41 Great Anniversary Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Great Anniversary Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Find the best anniversary gift ideas for her. 

Are you looking for the best anniversary gifts for your girlfriend? Then take a look at this gift guide for her filled with gift ideas for girlfriends. This list will help you find good anniversary gifts for her that your girlfriend will love. So, scroll down and take a look at these great and original gifts for your girlfriend.

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1. A Pretty Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet

 rose gold bangle - anniversary gifts for girlfriend

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A nice piece of jewelry is a great anniversary gift idea for a girlfriend, and this bracelet is no exception. It’s a pretty rose gold bracelet that comes in a couple of different colors and two different sizes, depending on the size of their wrist. You can get their wrist size by measuring their watch from the clasp to the hole that’s the most worn out. It’s a pretty bracelet that any woman would love to get as a gift. If you don’t like this design, then have a look around at other bangle bracelets, since they’re great neutral options that most women will love to get.

2. A Vegan Leather Makeup Bag

 a vegan leather makeup bag (girlfriend anniversary gifts)

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Another present for your girlfriend that you can’t really go wrong with is a makeup bag like this one. It’s made from vegan leather, so it feels luxurious and is waterproof. It comes in a bunch of different colors for you to choose from and is packaged in a nice box, which makes it seem a lot more expensive than it actually is and easier to wrap up. This is probably one of the best affordable anniversary gifts for her that you can’t go wrong with. So, take a look at the colors and pick the one you think she’ll like best.

3. A Funny Pair of Matching Mugs

 funny couple mugs; anniversary gifts for her

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If you’re looking for funny anniversary gifts for your girlfriend, then these mugs are a great gift to get. There are loads of different ‘couples mugs’ available on Amazon, with this one being my personal favorite. It’s both sweet and cheesy at the same time and mugs are something every household can use more of. It’s a great sweet and funny gift idea that she’ll love if she’s into puns or ’70s music. If you want something less silly, then check all the other matching couples mugs out there.

4. Black Opium Perfume by YSL

 Black opium perfume - anniversary gifts for girlfriend amazon

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This perfume is a best-seller worldwide and it’s also known as a perfume men love on women. So, if you’re looking for a more luxurious anniversary present, then this bottle of Black Opium perfume by Yves Saint Laurant is a great perfume to get. It comes in two different sizes and the bottle is also very pretty as a gift. A nice perfume like this is a great gift to give. If you know what her favorite perfume is and she’s run out of it, then you can get that one instead. It’s a nice gesture and perfume is always a good gift idea for women.

5. A Retro Instax Mini Instant Camera

 a polaroid instax camera (anniversary gifts for girlfriend)

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You’ve probably seen those bright-colored polaroid Fujifilm cameras that are great gifts for girls, however, they can be a bit girlish for an adult woman. This camera is a great option instead to get if you like principle. It’s also an instant camera by the same brand that takes great instant photos and looks pretty great too. It is more expensive than the standard ones, but you also get more options such as automatic brightness and a shutter speed adjuster.

6. A Pillow Case for Long-Distance Relationships

a pillow for long-distance relationships; funny anniversary gifts for girlfriend

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If you’re in a long-distance relationship, then this pillow is one of the best thoughtful anniversary gifts for her that you can get. It’s a nice pillowcase with a sweet message perfect for when you can’t be together as much as you may want. The pillow comes in a couple of sizes and comes in a pretty box that turns it from a nice and sweet pillowcase into a proper gift that you can get shipped straight to her home. So, if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift idea for her, then this pillow is perfect for couples in a long-distance relationship.

7. A Great British Bake Off Cookbook

 a great british bake off cook book - girlfriend anniversary gifts

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Is she a fan of the Great British Bake Off tv-series? Then she’ll love this anniversary gift idea. It’s a cookbook filled with recipes by Paul Hollywood and some of the contestants on the show. It contains easy and more difficult recipes and all the recipes have been rewritten in the imperial system of measurements. It’s a good anniversary gift for a girlfriend who loves baking and making cakes. This cookbook is truly a must-have for all baking lovers.

8. A Set of His & Hers Wine Glasses

 funny couple glasses as good anniversary gifts for girlfriend

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If you’re looking for a funny gift that will also be used? This pair of funny wine glasses is perfect for anyone who loves a good argument and a nice glass of wine. This is one of the best anniversary gifts for women who have a good sense of humor. So, if you’re looking for something a bit cheeky, then this is a great gift to get. If you like the idea of a matching pair of wine glasses like this, but want something else written on it, then head over to Etsy where you can get custom wine glasses engraved with whatever you want.

