25 Original 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Wife

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Wife

A list of unique 30th birthday gifts for wives. 

Don’t know what to get your wife for her 30th birthday? Then take a look at this 30th birthday gift guide for her to find fun and unique 30th birthday gift ideas for your wife that she’ll love to get. So, scroll down and find the best gifts for a 30-year-old woman.

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1. Mug Heating Plate to Keep Your Coffee Hot

 coffee heating pad - 30th birthday gifts for wife

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The first gift on this list is a heating plate that can keep your cup of coffee warm for longer. It’s a great gadget to have whether you work in the office or if you work from home. You can use the cup that comes in the set or any other ceramic mug on this small heating plate. It’ll start heating up once something is put on its surface and will stop heating when it’s lifted off of it. It’s a nifty gadget to give your wife for her 30th birthday that she’ll surely love, whether it is to keep her coffee or tea hot for longer.

2. A Dainty Necklace with Their Initial

a dainty necklace with her initials as 30th birthday gift ideas for wife

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A piece of jewelry is always a nice gift to give your wife. This necklace is both pretty, personal, and affordable. It’s a great present to get to go along with a bouquet of flowers to show your love. You can get this necklace in any letter you want and it’s a really pretty and dainty necklace that she’ll surely love. This one is gold plated which makes it a lot more affordable and because of its simple design, it’s still very effective. So, if you’re looking for an affordable piece of jewelry as a gift for your wife’s 30th birthday, then this is it.

3. A Funny 30th Birthday Candle

 a funny 30th birthday candle: creative 30th birthday gift ideas for her

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Does she love candles and a good pun? Then this is the perfect 30th birthday gift for your wife. The candle smells like floral coconut and lime and is a great gift to give. There are a couple of versions of this birthday candle with different labels that are 30th birthday puns or line, though, I think this one is pretty great. You can also get a nice set of candle that don’t have any silly puns on them for her birthday, because that’s also a great gift to give.

4. A Print of The Constellation of Their Birthday

wife's 30th birthday constellation print by OurLoveWasBorn on Etsy

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A gift idea for your wife’s 30th birthday that’s truly personalized is this piece of wall art of the day she was born by OurLoveWasBorn on Etsy. You can get it customized however you want. From picking the frame to the background color, it’s up to you what the final product will look like. You can also change the size depending on what you want. It’s a pretty and sentimental gift that your wife will surely enjoy getting. It does come at a higher price than a random constellation print, but it’s not all that expensive either.

5. A SodaStream to Turn Tap Water into Seltzer

 a sodastream (unique 30th birthday present ideas)

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This gift idea is perfect if your wife enjoys a seltzer. This kitchen gadget can turn any type of water into sparkling water. It’s a great gadget to save some money and it’s better for the environment. This soda stream comes in three different colors, so keep your kitchen decor in mind when you choose a color. The set comes with the appliance, the water bottle, and a canister with the ‘bubbles’. It’s a great gift idea for people who love sparkling water.

6. A Nice Watch as a 30th Birthday Gift Idea for Her

 a nice watch: 30th birthday ideas for wife

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Another classic present that I could not leave out of this list of 30th birthday gift ideas for your wife is a watch. This watch is a simple and classic design at a mid-range price point. It comes in this grey and rose gold version or in one with a pink strap and a gold clock. A watch is a great gift for women of all ages and this watch is a great classic one that every woman will love. If you know exactly what kind of a watch she likes, then take a look around to find the perfect watch to give her.

7. A Pretty Tea Set for Tea Drinkers

 a dainty tea set; 30 gifts for 30th birthday for her

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A pretty tea set like this one is another great 30th birthday present. The set comes with 4 cups and saucers, a teapot, and milk and sugar pots. It has everything you need to host a nice tea party with friends or to have a nice cup of tea with the two of you. It’s a nice tea set and a great piece of kitchen decor. This set comes in two colors, the blue as pictured above and in soft pink. All in all, a nice tea set is something your wife will love to get if she is into drinking tea or loves nice kitchen china.

8. A Handmade Birthstone Soap

Birthstone Soap by AnjoulBliss on Etsy - 30th birthday gift ideas

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Each month of the year has its own stone and the month in which you were born decides which gemstone is your birthstone. This is often something that’s used for jewelry and such, however there are also soaps like this by AnjoulBliss on Etsy. These soaps are shapes as gems and represent the birthstone of a month of the year. The one pictured above is an aquamarine soap for the month of March made by AnjoulBliss on Etsy. This soapmaker has one for each month, check out the other months available in her Etsy store. Soaps like these are great 30th birthday gifts for your wife because they’re handmade and each one is unique.

