34 Small Gifts that Everyone Will Love

small gift ideas for everyone

A list of small gift ideas for everyone. 

Are you looking for small gifts that you can give to someone as a stocking stuffer or just because? Then take a look at this list of small gift ideas for everyone and you will probably find a cute gift that you can give or perhaps something that you want to keep for yourself. So, take a look and choose which of these small gifts you like best.

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1. A Blue Marble Popsocket: a great small gift for teens

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A pop socket is a great and affordable smartphone accessory. You simply pop it onto the back of your phone or case and it will create a stand to prop your phone up or a safer place to hold your phone. And the most important part: you collapse it when you don’t need it. These pop sockets come in many different colors and prints, so they can be the perfect small gift ideas or stocking stuffer idea for this Christmas. They’re also really affordable for how popular they are

2. Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity - small gifts

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A fun card game is another great addition to this list of small gift ideas for everyone and Cards Against Humanity is great for people who can laugh about horrible jokes. The game is 17+, so keep that in mind when you buy this as a gift. Spend your free time making up the funniest and weirdest situations with this card set. There is also a more age-appropriate version of this game and some other themed version out there to pick up if you’re interested.

3. A Clip-On Selfie Ring Light

a clip-on selfie light as small gift ideas amazon

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For those who love taking selfies, this is the perfect small gift idea to give. This ring light will simply clip onto your phone and will immediately improve your selfie quality. So do you know someone who is obsessed with taking selfies? Then this makes for the perfect present to get them. It’s also great for anyone who struggles to get their lighting right on video calls and can use the extra brightness this gadget provides.

4. A Small and CuteEOS Lip Balm Set

EOS lip balm kit as small gifts for friends

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You’ve probably seen these round lip balm holders before. And that’s because they are really fun and great small gifts, especially as a smaller Christmas gift for girls. Now here is a set of both a stick form lip balm and the traditional round lip balm by EOS. For girls of all ages, this is a great present to get. Really any lip care, from lip balm sets like this to lip scrubs, lip masks, and lip oils are all great little gifts that don’t cost a fortune and will be used.

5. A Nice Leather Belt for Men

a nice leather belt: small gift ideas for men

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A classic leather belt like this one is a great gift for all sorts of occasions. It comes in a couple of different colors for you to choose from and a good belt is really a small present you can’t go wrong with. They’ll wear and use it for years to come, so it’s not really a gift you can get them year after year, but it’s definitely a nice item to get for your birthday or Christmas. So, if you’re looking for something small and practical for men, then this belt is a great idea.

6. Pins to Give as Cute & Small Gifts

a cute pin - small gifts for boyfriend

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This bear pin is just too cute and aesthetically pleasing to resist. You can get this pin from Amazon, where you’ll also find many more fun pins, though Etsy is also a great place to find fun and creative pins. Pins are just easy and simple gifts you can’t really go wrong with, if they love a tv series or video game, then be sure to check all the themed pins you can find on Etsy, you can probably even find one of their favorite character.

7. A Set of Uno Cards

uno card game (small gift ideas for coworkers)

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This classic card game can be found in almost all households. Do you know someone who doesn’t own a Uno card set or is moving out on their own, then this will make for a great gift. Or if you have kids, and they’ve managed to ruin the last set you had, then this might also be a good present (in our house we ended up with three sets, that happens when there are five very competitive siblings). And the best people to gift this to are college students. Because everyone knows how much fun board games and card games can be when you’re in college (and maybe slightly drunk).

8. A Mug with a Message

a funny mug as small gift ideas

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Looking for a small gift idea for a colleague, teacher, or even a parent. Then this mug might be the perfect small gift to give. A mug is always useful and with funny pun it, it becomes a great present. Mugs are one of the best gifts for everyone on your list, no matter their age or their taste, there’s a mug out there for them. You can choose to down the cute road and pick a pretty mug, or pick something with a fun pun on it to make it something fun. Either way fill it with some candy and you have an easy low-effort gift everyone likes.