9. A Custom Print of the Location Where You First Met

custom print of location where it all began (best anniversary gifts for girlfriend)

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This print made by ArtfulData on Etsy is another great thoughtful and sentimental anniversary gift idea for your girlfriend. It’s a custom-made print of a map where the place where you first met is marked. If you don’t remember, then you can pick your first official date, for example, or whatever important moment that you do know the location of. It’s a really sweet and personalized gift to give. You can get it as a print or as a canvas and can choose the size, as well as the colors and fonts used. A great handmade anniversary present that’s truly unique.

10. A Funny Box of Chocolates

a box of custom chocolates (anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend)

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This box of handmade chocolates is another good celebratory gift for her. It’s made by WhatCandySays on Etsy and is a great anniversary present for her. Chocolates or flowers are already good gifts, to begin with since you won’t have to keep them in your house forever if you don’t like it. And these chocolates add a nice touch to the present with its funny message. The Etsy store also has the option to personalize the chocolates, so if you want that, then check out all the other products they have to offer in their store. These chocolates are just great small gifts to give for an anniversary celebration.

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11. A Big Fluffy 36-Inch Teddy Bear

 a huge teddy bear - best anniversary gift for girlfriend

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This gift idea is only a good idea if they don’t live in a cramped space. This big teddy bear is 36 inches in length, comes in 8 different colors, and is a great romantic anniversary gift that’s both funny and sweet. This size of teddy bear is still doable in height and price. Though, if you really want to go there and get the biggest teddy bear possible and have the budget for it, then you can get this one instead. Personally, I would stick to the more reasonable-sized one. That one is also a fun piece of decor for a children’s room, so it can be used for something else as well.

12. A ‘What I Love About You’ Book

 a book written by you as diy girlfriend anniversary gift ideas

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This little booklet is a truly thoughtful gift idea for your romantic partner. It’s filled with questions and writing prompts that help you fill it up with everything you love about her. It’s a DIY anniversary gift for your girlfriend you don’t have to be crafty for at all. If you do want to make something from scratch, then take a look at these homemade anniversary gift ideas. This booklet also comes in a ‘Why You Make Me Smile’ version and a couple of others that are all based on the same principle. All in all, this little book is a great way to express your love in a way that she can look back on forever.

13. A Waterproof Bath Pillow

 a bath pillow (anniversary presents for girlfriend)

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This anniversary gift idea for women is a simple product that will make your bath a lot more luxurious and comfortable. This bath pillow is a great present for women who enjoy taking a bath to relax. You can pair it with some bath bombs or bath salts to really create that spa feeling at home. It’s a nice and thoughtful gift that she’ll appreciate. This bath pillow comes in a couple of different versions, with this one being the most sturdy and user-friendly.

14. A Bucketlist of Date Ideas

 couple's bucket list box; one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend

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If you’re looking for a gift that will bring you closer together and make you spend more time with one another, then this box called “the couple’s bucket list” will help you come up with 100 different date night ideas. It’s a fun way to do simple stuff together, that you might otherwise not do. From simple things such as watching a movie to cooking together, it’s a box filled with ideas of activities to do as a couple. You can also add in your own cards of dreams or things you’d love to do together at some point.

15. A Personalized Notebook

personalized notebook from Etsy as things to get your girlfriend for anniversary

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This personalized notebook by RiversideBridal77 on Etsy is a great custom present for your girlfriend. You can choose from eleven different colors and personalize it with her name or really whatever you want. It’s a nice personalized gift that you can’t really go wrong with. It’s especially good for women who use a lot of notebooks or keep a diary. And at the end of the day, everyone can use a good notebook, whether it’s for keeping recipes or using it as a journal.

16. A Pretty Necklace Made for Her

custom necklaces - cute anniversary gifts for girlfriend

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The second piece of jewelry on this list of anniversary gifts for a girlfriend is a custom-made necklace like this. These are made by

17. A Pretty Set of Chop Sticks

 a pretty pair of chopsticks as an anniversary gift for girlfriend

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Does she enjoy eating sushi or ordering Chinese food? Then upgrade their meal with a pair of pretty chopsticks like this. They come in a nice box to turn them into a great gift and can be washed in the dishwasher, which is always a plus. It’s a nice gift set to give anyone who enjoys Chinese or Japanese foods and can actually eat with chopsticks. It’s an easy way to upgrade any takeout and is just a fun gift idea in general.

