24 Original 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

50th birthday gift ideas

Great gifts for someone’s 50th birthday. 

Turning fifty is one of those birthdays that deserve a special celebration. This 50th birthday gift guide will help you find the best 50th birthday gift ideas for women and men. So, scroll down and check out these marvelous gifts for a 50th birthday party.

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1. Fifty Things to Do When You Turn 50

fifty things to do when you turn 50 - 50th birthday gift ideas for him

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The first item on this 50th birthday gift guide is a book all about turning 50 and what you may still need to learn and do. It’s filled with fun pearls of wisdom and witty essays, as well as actual life advice. It’s a fun book to read from start to finish or to leaf through from time to time. It’s perfect for anyone who is turning fifty this year and wants to still go out on adventures and discover new things. And although it’s not a traditional gift for fiftieth birthdays, I think it should be added to that list.

2. If You Can Read This… Socks

If you can read this... socks (50th birthday gift ideas for women)

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These socks come in a bunch of different versions and are great 50th birthday gift ideas. Whether they prefer coffee, wine, or a cold beer, there’s a pair of socks available to make it clear what they prefer. It’s a fun novelty gift that’s perfect to add to a gift basket or a small gift to give. Its price is also a great selling point to get a pair of funny and weird socks. And yes, I know getting a man socks is a stereotype, though these ones are also perfectly fine to get a woman who is turning 50 this year, as well.

3. A Nice Spa Gift Basket

a nice spa gift basket; gifts for 50th birthday

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A set of spa essentials to have an at-home spa was another essential that couldn’t be missing from this list of 50th birthday presents. There are a lot of different options available on Amazon, though maybe going to a local small business is another great place to get one of these. If you buy local, then you can often pick and choose what goes in the gift basket, something Amazon can’t offer. Find out what scent they prefer, whether it’s lavender, rose, or something else, and there’s surely a spa set out there that will be the perfect gift to give.

4. A Clip-On Phone Lens

a clip-on camera lens: 50th birthday gift ideas

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Taking good pictures with your phone can be a bit of a struggle if you don’t have one of the new expensive phones, though this little gadget is a great addition to any phone to improve your photos. So, if they enjoy taking pictures, but their phone isn’t really up to the task, then getting this clip-on lens is a great addition to take better photos in a snap. It comes with two different lenses and a clip-on light to make it easier to make great pictures with a not-so-great phone.

5. An At-Home Beer Brewing Kit

an at-home beer brewing kit - 50th birthday gift ideas for men

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Are you looking for original 50th birthday gift ideas for men? Then this beer brewing kit is perfect for the man that enjoys a good craft beer and would want to try to make one himself. This kit comes with everything you need to make your own beer at home from start to finish. You can choose between a couple of types of beers and each kit makes about one gallon of beer, which should be enough for a first go at it. It’s one of my favorite presents on this list, because it’s fun to get, fun to make, and fun to drink, what more can you wish for?

6. A Scratch-Off Travel Destination Map

a travel destination map (gifts for 50 year old man)

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Do they love traveling, or have they been dreaming about all the travels they’re going to make once they’re retired? Then this travel destination map is great to make them dream even more and to turn their dreams into actual destinations and plans. On its own, it’s already a nice poster to frame on your wall, and the scratching-off is a great way to keep track of all the places you’ve been. You can get them a frame to go with it, so they can immediately hang it on their wall to really finish off this gift.

7. A Samsonite Luggage Set

a luggage set - 50th birthday gift ideas for her

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And to travel around the world, they’ll need a nice set of luggage to keep their stuff safe and sound. This set is really practical, though it’s definitely more of an investment and a good idea to give together with other people to get this pricy set. It comes in a bunch of colors, and different combinations of suitcases. It’s truly perfect if they currently don’t have any suitcases or theirs are pretty much falling apart. Though, only give this fun 50th birthday idea if they’re actually planning to go somewhere with them, otherwise, these suitcases will just disappear in the attic.

8. A Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

a personalized whiskey set; 50th birthday gift ideas for mom

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If you’re looking for something personalized to get for their fiftieth birthday, then this whiskey decanter set is a good idea (if they enjoy whiskey or bourbon). You can choose from a lot of different designs and ways of personalizing this set and it comes in a pretty box that you just need to stick a bow on to turn it into a wrapped gift. If they’re not really into their hard liquors, then you should probably skip this present and keep looking at the other ideas.

