25 Original 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Original 60th birthday gift ideas

Great gifts for the 60th birthday for moms and dads. 

Find original and unique 60th birthday gift ideas for mom or dad on this gift guide filled with great birthday presents for anyone turning sixty this year. This list includes affordable and more luxurious ideas that they’ll love to get as 60th birthday gifts, so scroll down and take a look at these original presents for 60th birthdays!

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1. The Iconic Chanel No.5 Perfume

Chanel No.5 perfume (60th birthday gift ideas)

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A first great birthday present on this list of birthday ideas is a bottle of luxury perfume like this classic by Chanel. It’s a great way to give someone a luxury gift that you’ll know they’ll appreciate. If they already have this scent, then check out all the other classic perfumes out there that women will love. Or go with a perfume that you know she loves and get a new bottle of that perfume. It’s a simple and classy gift that’s a great 60th birthday present for mom.

2. An Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

an indoor herb garden kit: gifts for 60th birthday woman

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If she loves gardening or cooking, then she’ll love to get this herb garden starter kit to grow her own herbs. It’s a great way to get started with growing your own herbs, without having to put in a lot of effort. I think this one of the best options for mom if she enjoys cooking and would love to use more fresh herbs and ingredients. And if she doesn’t have a green thumb, then she can learn, because it’s just a starter kit that anyone can grow herbs with.

3. A Luxurious Journal or Notebook

a luxurious notebook - 60th birthday gifts

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This luxurious notebook is a great gift, not only does it come in a pretty book and just looks gorgeous, it also comes in a couple of different designs for you to choose from. A good notebook is something you can use as your diary, an occasional journal, or as a simple notebook to keep notes for all the things. Its small size is perfect to take with you wherever you go. It would also be a great spot to note down all of your favorite recipes to bundle them all in one book.

4. Compact Folding Reading Glasses

compact folding reading glasses as ideas for 60th birthday gifts

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Most people will be needing reading glasses by the time they turn sixty. However, you don’t need them all the time and when you need them most, you probably forgot them at home. These small foldable reading glasses are great 60th birthday gift ideas for him or her, since they’re easy to take with you in your bag or keep them in your pocket or car. They’re a really affordable and practical birthday present that comes in a couple of colors and of course in different prescriptions.

5. An Echo Dot with Built-In Clock

an echo dot; 60th birthday gifts for him

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The Echo Dot is a device that turns any home into a smart home. It’s connected with so many services, from radio to Spotify to controlling your light. Just simply say ‘Alexa’ and this thing will listen to whatever you want it to do. I think this is a great gift for someone’s sixtieth birthday, because it’s simple in design, doesn’t cost a lot and will make their life so much easier. It’s especially great if you have Philips hue light bulbs, which you can adjust and control with this small device.

6. A Custom & Handmade Birthstone(s) Ring

custom birthstone rings by Silveristic on Etsy as meaningful 60th birthday ideas for mom


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If you’re looking for meaningful 60th birthday gifts for her, then these custom rings by Silveristic on Etsy are a great idea. You can choose the metal and the stones that go into it. For example, if she has three kids, then you can create a ring with their three birthstones in it. It’s a great unique gift idea that she’ll love and treasure. You can customize it up to thirteen different stones, so if you want to do one for every member of the family, then you probably can.

7. A Garmin Golf GPS and Tracker

garmin gps golf tracker - gifts ideas for 60th birthday

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Are they really into golf? Then they’ll love this little gadget. This golf GPS tracker is great to hook onto your bag or golf bag to keep track of your scores, the course, and the distances. It’s a great gadget any golf player would love to get. However, if they don’t golf, don’t give them this, because not everyone is magically into golf once they turn 60. Now, if they do love the game, then this a great birthday present to give them for their birthday.

8. A Luxury Jewelry Box

a luxury jewelry box (60th birthday gift for mom)

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The older you get, the more jewelry you have and generally you still have the same small jewelry box or collection of jewelry boxes that don’t really look great. This jewelry box has a nice leather look and more than enough space to store jewelry. It comes with a nice large mirror in the lid, which adds that touch of luxury. It’s a great practical gift that any mature woman would love to get and maybe it’s an excuse to get even more jewelry, because now you have the space for it.

