21 Adorable Animal Crossing Gifts

adorable animal crossing gifts

An Animal Crossing gift guide filled with the best animal crossing themed gifts to give. 

Find the perfect gifts for Animal Crossing lovers that they will love on this Animal Crossing gift guide. So, take a look and scroll down to check out these adorable animal crossing gifts you can get online on Etsy or Amazon. These all range in price and style, so you’re sure to find something within your budget and that they will like. If you don’t like any if these, then use them as a jumping-off point and gift inspiration to find something perfect to give.

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1. A Plushie of Isabelle

a plushie as an animal crossing isabelle gift

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One of the most well-known characters in the Animal Crossing New Horizons world is Isabelle. She’s your assistant in town to guide you through the game. This plushie is a great gift because it’s a great rendition of one of the most well-loved characters in the game. There are loads of other characters out there that have their own plushie, so if you know what their favorite character is, then it’s worth the effort to find that one exactly. You’ll find most of them on either Amazon or Etsy. No matter what the character, an Animal Crossing plush is one of the best AC gifts on this list. 

2. A Tom Nook Mug

a Tom Nook mug (animal crossing gifts)

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This inside joke will pass right over your head if you haven’t ever played animal crossing before. However, if you have then you get why this is such a great gift for an Animal Crossing fan. A mug with a pun is one of the more traditional presents on this list of Animal Crossing gifts, but that doesn’t make it any less of a good gift to give. So, if you’re looking for a smaller gift, then get this mug, fill it with candy or chocolate and you’re done.

3. An Animal Crossing Case for your Switch

an Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch case; gifts for animal crossing lovers

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A great animal crossing new horizons gift to give is a case for your switch with the well-known Animal Crossing pattern on it. This case is both cute and great to keep your switch safe while traveling. So, if you’re looking for practical and cute gifts for animal crossing lovers, then this is one of the best ones on this list. It also exists for the switch lite, which you can check out here. All in all, a great gift idea for Animal Crossing fans.

4. A Set of Animal Crossing Pins

enamel pins as gifts for animal crossing fans

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Enamel pins are always great merchandise pieces that you can get as a gift. This is because you can use them to customize pretty much any piece of clothing or a bag by just adding one of the pins to them. You can either get both sets or just one of these on Amazon. If you’re looking for one particular character from the game, then you can also try Etsy to see if there is a pin of that character out there as they offer a bunch more options. But this set is a great basic st that you can’t really go wrong with if you don’t know much about the game yourself.

5. Cute Stud Earrings as Animal Crossing Gifts

animal crossing leaf stud earrings by EssieBeeShop on Etsy (animal crossing gifts for adults)

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Another classic gift on this list of animal crossing gift ideas is a set of earrings. These earrings by EssieBeeShop on Etsy are cute and fun at the same time. The Animal Crossing reference is clear but not too obvious. This gift idea comes in three different color options and is just a great gift idea to get. So, if you’re looking for a small but fun animal crossing gift for girls, then check out these earrings. Just make sure she actually has pierced ears before ordering them.

6. A Set New Horizons Prints

Animal Crossing prints by PrintBossCo on Etsy as an animal crossing gift

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Are you looking for animal crossing art for on your wall? Then check out these gorgeous prints by PrintBossCo on Etsy that are the perfect wall decor for a fan of the game. You can get these prints in three different sizes, so pick the one you like best. If this isn’t your style, have a look around on Etsy because there are many other Animal Crossing prints out there in different styles and color palettes. This such a fun and easy way to decorate your room with a pretty piece of Animal Crossing art.

7. A Pretty Animal Crossing Phone Case

phone cases - animal crossing gifts amazon

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Are you looking for an animal crossing gift idea that is both useful and subtle? Then this phone case with the animal crossing pattern on it is a great gift to get. The pattern is fun on its own and is a subtle reference to their favorite game without it being one of the cartoonish figures from the game. Be sure to check what phone they have and get the right size. Either way, I would say this is probably one of the best Animal Crossing gifts for adults on this list.

8. A Keychain of Your Favorite AC Character

A Keychain of Your Favorite AC Character; animal crossing gifts

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This keychain is probably the cheapest and smallest piece of merch on this list of animal crossing new horizon gifts. You can pick from a couple of different designs get the one you like best with all of them being from some pretty popular characters from the game. A keychain is also a great stocking stuffer or as a small gift to go along with some money. So, if you’re looking for a small Animal Crossing present, then this keychain is a great option.

9. An Animal Crossing Makeup Bag

an animal crossing makeup bag (funny gifts animal crossing)

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Another fun gift idea on this list of gift ideas for animal crossing fans is a makeup bag filled with your favorite animal crossing characters. The bag can be used to store your makeup or can be used as a pencil case. Either way, this is a great animal crossing present to get. You can even use it to store your controllers and Nintendo Switch accessories in while you’re traveling or on a trip. And the cute design makes it even pretty and cute if you didn’t know the game.

10. Vinyl Stickers: Animal Crossing Gifts

vinyl stickers as animal crossing gift ideas

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These vinyl stickers are great small gifts to give because you can use them to decorate your switch, your laptop, your water bottle, or lunch box with that you already own. You can pick the characters you like best and get them as stickers for on your switch or water bottle. If you want to make sure their favorites are in the set you choose, then this handy guide will tell you which villagers are the most popular among Animal Crossing fans. And then you’ll know which ones to get.