9. A Pretty Gardening Tool Set

a pretty gardening set: gift ideas 50th birthday woman

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You probably never thought about gardening tools actually being pretty, but that’s what these are. They come in two different prints and are a great gift set for anyone who enjoys gardening. And anyone who gardens knows you can never have too many gardening tools (or at least I keep losing mine all the time.) It’s a fun gardening set and typically women around their fifties do enjoy making their garden look pretty. This is just one of the many gardening gifts out there, so be sure to check those out as well, when they do in fact enjoy a bit of planting and weeding from time to time.

10. The Perfect Mug for 50-year-olds

the perfect funny mug (50th birthday gifts for women)

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A fun mug is another great small addition to this 50th birthday gift guide. This is just an example and my personal favorite, though if they’re not really into cursing and such, then maybe keep looking for other fun mugs. I always recommend filling up a mug with their favorite sweets, cookies, or chocolate to turn a simple and affordable mug into a proper gift. It’s a staple on most gift lists, and this is just one of the birthday presents that I couldn’t leave out of this gift guide.

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11. Personalized Stationery Set

personalized stationary set by CurioPress on Etsy; best 50th birthday gifts

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A personalized stationery set like this one by CurioPress on Etsy is another great example of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for women. You can get these personalized with their names and pick the color of the envelope to come with the stationary. You can pick how many cards you get along with the stationary pad and accompanying envelopes. If you don’t like this floral style, be sure to click the link to find other great options available on Etsy. It’s a great personalized gift idea to get someone that sends letters regularly.

12. An Luxury Executive Rollerball Pen

a luxury executive pen (gift for 50 year old woman)

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You might not immediately think of pens when you’re coming up with gift ideas, though a luxurious pen like this one is a great 50th birthday gift for men. You can pick between two colors and it comes in a nice box that turns a nice pen into a nice present. The fact that it has a cap is actually really handy, because it can’t leak when you’re taking it with you. It’s a gift my dad asks for every year for Christmas and he is in his fifties, it’s especially great for people who have a desk job, as you don’t really need a nice pen like this anywhere else, do you?

13. An Engraved Hip Flask: 50th birthday gift ideas

engraved whiskey set: 50th birthday present ideas for her

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This gift idea for men is perfect to get for someone’s fiftieth birthday. You can get this engraved with their name and it comes in a nice box that will really turn it into a proper gift. You can also get them a plain hip flask, though a personalized one like this one is so much better. It comes with a funnel to make it easier to fill and two cups. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys going on hikes or taking trips (that doesn’t require driving a car) and would enjoy a nice sip while out and about.

14. A Back in The Day Greeting Card Booklet

booklet to add to a 50th birthday gift basket for her

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If you’re looking for a birthday card to get them, then consider getting them this ‘back in the day’ greeting card from the year they were born. It’s filled with facts and numbers about their birth year and also serves as a nice greeting card to go through. It costs about as much as a greeting card and is perfect for Americans, since it is all in dollars. So, if you’re looking for a nostalgic 50th birthday gift idea, then this booklet is a great option.

15. A Nice Faux-Leather Toiletry Bag

a handy toiletry bag - gift ideas for 50th birthday

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A toiletry bag is one of those gifts you can’t really go wrong if (except if you give one every year…). This one is made from PU leather, which means it’s a lot cheaper and easier in maintenance than actual leather. It’s also waterproof which is a must in my opinion for a good toiletry bag. You can choose between two sizes and a bunch of colors and is perfect for anyone who travels a lot or sometimes sleeps over at someone else’s house. And don’t worry, it’s a pretty affordable as well.

16. A 50th Birthday ‘Vintage’ T-Shirt

a funny 'vintage' shirt; 50th birthday present ideas

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This funny T-shirt is another great addition to this list of 50th birthday gift ideas for men. Make sure to check the year, because you want to make sure you’re actually getting one of their birth year. This t-shirt is not too in your face about the pun and most people won’t even notice that it’s anything special until they’re up close. Something that I think is a good thing because that will actually mean they’ll wear it. The T-shirt comes in an array of different sizes and you’re sure to find one that will fit.

