23 Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

Find the best gifts for 70th birthday parties. 

Are you looking for good 70th birthday presents? Then take a look at this gift guide to find the best 70th birthday gift ideas for men and women. A list filled with fun and meaningful gifts for 70-year-old men and women. So, scroll down to find the perfect gifts to give and what to get someone for their 70th birthday.

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1. A Luxurious Big Candle

a luxury candle (70th birthday gift ideas)

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A nice gift idea for a 70-year-old is a nice candle like this one. This is a two-wick candle that comes in a pretty tin and is a bit bigger than your average candle. It comes in a couple of different scents and colors, so if this one isn’t your thing, then be sure to check out the other options. It’s a great option if you’re looking for gift ideas for a 70-year-old woman who has everything, because everyone can use a candle and actually use it up.

2. A Nice 70th Birthday Necklace

 nice 70th birthday necklace - 70th birthday gifts

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A nice piece of jewelry that’s a good example of simple, but pretty 70th birthday ideas is this necklace. It has seven rings on it to represent the decades of their lives and is also just a pretty necklace. It comes in a pretty box that turns this into a really nice birthday present for anyone who loves wearing jewelry. So, if you’re looking for something special and meaningful then this is a great option. Do keep in mind though that it’s made from silver, so if she never wears any silver jewelry, then maybe this is not for her.

3. A Beard Care Kit for Men

 a beard care products as gifts for 70th birthday

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Does he have a nice full beard? Or is he thinking about growing out his beard? Then this beard care kit is a great set of gifts for 70-year-old men to give. It has everything you may need to make your beard look nice and well-groomed. It’s a nice gift set for older men with beards that they’ll appreciate and it’s not as expensive as you might think. If he doesn’t have a beard, then a skincare set or hand care set would also be a nice birthday gift for him to give.

4. A Nice Notebook: 70th birthday gift ideas

 luxurious notebook; meaningful 70th birthday gifts

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Another great 70th birthday gift idea you can’t go wrong with is one of these notebooks. They’re handmade in Italy and come wrapped in a nice box that turns a simple and practical notebook into a proper gift. This notebook comes in a couple of different designs and just screams “luxurious”. So, if they keep a journal or just use a notebook quite frequently for all sorts of things, then this is a great gift idea for them. A nice notebook is really something most people will appreciate and actually use.

5. A Gift Box of Gourmet Coffee

 gourmet coffee samplers - 70th birthday gift ideas for him

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If they love coffee, then maybe getting them different types of gourmet coffee can be a nice birthday idea for someone turning 70. This box from Amazon contains exactly that, four different gourmet coffees to try. You can choose the type of coffee, including decaf or ground coffee. It’s a great versatile gift idea for coffee drinkers that they’ll love to try. It’s a fun way to try some new flavors of coffee without having to go out and buy an entire bag that then needs to be used up even if you don’t like it.

6. A Nice and Relaxing Spa Set

 spa kit (70th birthday gift ideas for mom)

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Giving someone a nice spa experience is a great birthday gift no matter what your age is. So, if you can actually get them a spa appointment, that would be a great experience gift for 70-year-old women. However, if you can’t, then you can still give them a sense of that spa feeling by giving them a nice spa set like this one. These lavender products are great gift ideas for women who can use some me-time and relaxation in their own bathroom from time to time.

7. A Funny 70th Birthday Mug

 a funny 70th birthday gift mug: 70th birthday gift ideas for dad

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If you’re looking for small and affordable gifts for 70-year-old men or women, then a funny mug like this one is a great option. It’s a great present to give your mom or dad for their 70th birthday. Just make sure to fill it up with their favorite snacks or candy, and there you have a simple but fun and effective gift to give. If you don’t like this mug in particular, then check out all the options out there. There are some great ones specifically for grandparents out there that are also really fun to give.