9. Essie Nail Polish: A great small gift for girls

small gifts: essie nail polish

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Essie nail polishes are some of the best ones out there that come in pretty pastel shades. And this shade, called ladylike, is an absolute must-have. Nail polish is just a great small gift or stocking stuffer at Christmas for girls and women of all ages. If you don’t like this shade, then you can choose one of the many other options Amazon has to offer. Nail polish in general is an easy and no-fuss item that won’t break the bank. So an easy and cheap gift to get.

10. A Lodge 10.25 Inch Cast-Iron Skillet

a cast-iron skillet: gifts that everyone likes

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This cast-iron skillet is a cult favorite and for a reason. A nice cast iron skillet is something every home cook needs in their life and this one is pre-seasoned to make it the perfect present. It’s not the smallest gift idea on this gift guide, but its practicality and how often you’ll use it makes it something I couldn’t leave out. It’s also very reasonably priced and comes in a bunch of different sizes to choose from, so be sure to take a look.

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11. Earrings with your Initials: perfect small gifts to give

small earrings with your initials as gifts for everyone

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Are you looking for a small piece of jewelry that is cheap, yet stylish? Then this might be a fun gift idea. These earrings come in all the letters of the alphabet and will ensure that this tiny gift is personalized and perfect for the recipient. And they are also a great option as a small Christmas stocking stuffer. They are really tiny, so don’t be surprised with how small they are when they arrive. These kinds of earrings come in even more options and varieties on Etsy if you’re looking for something truly unique.

12. A Ring Holding Bunny Statue

a ring holder bunny statue - gifts everyone loves

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I don’t know how to describe this, except for a ‘ring holding rose gold bunny statue’. In other words, a jewelry stand for rings, that is rose gold and in the shape of a cute little bunny. All of this combined makes a great cute and little gift or stocking stuffer. It also comes in a couple of different animal shapes if you don’t like bunnies. Do make sure that they actually wear rings or have more than the one they’re always wearing, because a ring holder would be pretty redundant if they don’t.

13. A Set of 6 Cute Cloud Magnets

small cloud magnets (gifts everyone wants)

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This set of small cloud magnets is just too adorable. On top of that, the color scheme will go with every room and is perfect for each magnetic board. All of this makes it one of my favorite small gifts on this list. It’s perfect for all ages, but especially for high schoolers and college students, who will appreciate this small decorative present. It’s really one of those presents that everyone will love to get no matter their age (just make sure they have somewhere to hang them on).

14. A Set of Fun Sheet Masks

skincare sheet masks - gifts everyone will love

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A sheet mask is great to give to a makeup and skincare lover. And to really make it special, why not give a set of them? So that’s what this is. These fun and colorful face masks are great gifts, whether you give the set as a whole to one person or give one mask per person as a small gift. Either way, a bit of skincare in the shape of a sheet mask is a great way to give someone a bit of a spa feel without giving them an actual voucher for a spa treatment, though that would go great with this gift idea.

15. A Vincent Van Gogh Funko Pop Figure

a Vincent Van Gogh Figurine as gifts everyone likes

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This Van Gogh Funko Pop is just an example of the many figures out there, and it’s maybe my personal favorite. You can probably find a Funko Pop of their favorite athlete or fictional character if you do a quick search on Amazon. It can be as simple as that. And their size makes them a great gift, though it’s not the smallest on this list. If you really want something tiny, then be sure to check out the keychains by Funko Pop as well.

16. A Book that Will Teach You How to Adult

small gifts for everyone: a booklet all about adulting

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In this book, you will find everything you need to know as an adult. From how to cook, to how to do your laundry. All of the wisdom that actual adults have (or are supposed to have in my case) is shared in this book. So, if you’re like me and wonder half of the time when you will actually become a proper adult, then this book is for you. Also a great Christmas present idea for someone in their early 20’s.

17. A Set of 10 Motivational Pencils

motivational pencils: small gifts everyone likes

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Ever in need of some motivation? Well, try these pencils (I mean, who knows, it might work). Each pencil comes with its own message printed on it to keep you motivated. A set like this is a great small and affordable gift to get someone. It’s especially great for people in college or who work in an office where you actually use pencils.