9. A Nice Terry Cloth Bathrobe

 a nice terry bathrobe - wife birthday ideas

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A nice and comfy terry cloth bathrobe is a present you can’t really go wrong with. This one comes in a couple of different colors for you to choose from. If you know what her favorite color is, go with that. Otherwise, figure out where it will hang and what the colors of the decor in that room are. And if you can’t figure that out, go with a light grey, you can’t go wrong with that. A terry cloth bathrobe is great for both summer and winter. In winter you can wear it after a shower or bath or over your pajamas in the mornings and in summer it’s great for after a swim.

10. An Eco-Friendly Insulated Travel Cup

 an eco-friendly travel mug (30th birthday gifts for her)

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An insulated travel mug is another great gift to give your wife for her 30th birthday, and this one is also eco-friendly since it’s made from rice hulls and replaces all disposable cups from your life. It comes in two different sizes and five different colors. It also has a travel lid that prevents spilling, but is this large enough to fit a straw through when it’s open. On top of that, it will keep your drink warm for longer since it’s double-walled.

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11. AirPods with a Charging Case

 AirPods as gift ideas for women 30

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Probably the most expensive item on this gift guide for her are these air pods with a charging case. They’re great for on the road, to use while exercising, and perfect for video calls. They are now one of Apple’s top products. They’re a great gift idea for your wife if she regularly is on the road while doing calls, or works from home and needs to take video calls every now and then. Overall, they’re just a great gadget to have for anyone, really.

12. Natural Agate Bookends

 natural agate bookends: 30th birthday gift ideas for her

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Another great gift idea is a set of bookends like this. These bookends are made from dyed agate and come in a couple of different colors. You can also choose from different weights to find the bookends that are perfect for the size of your books. It’s a great piece of home decor and a lovely 30th birthday gift idea for your wife if she’s a book lover or is into crystals and gemstones. Each set is unique as the stones are split. It’s a really nice present to give.

13. A Glow Recipe Set of Skincare

glow recipie gift set (birthday gifts for 30 year old woman)

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A starter set of skincare by Glow Recipe. All of these skincare products are based on fruits and the set includes a cleanser, a moisturizer, and an extremely popular watermelon sleeping mask. It’s a great gift idea for a woman who loves skincare and trying out new products. This set doesn’t have full-sized products, which actually makes it a better gift, since you can try these out multiple times to see if you like them before purchasing any of them in full-size. It’s also an affordable option to try out new skincare.

14. A Pretty Necklace with Each Ring Representing a Decade

 a decades necklace: gift ideas for wife birthday

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This pretty piece of jewelry doesn’t only look good, but also has a nice symbolism behind it with each ring of the necklace representing a decade of their life. It’s a nice 30th birthday gift for your wife that she’ll love to wear. It’s not a very flashy or expensive piece of jewelry, but it does have a nice message and shows that you put some effort into finding here a nice gift. Jewelry, in general, is always a good idea, though you don’t have to spend a fortune on it for her to be happy with it.

15. A Set of Stackable Espresso Cups

 a set of stackable espresso cups - 30th birthday gift ideas for wife

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Another set of great 30th birthday gift ideas for your wife is a set of espresso cups like this one that can be stacked and comes with a stand to keep them in. If she loves a good cup of espresso now and then, then this is a lovely gift to give. It comes in three different colors including this multicolored one. It contains six cups and saucers and is a great addition to your kitchen. And don’t worry, if you’re not into the bright colors, there is a white version of it.

16. A 30th Birthday Gift Box for Your Wife

30th birthday gift box for her by DearAvaGifts on Etsy

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This 30th birthday gift box by DearAvaGifts on Etsy is a great example of the many gift boxes available on Etsy. This one is perfect for anyone who wants a relaxing at-home spa day for her birthday. A gift box from Etsy is a great way to give someone a gift you clearly put some effort into, without having to actually come up with anything yourself. Just figure out what kind of a box of gifts she would most appreciate getting, and you’ll probably find one on Etsy.

17. A Homesteading Book for Beginners

 a homesteading book (best 30th birthday gifts)

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Does she have a green thumb or is interested in growing her own vegetables and such? Then, maybe this book about getting started on homesteading is the perfect present for her. Homesteading is all about self-sufficiency and growing your own food. It’s a book filled with how to get started with growing vegetables, having chicken, having a bee box, pickling, and so much more. Even if you’re just interested in one of these, it’s a nice gift to give.