8. 70 Things to Do When You Turn 70

 seventy things to do when you turn seventy - 70th birthday gift ideas for her

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Another affordable gift idea is this book all about turning seventy and filled with quotes and advice from famous people in history on what it means to turn 70. It’s a nice and meaningful 70th birthday present that they can leaf through in their spare time and just take the time to enjoy that they’re now seventy, and no longer have to worry about the many things we worry about when we’re starting out in life. It’s a fun and nice book to give for someone’s seventieth birthday.

9. A Heated Back and Neck Massager

 a heated back and neck massager (70th birthday gifts)

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Back and muscle aches are sadly enough also part of growing older. However, you can alleviate some of this with this nice heated massager for your back and neck that’s easy to use and perfect to use a couple of times a week. This is a great option for people with back and neck pains that need some heat to relax. Massagers like this one are great gift ideas for older people because of how useful they are and they’re something they would probably never think of getting for themselves.

10. Gift Box of Beatles Socks

 Gift box of The Beatles Socks: gifts for 70 year old man

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Did they love the Beatles when they were young? Then they’ll love these fun socks that come in a nice gift box. There are a couple of different versions of this gift box of Beatles socks and all of them are great gifts for a 70-year-old man or woman. Just make sure that they actually loved the Beatles, and that they don’t mind wearing bright socks, because that’s not something everyone is into. These gift boxes are great gifts for men and women since they’re both fun and sentimental at the same time.

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11. A Set of Tile Object Finders

 Tile object finders - gift ideas for 70 year old woman who has everything

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Are you looking for truly practical birthday gifts? Then this pack of Tile object finders is a great option. These small gadgets are easy to hang on your keys, put in your wallet, or stick to your remote to make it easy to find all of these items with your phone. The pack contains one key hanger, one card for in your wallet, and two sticker tiles to put on any other devices you might frequently lose. They’re great for people who spend a lot of time looking for their wallets and keys whenever they’re leaving the house.

12. A Custom Birthstone(s) Ring

birthstone ring by Silveristic on Etsy - gift ideas for 70 year old woman

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A good option if you’re looking for personalized and meaningful 70th birthday gift ideas for her, then one of these custom birthstone rings by Silveristic on Etsy is a great option. You can get them custom-made with however many stones you want and you can pick the color of the ring. A good idea is to pick the birthstones of all her children or close family members as a simple way of deciding what stones to put in it. You can pick up to thirteen stones in one ring, so you can truly personalize it however you want.

13. High-Quality Golf Balls

 ultimate golf balls as 70th birthday gift ideas for men

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Do they enjoy a good game of golf? Then getting them a set of high-quality golf balls like these ones can be a simple but very welcome gift for a 70th birthday. It’s a simple gift that they’ll surely use and enjoy. So, if you don’t know what to get and know that they like golf, then this is a good option to go with. It’s maybe even one of the best gifts for an older man who enjoys golfing now that he’s retired. So, yeah, the idea is simple, but they’ll love it.

14. A Nice Fountain Pen Set

 A nice fountain pen set (gift ideas for 70 year old man)

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Another great addition to this list of gifts for 70th birthdays is this nice fountain pen gift set. The wood finish comes in a couple of colors and looks great in each of them. The set contains a nice fountain pen, a wooden case, and six ink cartridges. A fountain pen is something most men aged seventy will enjoy getting as a good-quality pen is something everyone can use. And this one looks luxurious without having a ridiculously high price tag. So a great and nice gift set to get.

15. A Nice Arts & Crafts Kit

Arts & Crafts Kit (gifts for 70th birthday)

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This embroidery kit is just an example of what kind of arts and crafts kits are out there that would make great presents. You can do a beginner kit like this one or a fuller set if they already have a hobby or had a hobby they can use new supplies for. I particularly like this embroidery set as a nice 70th birthday gift idea for women since it has all the basics and you can choose from lots of different sets of designs, even including a Van Gogh set. It’s a nice way to help them pass the time during the winter days.

16. A Home Preserving Cookbook

 home preserve cookbook (traditional 70th birthday gifts)

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If they enjoy gardening during spring and summer and grow their own fruit and vegetables, then they’ll love this cookbook that’s all about preserving your produce. From delicious jams to homemade pickles, you can create your favorite preserves with this amazing book for gardeners and cooks. It’s a great book, because this is probably one of the few periods in your life where you actually have the time to do this and learn how to create your own preserves.