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11. Switch Game Cards Case

animal crossing gift guide: a Nintendo Switch game cards case

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If they play Animal Crossing on the Switch a lot, but also have a bunch of other games on actual game cards, then getting them this fun case can be a great gift option. It can store a bunch of different games, is relatively small and cheap and has an adorable Tom Nook design on the front. This is great for traveling when you don’t want to carry a bunch of game cases with you as they are really big compared to the size of the actual game card.

12. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Companion Guide

a companion guide; gifts for animal crossing lovers

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Do you want to have a book to help you get the most out of the game, then this companion guide is a great read to leaf through or look things up in from time to time. If you use this guide every step of the way, then you’re able to progress and improve your island a lot faster and more efficiently. No need to google everything or trust social media with their tips that aren’t always true. Instead, you can use this official guidebook to get the most out of the game.

13. Adorable Socks: gifts for Animal Crossing fans

adorable socks - animal crossing present

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Fun socks are always great gift ideas and these ones are not only comfy but also too adorable not to want them for yourself. It comes in two different versions with one a bit more muted and subtle than the other. Though, the colorful option is great for the summer and to add to anyone’s collection of fun socks. So, if you want something simple and cheap that she’ll love, then this is a great choice. You can also find Animal Crossing socks for men but they’re a lot less colorful.

14. A Tom Nook Beanie

a Tom Nook beanie; gifts for animal crossing fans

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One of the best Christmas gifts for Animal Crossing fans is this beanie. It’s so much fun and recognizable as a piece of Animal Crossing merch without it being pastel pink or mint green. It’s great for any boy who loves that game but probably won’t like many of the cotton candy-colored items on this list, as they can lean a bit more on the girly side. So, if you want something that’s perfect for the cold-weather day and perfect for boys, then this is the present to get.

15. A Colorful Backpack

a colorful backpack (cute animal crossing gifts)

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Now, this gift idea is pretty out there and is really something for huge fans of the game. This backpack isn’t too expensive and perfect to take on trips or use as a gym back for PE. It comes in a bunch of different colors and Animal Crossing-themed patterns that are all pretty great. There are also some sets that include some other pieces of merch for either your Nintendo Switch or to decorate you other things with such as a set of stickers.

16. A 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

a jigsaw puzzle - gifts animal crossing

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Don’t worry, this puzzle isn’t for toddlers, it’s actually for teens or even adults, as it has 1000 pieces, which makes it a lot tougher than a simple kid’s puzzle. It is perfect for the Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans as that’s the image that’s on the front. So, if you’re looking for something fun that doesn’t really involve them playing the game any more than they already do, then this is the thing to get. It’s also great for the holidays or a birthday as they can get started straight away.

17. A Nintendo Switch Controller

A Nintendo Switch controller (animal crossing new horizons gift guide)

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If you want to get them something to actually play the game with, then a themed controller is a great gift idea to get. This one actually has two different Animal Crossing ones. So, take your pick for the one you like best. This is particularly great if they only have their joy-cons and no other controllers. However, if they do own some other controllers already, then this is probably on the present to get as you can only use four at once in a game, and only on in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

18. An Insulated Water Bottle

an insulated water bottle - animal crossing birthday gifts

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Another awesome piece of Animal Crossing merchandise is a water bottle with a pretty print on it. With this one here being a great example of the many options you can find on Amazon. This is a great gift idea because everyone can use another water bottle, especially if they don’t already have one. You can even get a set that includes this bottle and other matching merch for Animal Crossing fans. So, take a look to see which design or pattern you like best for this water bottle.

19. A Nintendo Switch Lite Skin

a nintendo switch skin; best animal crossing gifts

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If you want to have an Animal Crossing version of your switch, that probably means buying an entirely new console, which is pretty ridiculous. So, instead you can get a skin for the console that you already have that you can just put on your switch. They are basically high-quality stickers that you can transform your Switch with. This one here is for the Nintendo Switch Lite and comes in a bunch of different colors and patterns for you to choose from. There’s also a set for the normal Switch if that’s the console they have.

20. A Themed Switch Stand

a Switch stand - animal crossing presents

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If you want a fun accessory for their Switch that is Animal Crossing-themed, then this handy stand is actually a great pick. It’s basically a simple stand to hold the screen of your switch on and is great for playing in tv-mode without having an actual tv. This is because the little stand on the back of the actual Switch is not really sturdy or versatile and tends to not be able to actually keep your screen up except if your surface is perfectly flat and you’re at the perfect angle to look at it.

21. A Set of Amiibo Cards

Amiibo cards as animal crossing themed gifts

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If you’re looking for something they can actually use in the game itself, then a set of Amiibo cards is a great option. With these little cards, you can pick which villagers will actually be invited to your island instead of leaving it up to chance. It’s a great price for the number of cards you get and the cards are really tiny, so they won’t take up a bunch of space in your cupboard or wherever you store your games. Don’t confuse these with the little statue Amiibos though, because they don’t work the same way as these do.

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You now have, hopefully, found some fun Animal Crossing gifts to put on your list that any Animal Crossing New Horizons fan would love to get. If you’re looking for even more inspiration and gift ideas for animal crossing lovers, then head over to Etsy where you’ll find even more Animal Crossing merchandise and presents to give, some of which can even be customized or personalized, though they tend to be a bit pricier than the gift ideas on this list.

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