18. A Pretty Cosmetics Bag for Traveling

 cosmetics traveling bag: 30 yr old birthday gift for wife

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A nice toiletry is another one of those gift ideas you can’t really go wrong with. This cosmetics bag, in particular, isn’t only pretty, but also practical. It has a hook and folds out so you can hang it up on a hook when you’re in a hotel or somewhere else where there isn’t a lot of counter space. The bag comes in a lot of different prints for you to choose from. Though, this blue floral one is my personal favorite. So, take a look and see for yourself which one you think your wife would like best.

19. A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

 a waterproof bluetooth speaker as 30th birthday present ideas

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Another great gadget that she’ll love as a 30th birthday gift for your wife is this waterproof Bluetooth speaker that comes in seven different colors. Now you might be wondering why I think it’s so important that it’s waterproof. Well, here are my two reasons: children makes messes, and you can use it while taking a bath. Luckily the fact that this one is waterproof doesn’t make it a lot more expensive. This speaker has a battery life of 20 hours which is pretty great and comes in some great feminine colors.

20. A Custom Morse Code Bracelet

 a morse code bracelet - 30th birthday gifts for wife

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Get a truly personalized gift for her 30th birthday with this morse code bracelet. You can get it in silver or gold and get any message written with it morse code that’s less than 21 characters. It’s a fun and almost secret gift between the two of you, because only you two know what it really stands for, since no one really knows morse code anymore, do they? This is probably my favorite item on this list of 30th birthday gifts for your wife. It’s also fun to come up with what you want the message to be. You can go down the sentimental road or you can choose an inside joke.

21. A Bath Pillow to Relax After A Long Day

 a bath pillow: wife birthday ideas

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Does she love taking a relaxing bath after a long day? Then this is the perfect present to upgrade her bathing experience. this suction bath pillow makes any bath more comfortable and it doesn’t look too bad either. It comes in a couple of different versions, one is waterproof, while another can be washed in the washing machine. So figure out which one you think is best. A bath pillow like this is an affordable way to turn your bath at home into more of a spa experience.

22. A Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Tea Infuser

 a cold brew set (30th birthday gift ideas for her)

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Making cold brew coffee is the new thing to do and there are loads of cold brew makers out there, though this one stood out to me. It’s made from glass and can also be used as a tea infuser, so two for the price of one. It comes in two sizes and is airtight. It’s a great gift idea for coffee lovers who are aboard the trend of cold-brew coffee. So, if you’re looking for a birthday present for your wife who loves caffeine, then this is a great option.

23. A Waterrepellant Laptop Sleeve

 a sleek laptop sleeve - 30th birthday gift ideas for wife

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A nice gift for a 30-year-old woman who travels from time to time is this laptop sleeve with a matching accessory bag. It comes in a variety of pretty colors and is water repellant, which makes it even better. There are six different sizes available depending on the size of the laptop. These are great for working women or women who have to take their laptops with them on the road or to meetings from time to time. You can’t really do without one of these.

24. A Custom Birthstone Ring

 custom birthstone rings as gift ideas for wife birthday

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You can customize these rings with whatever birthstones you want. First, you pick the color of the metal: silver, gold, or rose gold. And then you can choose how many and which stones you want in which order in the ring. For example, you could get one with just her birthstone in it, or one with the birthstones of your children. Another option is to think of meaningful dates to her, like her wedding. It’s a nice small and affordable custom gift idea for her 30th birthday.

25. A Set of Calming Bath Salts

 30 yr old birthday gift for wife: a set of bath salts

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A nice set of bath salts like this is great as a way to pamper her to an at-home spa day. These bath salts are great 30th birthday gift ideas for a wife who enjoys a good bath. It’s an easy gift you can’t go wrong with. There are other bath salts out there, though a plain old bag isn’t really gift-worthy. These ones, on the other hand, come in nice glass bottles which turn them into a nice gift to give your wife for her birthday.

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I hope these 30th birthday gift ideas for wife helped you find the perfect gifts for a 30-year-old woman that she’ll love. Even if you didn’t find the  perfect 30th birthday present to get her, this gift guide is a great place to find inspiration and ideas on what kind of birthday gifts you can get your wife for her 30th birthday. You can also go down the DIY road with one of these homemade gifts for her, though it’ll take a bit of skill and time to do so. And if you don’t have the time, nor the skills, and want to keep it low-budget, then a nice breakfast in bed is always a good short-term option as a 30th birthday gift for wife.

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