17. A Fitbit Smartwatch: 70th birthday gifts

 fitbit smartwatch; 70th birthday gift for mom

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A nice smartwatch and activity tracker is another great birthday gift idea for men and women turning seventy. This one is great to use as a watch and to keep track of your steps, heart rate, and to get notifications of your phone. So, if they’re pretty good with technology, then a smartwatch like this one is a great present for 70-year-olds. It is one of the most expensive gifts on this list, so be sure that you actually have the budget for it, or plan to pool together money with other people.

18. Story of My Life Journal

 story of my life journal - 70th birthday gift for dad

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If they enjoy writing and have had a pretty interesting life, then getting them this story of my life journal to write their own autobiography can be a great creative present. It’s filled with writing prompts to write down the story of your life one step at a time. Not only will it be fun and nostalgic to go back to some of their memories, but it’s also a nice legacy to give to your children to learn more about what their life was like. This is probably one of my favorite 70th birthday gifts for mom or dad.

19. Monogrammed Whiskey Set

a monogrammed whiskey set - birthday gift for 70 year old man

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Does he enjoy a good glass of whiskey? Then this personalized whiskey set is one of the best gifts to get for him. You can get it monogrammed with their initials or full name and pick the style of lettering you want. This set comes in a couple of different styles and you can customize it with whatever you want. It’s a classy and nice traditional birthday gift to give an older man. Not only will he actually use this gift, but it will also look great when put on the table. And to top it off, it comes in a nice box to really make it a luxurious present.

20. A Handy And Comfortable Ereader

 an ereader from Amazon - gifts for 70 year old mom

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Another great addition to this list of 70th birthday gift ideas is a nice reader or tablet. This reader from Amazon is a great gift because if they love reading, then this simple gadget can make it that much easier to take books with you wherever you go. So, when they visit their grandkids, they can basically take their entire library with them by just taking along their reader. It’s the perfect gift for 70-year-olds who enjoy reading and would love to be able to take their books with them wherever they go.

21. A Gardening Set & Stool

 a gardening set and stool as 70th birthday gifts for men

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If they love gardening, then this is the perfect gift to give. It’s a set of gardening tools that comes with a folding stool and bag that you can hook under the stool. It’s really handy to keep your gardening tools in one spot and to have a stool to sit on while gardening. Something that I feel is missing that you might want to add to this gift is a nice kneeling pad to go along with it. It’s a nice gift to give older people, since crouching down will be more difficult as you grow older.

22. A Box of Godiva Chocolates

a box of chocolates - gift for 70 year old woman

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A box of luxury chocolates is one of those things you just can’t go wrong with (at least, if they don’t have any allergies). You can get a different number of chocolates for this box, with the price going up or down accordingly. If you have the budget, you have even get them seventy chocolates, one for every year of their life so far. So, if they have a bit of sweet tooth, then this is a great option. It’s also a great one to pair with a bunch of flowers as a great 70th birthday gift idea.

23. A Wine Preserver

a wine preserver; birthday gift for 70 year old woman

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This present is perfect for the wine lover. Especially, if they don’t drink a bottle a day and maybe like a nice chilled white wine or rose during summer. This glass decanter is made to keep your wine good for longer and it’s the perfect size to keep in the door of your fridge. It comes in a glass and in a plastic version, with only a small price difference. So, if I were you and you like this idea, I would get the glass version, just to add that tad of luxury to it.

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Now that you’ve scrolled through these great 70th birthday gift ideas, you now hopefully have some nice gifts in mind to give your mother or father for their 70th birthday. Most of these presents are pretty affordable, so stick to your budget and enjoy a lovely 70th birthday party where they’ll love these gifts for sure. If you’re looking for something to make yourself, then check out these nice DIY gifts for grandparents to find some really good inspiration and ideas. So, whether you make something yourself or buy something on Amazon, you’re sure to find great 70th birthday gifts that any man or woman will be happy with.

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