9. A Kindle E-Reader: 60th birthday gift ideas

a kindle e-reader; present for 60th birthday

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I believe that an e-reader is one of the best birthday gifts for all ages, and that includes when you’re entering your sixties. An e-reader makes it so much easier to read the books you want without collecting a bunch of books to collect dust. It’s also often more affordable to purchase the ebook instead of the paperback. It’s one of the best gift ideas for a mom or dad who loves to read. It’s also really handy when traveling, because you can take all your books with you wherever you go.

10. A Carry-On Cocktail Kit

60th birthday gift ideas for dad: 60th birthday presents for dad

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This fun 60th birthday present is perfect for travelers who love a strong drink from time to time. This kit has everything you need to make a cocktail or drink on the go and is just a fun gift idea. You can get this in a couple of different versions and cocktails, though the ‘old fashioned’ one is also just a fun pun. So, if you’re looking for a funny gift to give, then this small cocktail kit is a great option. So, take a look to see if their favorite is available as well.

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11. A Personalized Engraved Bracelet

personalized bracelet by GLDNxLayeredAndLong on Etsy as a nice gift for 60th birthday

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These bracelets made by GLDNxLayeredAndLong on Etsy are another great example of great gifts for someone turning sixty. You can pick the metal and choose whatever you want to be engraved on these dainty and pretty bracelets. You can really customize it however you want and create a pretty and unique 60th birthday gift for her. She’ll love to get these as a small but thoughtful gift that she can wear on a daily basis.

12. A Precision Cooker to Make Your Meals Even Better

a precision cooker (60th birthday gifts for dad)

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Does she enjoy cooking and learning new techniques to make cooking even more fun? Then she’ll love this cooking gadget. A precision cooker is basically an easy way to cook anything perfectly using the sous-vide technique. It also makes it easier to put something on and then not have to stand next to it for the next hour or so. It controls the temperature in the pot to perfection and is easily controlled using the app that comes with it. It’s a great gadget for home cooks to level up their cooking.

13. A Retirement Countdown Clock

a retirement countdown clock: 60th birthday gift ideas for her

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This small clock is the perfect funny gift for anyone who’s approaching retirement and just can’t wait until the day arrives. It’s a fun gag gift for anyone who is turning 60 this year. Though it’s pretty specific in use when you pick this color option and you won’t be able to repurpose it, except of course to give it to the next person to retire. It’s a funny and cheap gift that is great if you’re looking for something simple and fun. This won’t be for everyone, because not everyone is looking forward to their retirement.

14. A Luxurious Spa Gift Box

a luxurious spa box; meaningful 60th birthday gifts for mom

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A classic gift idea and one of the best 60th birthday ideas for mom is a spa gift box like this one. Including essentials such as bubble bath, hand cream, body butter, and all packaged in a nice gift box. It’s also great to give as a present when you don’t live close to them and you want to send them something instead, because the box itself already makes it a wrapped gift. These boxes are available in all sorts of prices and scents, so pick a scent you like and there you have a great and simple gift that she’ll love.

15. A Cookbook for Two

a cookbook for two (60th birthday gift ideas for him)

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When you’ve always had to cook for an entire family, it can be pretty tricky to start cooking for just the two of you. This book is filled with over 600 recipes that are great to make just two portions of. It’s a fun way to discover new recipes and dishes without having to make a big serving straight away. It’s a great unique 60th birthday present, because this is typically the age where you don’t have to cook for your kids every day anymore.

16. A Home Beer Brewing Kit

a home beer brewing kit - 60 yr old birthday gifts

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Is he not really into cooking, but does love drinking a good quality beer? Then getting him one of these kits with which you can brew your own beer is a great gift. You can choose from a couple of different beers and it comes with everything you need, except the water of course. It’s a fun kit for him that he’ll love, especially if he enjoys craft beers. It’s not only fun to drink, but also to make, and maybe he just found his new hobby.

17. A Heated Neck and Back Massager

a heated neck and back massager; 60th birthday gifts for her

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Pretty much everyone suffers from some kind of neck or back pain nowadays from sitting behind our computers so much. And that is no different for sixty-year-olds. This heated massager is easy to control and perfect to work out the knots in your neck. It’s maybe not the most glamorous gift idea on this list, but it is a great thing to have and most people won’t think about buying one themselves. So, if you want to give them some relaxation without the pricetag of massages, then this is a great birthday present to give.

