starter kit into molecular gastronomy is a great gift idea. This set comes with all the basics you need to create some fun dishes. There is a set that is all about molecular cuisine, and another more focused on creating fun cocktails with the tools provided. You get all the tools you need as well as a recipe book to guide you through the steps to making some fun spherical foods.

21. A Periodic Table Tie for Science Nerds

 a periodic table tie - gifts for chemistry majors

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The periodic table is an element on a lot of the chemistry gifts on this gift guide for science geeks, and this tie is no exception. It’s a simple and fun gift idea for anyone who loves science and chemistry. It’s also a fun graduation gift idea for chemistry students, though make sure they don’t wear it to any exams, because they might get into trouble. All in all, a simple and nice gift idea.

22. A Chemistry Inspired Thermos Flask

 a science thermos as one of the best gifts for chemistry nerds

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This is another nice and practical gift idea for chemistry fans. It’ll keep their drink warm for longer and comes in a couple of fun chemistry inspired design, including the one pictured here. The thermos isn’t too big, so perfect for taking drinks with you to work. It would also serve as a great gift for your science teacher. There is even one design with the molecular structure of caffeine depicted on it that’s perfect for caffeine lovers and two different designs with the periodic table.

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I hope you found some fun chemistry gift ideas and presents to get your friend or family member who loves science. From affordable an funny presents to more expensive and awesome gifts for scientists that they’ll surely love.

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