23 Best 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her & Him

Best 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Find the best gifts for 30-year-olds. 

Are you looking for fun and original 30th birthday gift ideas for both men and women? Then scroll down and take a look at this 30th birthday gift guide to find the best gifts for 30-year-old women and men. From affordable to more luxury items, you’re sure to find some inspiration on what to get someone for their 30th birthday right here.

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1. A Set of Four Martini Glasses

a set of martini glasses - 30th birthday gift ideas

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A set of martini glasses that is fun and unique is a great first idea on this list of 30th birthday gifts for men and women. This stemless one here is just one example of the many options out there. If they don’t like a good martini, then you can also go for a set of whiskey glasses or a fun set of shot glasses as an alternative. Either way, something like this is generally not something to get yourself but great to get as a gift and to use during the party.

2. A Hydrating Skincare Gift Box

skincare gift box; 30th birthday gift ideas for her

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Another great addition to this 30th birthday gift guide is a skincare set. You can pick from a bunch of options, though picking something that’s wrapped up in a fun way is a key thing to pay attention to. Whether you get skincare for him or for her, it’s just a simple gift idea you can’t really go wrong with. If you know they already have a skincare routine in place they stick to, then getting a set of sheet masks or maybe a hair care kit is a great alternative.

3. A Loose Leaf Tea Subscription Box

tea runner subscription box on CrateJoy (30th birthday gifts)

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If you want something unique that they will have fun with for months to come, then a subscription box like this one is a great option. This box comes with new loose leaf teas to try and actually has some different options for you to choose from depending on what kind of tea they will like best. This is great for the tea lover. If they don’t enjoy tea, then there is also a coffee option to be found on CrateJoy, so just have a look around on their site to find the perfect subscription box for the birthday girl or guy.

4. A Personalized Wine Bottle Tote Bag

monogrammed wine tote by SEmbroideredBoutique on Etsy - creative 30th birthday gift ideas for him

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This canvas tote bag by on Etsy is a great way to wrap up a bottle of wine and is just a great gift in and of itself. You can pick whatever color you like and get it personalized with their initial on it in your favorite font. So, not only is this a fun and original way of wrapping up their gift, it’s also useful afterward to carry their wine bottles when they go grocery shopping. All in all, a fun and creative 30th birthday gift idea for women or men really.

5. A Personalized Passport Cover and Luggage Tag

custom passport holder and luggage tags as 30th birthday gift ideas for her

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Do they travel a lot for work or plan to travel soon? Then this set of a personalized passport cover and matching luggage tag is a great gift idea for their 30th birthday. You can pick from a bunch of different colors and patterns to get something they’ll love. It’s a really affordable addition to this gift guide and perfect for any frequent traveler. The color you pick can make a huge difference and although I love the neutral options best, a bright color is easier to find on a luggage conveyor belt.

6. A Sarcastic 30th Birthday T-Shirt

a sarcastic turning thirty t-shirt (best 30th birthday gifts for him)

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If you’re looking for funny 30th birthday gift ideas for him, then this t-shirt that comes in a couple of different colors and will put a smile on his face is a great option. It’s a great smaller gift to pair something with or to add to a gift basket. It’s also perfect to take with you if you’re planning a trip together to celebrate his 30th B’day. It also comes in a women’s version if you thing she’ll like this as well. Either way, it’s a fun and sarcastic shirt that will put a smile on their face.

7. A Heated Massage Pillow

a heated massage pillow - 30th birthday present ideas for her

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If you want to get them something practical that they’ll actually use, then a massage pillow like this is a great option. It’s an affordable and versatile way to get your back to relax after a long day of work, whether that’s manual labor or sitting hunched over your computer. You can use it anywhere you want, on the couch, in your desk chair, or even in the car. Either way, this affordable massage pillow that heats up and will massage your back is a great birthday present.