18. A Colorful Bath Bomb as a Small Gift

a colorful bathbomb: small gifts for anyone

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A bath bomb is another great stocking stuffer or smaller gift everyone likes. It’s small yet fun to get and use. This one is really cheap, yet looks great and has a ton of positive reviews. And to top it off, it comes in several different colors. So you can choose your favorite bath bomb to give. It’s also a great item to add to a gift basket if you’re looking for things to fill one up.

19. A ‘Get (Sh)It Done’ Notebook/Planner

a funny notebook (gifts that everyone loves)

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With this notebook, you are sure to be motivated to do stuff and get things done. So if you know someone who is always full of plans, yet never gets it done, then this might be the gift for them. And a notebook is useful no matter who or where you are. Everyone will love this notebook because it’s practical and funny at the same time.

20. A Mini Cross Stitch Kit

a mini cross stitch set - small gifts everyone loves

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This kawaii cross-stitch kit is a great activity to give someone creative. It comes with a tiny embroidery hoop and all the thread and fabric you need. You can pick between a couple of cute fruits to cross stitch onto your fabric. It’s great for kids or for people who have never cross-stitched anything before. The tiny loop and designs make it a lot more approachable than actual embroidery. If you want a kit for boys, then check out the one with Mario on it you can also get on Amazon.

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21. A Pretty & Small Makeup Bag

a pretty and small makeup bag: best small gifts

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Most makeup bags can be pretty big and clunky, but this small version that comes in a bunch of pretty colors is a great solution if you want something a bit less bulky. You can fit in all the basics and just put it in your backpack or carry-on without having to worry about the space it will take up. It also comes in a larger version, if you like the design but would want a bit more space. I think this bag is a perfect little gift for a teen girl who loves pastels and this is one of the prettiest items on this small gift guide.

22. A Micro Fiber Hair Towel

small gifts that everyone likes: a microfiber hair towel

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This gift idea might not be as glamorous as some of the other beauty items on this list, but it’s still nice to get. A towel like this will make your hair dry so much faster and it reduces frizz. So the towel itself might not be all that special, but what it can do is quite extraordinary. So, do you know someone who likes to take good care of their hair, then this a great option to get. There are a bunch of color options out there for these towels, so pick the one you think they’ll like best.

23. A Rose Gold and Marble Contact Lens Case

a rose gold lens case as little gifts

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If you know someone who wears contacts, then you know how important it is to always carry a case for them with you. And this small case does that. On top of that, it also contains a tiny bottle for lens fluid to keep your lenses clear and safe. And the mirror in the lid makes it a lot easier to put your lenses in on the go. The marbled design on the outside makes it pretty sleek and you can choose which metal color you want, though the rose gold is a solid choice.

24. A Glittery Liquid Eye Shadow: a luxurious small gift idea

a glittery liquid eyeshadow by Stila (gifts everyone can use)

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This glitter eyeshadow by Stila is so festive and perfect for the holidays. So if you are looking for a Christmas gift for the makeup lover in your life, then this is a great option for a small gift or stocking stuffer. It’s one of those makeup items everyone likes and you can’t really go wrong with. If you do know what they love, then get them something of their favorite brand instead.

25. A Couple of Small Cat or Dog Toys

a set of cat or dog toys as a cute and small gift

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An original addition to this gift guide filled with small presents is this set of cute cat and dog toys. There are a couple of different versions of this set to choose from with each a different fun theme. It’s the perfect gift for pet owners to get, especially if they’re new pet owners and probably don’t have a lot of toys for their pets yet. And these ones are actually suited for both cats and dogs, so you can’t go wrong with them.

26. A Key Finder For The Forgetful

a key tile finder: the best gifts everyone needs

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How annoying is it to be in a rush, and you can’t find your keys? Well, this little gadget is the solution to that problem. You hang it on your keys and install the app on your phone. This way you can use your phone to find your keys. And you probably already have a person in mind who could use a present like this. This gadget is not as affordable as some of the other gifts for everyone on this list, but it’s definitely worth the investment for someone who always loses their stuff.