18. A Pair of Raw Opal Earrings

A pair of opal earrings as anniversary ideas for girlfriend

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These earrings made by Ringcrush on Etsy are another example of great pieces of jewelry to give as an anniversary present for her. It’s always smart to stay away from any rings, in case they might misinterpret your intentions. These pretty earrings come in silver, gold, or rose gold casings and are unique anniversary gifts for her, since every pair is different. It is a bit more expensive than some of the other gifts on this list but still very affordable for a nice set of earrings. You can also get rings with a stone like this. However, I’m personally not a fan of rings as anniversary gifts for girlfriends, since it might send the wrong message and cause a bit of a sticky situation.

19. A Funny Mug with a Message

 a funny mug (anniversary presents for her)

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Everyone will recognize the song straight away and will be tempted to try and belt out it themselves. This is more of a funny gift idea for your girlfriend that she’ll have a good laugh about. It’s a glass mug, which makes it perfect for tea or a latte and the lyrics just finish it off as a fun anniversary gift idea. You can put it in the microwave and the dishwasher without having to worry about ruining the mug. All in all, it’s a pretty funny present to give any coffee or tea drinker.

20. A Jade Roller

 jade roller set - anniversary gift ideas for her

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You might be wondering what this has to do with skincare. Well, this set is a way to help your skincare along and improve the results of the products you already use. The jade roller cools down any bags you have under your eyes if you stick it in the fridge for a bit. This set also comes with a great face mask brush that helps you put on a face mask more evenly. It comes in a pretty box that turns this assortment of rather strange-looking tools into a nice anniversary gift set to give.

21. A Small Jewelry Organizer

 jewelry organizer; best anniversary gifts for her

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A gift idea to keep your nightstand or bathroom counter a bit more organized is this jewelry holder that doesn’t take up a lot of space but can store a lot of different trinkets. It also has a small compartment to store skincare or other smaller items. This is a great affordable anniversary gift idea for a girlfriend who loves jewelry and has a lot of different pieces that tend to take over any counter space you have. So, if you’re looking for something practical and pretty, then this is a great choice.

22. Cute Bath Bombs: anniversary gifts for girlfriend

 cute bath bombs as anniversary gift ideas for her

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If you’re looking for a gift set that’s both cute and a nice gesture, then this set of pretty bathbombs is a great gift idea to get. These fun-shaped bathbombs are a pretty gift and are also a way of giving her a bit of an at-home spa feel. They come in a nice round gift box that turns a set of bathbombs into a nice gift box that’s an easy and ready-made present. These are great for people who love bathbombs and pretty soaps and are really affordable anniversary gifts for her.

23. A Fitbit Smartwatch & Activity Tracker

a fitbit watch; anniversary ideas for her

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If you have the budget and want to get her a really nice gift, then an activity tracker and smartwatch like this one by Fitbit is a nice gift to give. Now, only give someone an activity tracker if you know they won’t be insulted by it. So, not for someone who doesn’t do any sports and is a bit overweight. However, this is a great gift for most women who enjoy regular exercising or maybe have been talking about getting one. It comes in a couple of different colors, though this one is a personal favorite.

24. A Custom Morse Code Bracelet

 A morse code bracelet - anniversary gifts for girlfriend

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This is probably one of my favorite handmade anniversary gifts for girlfriend. This morse code bracelet comes in gold and silver and can be customized to include whatever words you want, as long as it’s under 20 characters long. So, you get to truly personalize this thoughtful gift idea just for her. It’s a nice way to have a piece of meaningful jewelry without everyone knowing what it says or symbolizes because the bracelet looks cute on its own as well. This bracelet is just so pretty and dainty that it’s a great piece of jewelry to give. You can either tell her what it says or pair it with a guide on how to decipher it.

25. Luxurious Linen Bedsheets

 luxury linnen bedsheets as 1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend

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A great set of linen bedsheets is a great and comfortable gift idea to make your bed even more comfortable. Linen sheets are especially great during summer, since they feel very cool and soft even on the hotter summer nights. These sheets come in lots of different colors, with some having a light stripe pattern. I wouldn’t choose the stripes necessarily, since they can look a bit outdated. Pick a color that goes with your bedroom decor, or go with a soft blue or light grey as good neutral options.