8. An Electric Pour-Over Kettle

an electric pour-over kettle - 30th birthday gift ideas for best friend

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This pour-over kettle by Fellow is a great luxury gift idea for anyone who loves coffee or tea. It is on the pricier side, but if you have the budget, then this is a great piece of kitchen appliance to give them for their 30th birthday. There are more affordable alternatives, though this one has a really sleek look and you can control the temperature with the handy dial at the front. It also comes in a couple of different colors and finishes. So, take a look and see which one you think they will like best.

9. A Jewelry Cas and Organizer

a jewelry case and organizer: 30th birthday gift ideas

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Does she have a bunch of jewelry but not a great way to store them? Then this jewelry organizer that comes in two sizes is a great 30th birthday gift idea for her. It comes in a couple of different colors and the two size options are perfect for however many jewelry pieces she has. And the small case is the perfect size for traveling. The zip makes sure that it can’t pop open and that nothing can slide out. So, if you’re looking for something small, then this is a great idea.

10. A DIY Customizable Doormat

a diy customizable doormat as 30th birthday gifts

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This rubber mat is a great creative 30th birthday gift that anyone would love to have, whether they put it by their front door or use it somewhere in the house. It comes with five different colored penny tiles you can use to DIY your own doormat. Whether you want to write something or just make a pretty design that’s all up to the owner. Either way, this is a great original and creative birthday present for someone turning 30.

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11. An Insulated Water Bottle

an insulated water bottle (gift ideas for women 30)

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A practical water bottle is one of those gifts you can’t really go wrong with. This one has a lot of different versions to choose from including different sizes and loads of different color options. So, whether they work out a lot or travel a lot, a good insulated water bottle like this is a great thing to get them. Just make sure that they don’t already own several of them, because then they become a bit useless. They’re also great additions to a gift basket filled with their favorite snacks.

12. A Colorful Keurig Mini Coffee Machine

a mini keurig coffee machine: 30th birthday gift ideas for her

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This small coffee machine by Keurig is a great addition to anyone’s kitchen and doesn’t take up as much space as most coffee machines while also just looking fun. It comes in a couple of different colors and you can make different sized cups of coffee with this little machine as well. Small and adorable coffee machines like this are the best 30th birthday gifts for coffee lovers that don’t have a lot of counter space, but would like to have their own coffee machine. Make sure to also get a set of K-pods to go with it.

13. A Custom Disk Necklace With Their Initial

disk necklace by GLDNxLayeredAndLong on Etsy (gifts for 30 year old woman)

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This dainty disk necklace by

14. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Kit

charlotte tilbury pillow talk lip kit as gifts for 30th birthday

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If you’re looking for something beauty-related that she probably doesn’t have yet and you have some budget for it, then this lip kit by Charlotte Tilbury in the color ‘pillow talk’ is a great gift idea. The lip color is known as the universally flattering color for all women. It comes with a matte lipstick, a lip liner, and a gloss to round it out. So, if you want to give her some luxury beauty products, this is a great place to start. Of course, if you have more insider knowledge on her favorite brand, then getting her something from there is a great alternative.

15. A Set of Colorful Agate Coasters

a set of agate coasters: gifts for 30 year old daughter

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A great piece of home decor that’s a perfect 30th birthday present is a set of coasters, with these agate coasters being a great example. You get a set of four with a golden rim and rubber protectors on the bottom to protect your table. Of course, these coasters are just an example of the many coaster options out there and depending on their own taste in home decor it might fit with their style or not. Other great options are to go with marble coasters or a set of cloth or leather coasters for a completely different style

16. The One Where … Turns 30 Mug

the one where she turns 30 mug by MadOliveShop on Etsy - 30th birthday gifts for her

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Does she love Friends? Then she’ll love this custom mug by MadOliveShop on Etsy that turns your 30th birthday into a Friends episode, or at least makes a fun reference to it. It’s perfect for a Friends fan or someone who you watch the series with from time to time. A personalized mug is one of those gifts you can’t really go wrong with. If you want something more neutral, then you can go with something floral or geometric with their initial on it as a nice alternative mug to get.