27. A Pink Tool Set As a Small Gift For The Independent Woman

a mini toolkit: gifts that everyone will love

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This set is so perfect for either a woman on her own or for a family where the men keep stealing the good tools for stupid things. Because the tools are pink, it’s very unlikely that boys will steal them and it just looks nice. And if you’re wondering if men actually steal a woman’s tool, then you should ask my mom why there are always screwdrivers missing from her set (Hint: I have four brothers…).

28. A Tiny Bluetooth Speaker as the perfect small gift

a mini Bluetooth speaker - small gift idea

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Do you want to find a little gift for someone who loves music? Then this tiny Bluetooth speaker might be an idea. It fits in your pocket and you can carry it with you everywhere you go. And because it’s so small, it can also serve as a great stocking filler for this Christmas. This is probably one of the tiniest gadgets on this list of small gifts (which says a lot).

29. A Pretty Little Jade Roller Gift Set

a pretty jade roller (cheap gifts everyone loves)

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This jade roller gift set comes in a couple of pretty colors, with the pink one being my favorite. It’s a great affordable little gift you can’t go wrong with when it’s for someone who loves skincare. You can put it in the fridge to improve the cooling effect even more and is great to use to work in your moisturizer or to use to get rid of puffy under-eye bags because of the cold from the stone. It’s a simple but great gift to get.

30. Cozy Fox Slippers: cute and small gifts for Winter

cozy slippers: cool gifts for everyone

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A cozier addition to this gift guide is this pair of warm and cozy fox slippers. They are so cute and handy at the same time, so I couldn’t leave them out. So if you are looking for a pair of slippers, then this pair will be perfect. They also come in other varieties, so take a look and pick your favorite to get as a gift, or just for yourself.

31. A Hand-Held Milk Frother

a hand-held milk frother as a small gift for you

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A milk frother is the perfect small kitchen gadget for anyone who loves a nice late, cappuccino, or hot chocolate. This simply and quickly foams up your milk or cream without having to clean out the entire coffee machine afterward. It comes in a bunch of different colors and even has a little stand, which is probably a bit extra. It’s a great little gift for everyone who loves their hot drink with some foamed milk on top and it’s a pretty cheap and versatile gadget as is.

32. A Personalized Christmas Ornament

personalized christmas ornament by Keptsake on Etsy - good small gifts

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These personalized Christmas ornaments by Keptsake on Etsy are great Christmas gifts for everyone. The one you see here is for a baby’s first birthday, but the link is for the shop that makes personalized ornaments for pretty much all occasions and all types. From newly-weds to housewarming gifts, these are great personalized little gifts to get around the holidays. It’s also pretty affordable and an easy gift that you can just order online.

33. A Fun Canvas Tote Bag

a fun canvas totebag: a small gift

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Are you looking for gift ideas for everyone who wants to do their part for the planet, then getting them a canvas tote bag for groceries is a great option. And this affordable one comes in a bunch of different fun designs to make it more fun than just a plain canvas bag. It’s easy to carry with you in your bag because it’s so small when you fold it up, but sturdy enough to hold lots of groceries, all in all a great practical gift to give that everyone will love.

34. A Nice Cookbook Filled with Desserts

a nice cookbooks as great small presents

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If you don’t know who Claire Saffitz is, then you’ve been missing out. This cookbook is filled with all sorts of desserts and is the perfect gift for everyone whose favorite meal is dessert. Nice cookbooks are always great gifts that everyone likes to get, especially if they enjoy cooking (and eating). This is just one of the many options out there with some having fun themes they are centered around. For example, there’s a cookbook all about hangover meals, just to prove that you can find a cookbook for everyone out there.

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I hope you found what you were looking for and are going to make some people very happy with their small gifts you got! Now, if you are looking for really cheap small gifts, then maybe DIY gifts are the way to go or to pair some other gift idea with. Either way, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect small gifts to give that everyone will like.

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