17. A Five Decade Rings Necklace

a five decade necklace - 50th birthday gifts

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To celebrate that they’re turning 50, aka 5 decades old, you can get her this necklace with each ring representing one decade of her life. It’s a simple piece of jewelry that’s also just pretty without the hidden meaning being too obvious. Amazon also has a golden version, so if they don’t like silver, then be sure to check that one out as well. This is just one of the many ’50-years-old’-themed necklaces and pieces of jewelry out there. It’s simple and personal and gets the message across without costing a fortune.

18. ‘Old-Fashioned’ Cocktail Kit

a mini cocktail kit: birthday gifts for 50 year old man

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Do they enjoy a good cocktail from time to time, but don’t want to have lots of bottles of liquor in the house? Then this cocktail kit that you can get in a bunch of different cocktails is the perfect gift to get. You can pick their favorite cocktail or choose a couple to turn it into a gift set. It’s a bit more expensive than if you were to calculate the portion from buying full bottles, but let’s be honest no one really needs a bunch of different liquor bottles to take up space in their house. This is a fun solution and great to wrap up as a fun gift.

19. A Sleek Bluetooth Speaker

a sleek waterproof speaker - 50th birthday presents for him

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A good piece of electronics that are great 50th birthday gift ideas is this Bluetooth speaker that’s both sleek and handy. You can listen to the radio or music wherever you are in the house and even outside because this one is also waterproof. It’s perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time around the house and enjoys some background sound or music. The sleek and subtle design will fit in any household and is subtle enough to disappear in the background. All in all, a great present to get.

20. Fifty Years Ago… Posters: 50th birthday gifts

posters as 50th birthday ideas for men

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Whether you give it as a gift or use it as a piece of decor for their 50th birthday party, these posters are great items to get to celebrate their birthday. It’s filled with things that happened 50 years ago and will be a fun way to realize how many years it actually is. From sporting events to movies and big events that happened that year, it’s filled with fun trivia from their birth year five decades ago to learn more about. It’s also really cheap, so it can also be an added item to a gift basket or a piece of party decor.

21. A Custom Birthstone Necklace

birthstone necklace by MignonandMignon on Etsy: 50 birthday gift ideas

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If you’re looking for jewelry to get as a 50th birthday gift for women, then this custom necklace by MignonandMignon on Etsy is a great option. You customize it with her birthstone or the birthstones of all her children. You can even choose to get it in gold, silver, or rose gold, and is a really pretty necklace as is. You can choose to get just one stone without any leaf with their initial, or get a combination of birthstones of people who are important in her life. You can get up to 8 stones on one necklace, so have at it.

22. A Stunning Wine Decanter

a stunning wine decanter (50th birthday gift)

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This design wine decanter is the perfect present for anyone who loves wine and dinner parties, because let’s be honest you don’t use one of these when you’re home by yourself. This sleek wine decanter can of course be used for other drinks as well and would look great at the breakfast table for orange juice as well. A decanter is also great to aerate your wine before serving it. This is just an example of the many designs out there you can get that will add a nice piece of decor to the dinner table.

23. A Retro Candy Gift Box

a retro candy box - 50th birthday gift ideas for wife

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This is probably one of the best nostalgic 50th birthday gifts on this list. It’s a retro candy gift box filled with candies from when they were growing up in the 1980s. It’s filled with over 50 different types of candy from the 80s and other retro candy to fill the box with even more sweetness. Now, only get them a box like this if they have a sweet tooth, because they won’t enjoy this if they don’t like candy. It’s also great to share with kids and teens to show them what candy was like back in the day. All in all, a fun nostalgic gift idea.

24. A Digital Photo Frame

a digital photo frame (gift ideas for 50 year old woman)

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Now, this 50th birthday idea is great for any grandparent or just an overall sentimental person. It’s basically a dynamic photo frame that you can easily change the picture in. It’s connected via Wifi and is not too obviously a gadget and actually looks like a frame. This is basically the modern-day equivalent of a photo album, except you don’t have to print out anything nor find the right pictures, they can do that themselves from their own phone.

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I hope you found some great gifts and ideas on this list of original 50th birthday gift ideas. These presents are a great jumping-off point for you to start browsing Amazon and Etsy with these ideas in mind. Whether you get the exact item from this 50th birthday gift guide or you pick something inspired by it, you’re sure to get a gift they’ll enjoy.

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