17. A Sushi Making Kit

a sushi making kit (gift for 30 year old woman)

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Do they love sushi and cooking but have never tried making their own? Then check out this sushi kit for beginners as a fun 30th birthday present. It comes with everything you need (except the food of course) to make your own sushi at home including chop sticks, a rolling mat and so much more. This is great for the sushi lover or the home cook that would love to try their hand at something new. So, if that sounds like a good idea, then be sure to find out more about this kit.

18. A Constellation Print of Their Birthday

Custom constellation print by VelvelPrint on Etsy; birthday gifts for 30 year old woman

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Are you looking for a unique piece of art or print to put on their wall? Then this star map of their birthday by VelvetPrint on Etsy is a unique and original option. All you need is their birthday and their birthplace to get the custom print and you can get it customized however you want. So, if you’re looking for a unique birthday present that any 30-year-old would love to get, then this is the gift to get. It does take some time to ship if you live outside the US, so keep that in mind.

19. A Nice Wine Decanter for the Wine Lover

a nice wine decanter - best 30th birthday gifts

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You can up their wine game with this affordable hand-blown wine decanter that’s perfect for any 30-year-old who loves a nice glass of wine. A decanter is great for aerating the wine before serving and looks a lot better on a dining table than a bottle of wine does. So, if you know they enjoy hosting dinner parties and are always busy with finding the perfect wine to go with the food, then giving them this wine decanter as a nice birthday gift is probably the best choice on this list.

20. A Pair of High-End Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Bose noise-cancelling headphones as 30 yr old birthday gift

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Noise-cancelling headphones are great gifts for anyone who works from home, travels a lot for work, or works in a loud office space and needs quiet sometimes to focus. This high-end version by Bose is probably the best pair out there, though they’re also up there in price. So, if you have the budget and are looking for a luxury gadget for a 30-year-old man or woman, then this is the one to get. But don’t worry, if you like the idea but not the price, there are also some more affordable versions available on Amazon.

21. A Revlon Hair-Dryer Brush

a revlon hot air brush (30 birthday gifts for her)

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If they love their hair best after getting a blow-out at the hairdresser, then this affordable hair-dryer brush is the perfect solution for great at-home blow-outs. It’s a cult favorite by now and known for giving great results while not costing a fortune. So, perfect for anyone who likes their hair sleek and voluminous but isn’t great at handling their brush and blowdryer at the same time. It’s also a lot quicker because you can go through your hair once to dry and style it in one go. And to top it off, it comes in a couple of different colors to choose from.

22. A Versatile Cast-Iron Skillet

a cast-iron skillet: gift ideas for 30 year old woman

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Do they love cooking and trying new recipes but don’t own a cast-iron skillet yet? Then it is the perfect gift to get. You can pick from a couple of different sizes depending on how many people they typically cook for with the 10.25 inch one being the typical size. So, if you want to give them something that will last for years to come but doesn’t cost as much as a dutch oven, for example, then this is a great gift idea for someone’s 30th birthday.

23. Birthstone Stud Earrings

birthstone stud earrings by Borcik on Etsy - 30 year old birthday gift

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 A pair of stud earrings like these by Borcik on Etsy is great for anyone who likes to switch up their jewelry from time to time. You simply pick the month in which she was born to get her raw birthstone in these stud earrings. Just make sure she actually has pierced ears before you get them, otherwise, they’re a bit of a waste. Birthstone jewelry is great for any birthday and these birthstone stud earrings are perfect for anyone turning 30 because they’re both elegant and fun.

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Hopefully, you now have some fun gift ideas in mind on what to get a 30-year-old for their birthday or have found some inspiration and ideas to find the perfect birthday present. If you still don’t know what to get, then you can also go the DIY route and make something yourself, though make sure you actually have the time to do so before you start. If you have the budget, then one of these 30th birthday gifts is probably an easier and safer option, though the choice is up to you.

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