18. Pretty Gardening Tools – ideas for 60th birthday

pretty gardening tools as ideas for 60th birthdays

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This is another great addition to this list of gifts for someone’s 60th birthday. This pretty set of gardening tools is perfect for the woman who loves gardening and can use an upgrade of her boring gardening tools. It’s a simple but great birthday gift for the mom who’s turning sixty that she’ll love. It comes in two different color options for you to choose from, so you can be sure to get the style she’ll like best. If you don’t like these floral designs, then maybe getting one of the many other great gardening sets is an option too.

19. A Pretty Eyeglasses Holder

a pretty eyeglasses holder (60th birthday gift ideas for mom)

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Another more simple, but practical alternative is this holder for your glasses that comes in a bunch of different colors and designs. It’s the perfect spot to keep your glasses in on your nightstand or to keep your reading glasses in in the kitchen. The base is magnetic, so you can even take the sleeve off of it. It’s one of the more unexpected and unusual items on this gift guide, though that doesn’t make it any less of a great gift.

20. A 60th Birthday Necklace

a nice and meaningful necklace (meaningful 60th birthday gifts)

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A nice commemorative necklace to celebrate your 60th birthday is a simple but pretty gift idea to get. Each of the circles stands for one of the decades of your life and it also just looks nice as a birthday gift. It comes wrapped in a pretty box with a backing card that turns this relatively simple necklace into a pretty present. These necklaces come in all different numbers of rings, so it’s also an idea for the other decade’s birthdays.

21. A Personalized Self-Care Kit

a personalized seflcare kit by Lizush on Etsy (gifts for 60th birthday)

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A self-care kit like this one by Lizush on Etsy to give her a much-deserved break to pamper herself is a great 60th birthday gift set. You can customize the box with their name printed on the top and turn this into a truly personal gift. It’s also perfect to order online to get delivered to her doorstep without having to go for a visit if you live too far away. So, great if you live far away, or can’t visit at the moment for any other reason. It comes with everything you need to have a spa day at home.

22. A Handy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

a handy robot vacuum: 60th birthday gift ideas for dad

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This 60th birthday present is the most expensive on this list, so keep scrolling if you don’t have the budget for it. And although it is pretty pricy, it’s also the most practical present on here. A robot vacuum is a great way to take the strain of vacuuming the entire house away from you. It’s one of the best household gadgets out there and thus also a great gift idea. I think most women would love to have one of these to help them out around the house.

23. A Tea Box to Organize Their Tea

a tea box - unique 60th birthday gift

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Instead of keeping your tea bags in their cardboard boxes, you can easily organize them in a pretty tea box like this one. Tea boxes come in lots of different colors and versions and are just great gifts for moms or dad that enjoy a good cup of tea. You can even fill it with their favorite teas to really finish this off. Most people want to have a box like this, but never get around to getting one, so that’s why it’s such an easy but good gift idea.

24. A Box of Godiva Chocolate Truffles

a box of chocolates: gift ideas for womans 60th birthday

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This small box of chocolates is a great small and delicious 60th birthday gift idea for mom if you really don’t know what to get her. A box of luxury chocolates isn’t something you really can go wrong with and these ones especially are delicious and pretty. Godiva is known for its high-quality chocolates and delivers some of the most popular flavors in this pretty box. It is a pretty simple gift, so maybe pair it with a bunch of flowers to really finish it off.

25. Gilmore Girls Mug for Mom

you're the rory to my lorelai mug by BlueSparrowDesignsCo on Etsy; birthday gifts for 60 year old woman

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Don’t know what to get your mom for her 60th birthday? And maybe you used to watch Gilmore Girls together? Then this mug by BlueSparrowDesignsCo on Etsy is definitely an option to consider. You can pick the handle color and size of the mug to have something fun and meaningful. I find that a mug on its own can be a bit plain. However, fill it up with some chocolates or sweets and you have something affordable that’s also great to get, because they’ll actually use it.

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I hope you now have some good 60th birthday gift ideas in mind that they’ll love. And remember, stick to your budget and don’t overdo it, it’s the gesture and thought that counts most at that age. You can also decide to make something special and meaningful by maybe giving them one of these DIY gift ideas for their sixtieth birthday. Either way, they’ll love the gift no matter what, as long as you put some thought into what they like and made sure to avoid what they don’t like and you’ll find the perfect birthday presents for a 60th birthday.

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