26. A Star Wars Themed Anniversary Gift

A Custom lego art work - anniversary gift for her

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This is a really cute handmade gift idea made by on Etsy. It’s perfect for Star Wars fans or LEGO fans really. It’s a funny gift idea that’s she’ll love. You can also get a custom message or date added to it if you want to personalize it. I think this is a really nice and funny gift to give and perfect for women who love Star Wars, so just make sure she knows the reference before you get it. If you know she loves Star Wars, well then you’ve just found the perfect anniversary gift for her. If you just like the idea, then use it to DIY something yourself.

27. A Personalized Luggage Tag & Passport Holder

 custom luggage tags as personalized anniversary gifts for girlfriend

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Another great item for travelers on this list of anniversary gifts for a girlfriend is a set like this. You get a personalized luggage tag and passport holder in the color of your choice. You can get their first name or initials embossed on the leather and make it a very thoughtful handmade gift. It comes in nine different colors with this pink one being a really pretty color for women. So, if you’re looking for something custom made, then this set is really nice.

28. A Nice Soft Knit Robe

 A comfy robe - cute anniversary gifts for girlfriend

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This is probably one of the cheapest gifts on this list and it’s also incredibly comfortable. This soft knit cotton robe comes in loads of different colors and patterns for you to choose from. It’s great for summertime or to lounge around the house. If you don’t know what color to get, take a look around your bedroom or bathroom to see what the color scheme of the linens is and pick something that fits in. The sizes range from an extra small to an xxl, so they’ll fit any woman.

29. A Cute Set of Pillowcases

 Cute pillow set: good anniversary gifts for her

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This set of cute pillowcases are a great anniversary gift to give any woman. Whether you sleep in the same bed or not, it’s a great gift idea either way. It’s also a great long-distance anniversary gift for your girlfriend because you can just imagine the other person sleeping on the matching pillow miles away. So, if you’re looking for something cute and sweet, then this is a great gift to get. There are some other similar-styled pillows, though this is probably the best one out there.

30. A Kitchen Aid

a kitchen aid (one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend)

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Does she love baking and spend most of her time in the kitchen? Then she probably dreams of having a real KitchenAid. There is no other kitchen appliance quite this well-loved by bakers. It’s the dream stand mixer of any baking fan. Though, I would suggest you let her pick out the color herself since there are so many options and she probably already has a specific color in mind. A way to do this is to give her a small gift box with a card in it that says you’ll pick the color out together right when you get home.

31. A Print of Animals Mate for Life

Etsy Mates for Life Print by ggprints - thoughtful anniversary gifts for her

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This digital print by ggprints on Etsy is a great anniversary gift for a long-term girlfriend you plan to stay with for the rest of your life. This print is a collection of hand-drawn animals who are all known to pair with only one mate in their lifespan. It’s a nice and meaningful gift idea to give your girlfriend. If you want a bigger sized one than the standard, then you can message them, since they do offer that option on request. You just have to get it printed and there you have a nice anniversary gift for her.

32. A Rose Gold Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

 fruit infused water bottle: dating anniversary gifts

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A nice fruit infuser water bottle is a great gift idea for her and this one even looks pretty too. It comes with an infuser, a sleeve to keep your drink cool, and is packaged in a pretty box which makes it a great present. This is perfect for women who work out or do yoga and can use a good water bottle. It’s also a useful way to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day and the added flavor of the fruit makes it delicious as well. This bottle isn’t only practical, but it’s also pretty. All in all, a great anniversary gift for girls no matter the number of years you’ve been together, it’s a great neutral gift idea.

33. A Cutting Board Engraved with Your Names

 custom cutting board for couples (anniversary presents for her)

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This is another great handmade and custom thing to get your girlfriend for an anniversary. You can get this cutting board engraved with your names and optionally with a date and last name as well. You get to pick the type of wood you want and in which size. This cutting board with a heart engraved on it is a really nice and useful item on this anniversary gift guide. So, if you’re looking for something in the kitchen that’s personal but doesn’t cost too much, then this cutting board is a great idea.

34. An Infinity Bracelet

 infinity bracelet (unique anniversary gifts for her)

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This pretty piece of jewelry comes in silver, gold, and rose gold and is a great small anniversary gift idea for her. It’s pretty and carries a nice message about you loving her to infinity and beyond… (wait, I just mean infinity). Anyway, it’s a relatively cheap bracelet and a great option if you’re on a budget. It’s made from sterling silver and will last forever. So, if you’re looking for a pretty and affordable piece of jewelry to give for your anniversary, then this bracelet is a good choice.

35. Small Soap Macarons: anniversary gifts for her 

 set of handmade macaron soaps (2 year anniversary gift for girlfriend)

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If you’re looking for a gift that you can’t go wrong with and is a handmade anniversary gift, then this set of macaron-shaped soaps are the perfect gift ideas for your girlfriend. It’s a set of 5 small soaps that are perfect for a guest bathroom or to use in the kitchen. This is both a cute and handmade gift for her. There are loads of great soaps out there, so if you’re looking for something unique go with handmade soap from Etsy or Amazon and she’ll love them, just make sure they look pretty.

36. A Custom-Made Bobblehead

 custom bobblehead: creative anniversary gifts for women

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These bobbleheads are based on pictures you send in (and yes, they also do them for women). The company on Amazon allows you to create your very own custom bobblehead. You can choose to go with one of yourself for on her desk, one of her, or of your pet. Either way, it’s a fun and custom gift idea she won’t be expecting. It’s truly perfect for anyone with a good sense of humor that will love a fun figurine like this. It does come at a relatively high price, but it’s also custom-made for you, so the pricing makes sense.

37. A Romantic Anniversary Gift: Letters to My Love

 hand-written love letters - thoughtful anniversary presents for her

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This gift idea is more of a DIY anniversary gift for your girlfriend than the other items on here. This cheap and pretty booklet contains 12 envelopes with letters and writing prompts to help your write 12 love letters to your girlfriend. It’s a really great and thoughtful anniversary gift for her that you get to basically make yourself without getting crafty. Be sure to get this on time, so that you have the time to actually write the letters before your anniversary.

38. A Nice Big Candle

a nice big candle: romantic anniversary gifts for her

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This double wick candle comes in a bunch of different scents and comes in a nice box that looks different for each scent. The tin the candle is in is also great to be reused after the candle has melted down. It’s a nice and neutral gift for women that also serve as a nice anniversary present. This is especially good if she loves candles and nice smells around the house. This is probably one of the most all-purpose gifts for her on this list that every woman will appreciate getting. So, if you really don’t know what to get, get something simple like this.

39. Personalized Keychain for a Long-Distance Relationship

 custom keychains as cute anniversary gifts for her

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These keychains are probably the best long-distance anniversary gifts for your girlfriend. It’s handmade and can be made in the shape of all the states of America. It’s a custom gift for the two of you to carry around and always think about the other person having the other piece. This set of keychains is a nice and sentimental gift that anyone in a long-distance relationship will appreciate. In my opinion, it’s the best small long-distance anniversary idea to get your significant other.

40. A Nice Faux-Leather Tote Bag

 a nice tote bag (girlfriend anniversary gifts)

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A nice tote bag is something every woman can use. Whether you use it for work or while traveling, it’s a great item to have. This one is a great basic option that is really affordable and comes in a lot (and I mean A LOT) of different colors. This brown color is a great neutral option if you don’t know what color to get. This is the perfect anniversary gift for her if you don’t have much money to spend but still want to get her a nice gift. And don’t worry, it’s not made from real leather.

41. A Glow Recipe Skincare Set

a glow recipe skincare set; anniversary gift for girlfriend

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If you know what her favorite brand of skincare is, then you can get a set of that. However, if you don’t or she just loves trying new things, then this set by Glow Recipe is a great gift to give your girlfriend for your anniversary. The set contains some fun items that are all fruit-themed with the iconic watermelon face mask being a cult favorite. The packaging also turns this into a nice gift to give. It’s the perfect gift for your girlfriend if she loves skincare.

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Now that you’ve gone through these anniversary gifts for girlfriend, you’ve hopefully found some gift ideas or at least some inspiration on what to get your girlfriend for your anniversary. To really make your anniversary special, check out one of these anniversary ideas for gfs to find the perfect date idea. And in the end, it’s always the thought and gesture that counts, so stick to your budget, don’t go overboard, and show her that you care, because that’s the most romantic anniversary gift you can give.

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