34 Best 20-Year Anniversary Gifts to Give

Best 20 Year Anniversary Gifts

Find original 20th wedding anniversary gifts for couples. 

Are you looking for the best platinum wedding anniversary presents? Then take a look at this gift guide filled with the best 20-year anniversary gifts for her and him. Find awesome ideas to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary right here. So, scroll down and take a look at these great 20th-anniversary gift ideas for wives and husbands.

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1. A Porcelain Dinnerware Set

 porcelain dishware set (20th anniversary gift)

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Porcelain is a classic 20th-anniversary gift to give and the first thing you’re probably thinking of is a dinnerware set like this one. This is a classic set that you can use for all occasions and anyone would love to have a nice dishware set like this. This set is for six people and contains three different types of plates. So, if you’re looking for a porcelain anniversary gift, then this is a classic. If you don’t like this style, then take a look around for other great porcelain dishware sets available online.

2. A Nice Engraved Ballpoint Pen

 engraved pen - 20 year anniversary gifts for him

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If you’re looking for good 20-year anniversary gifts for men, then a nice engraved pen is a good gift idea to get that doesn’t cost a lot, yet they will appreciate getting. This Parker ballpoint pen is just an example. You can also choose to go with a fountain pen if they use it. Make sure to not pay a lot of money on one of these if he’s known for always losing his pens, because that would be a bit of a waste. Luckily, this one is a good classic that is also an affordable anniversary gift for him.

3. A Luxurious Bath Tray

 luxury bath tray: 20 year anniversary gifts for her

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A really nice celebratory gift for her is a bath tray like this that will make taking a bath even more relaxing and luxurious. This tray comes in a couple of different colors and wood tones, so pick the one you think will fit best in your bathroom. Something to upgrade taking a bath is always a great gift for women. So if you want to go the extra mile, you can add some nice bath salts or a set of self-care products to go along with this gift.

4. A Woolen Tartan Throw Blanket

 cozy tartan throw - 20 year anniversary gifts for couples

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If you have the budget to splurge a bit, then this tartan throw blanket is a great 20th-anniversary gift for her. It comes in a bunch of different colors and patterns for you to choose from. This gift idea is probably the coziest present on this entire gift guide. It’s definitely worth the price since it’s made from real wool and will keep you warm during the winter months. Just choose your favorite design and there you have a great anniversary present for 20 years of marriage.

5. A Classic Perfume by Chanel

 a classic perfume; 20th wedding anniversary gift for wife

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Perfume is another great present option for your wife. If you know what her favorite perfume is or what kind of perfumes she likes, then go out there and pick one out yourself. If you don’t know, then getting a classic like this Coco Mademoiselle fragrance by Chanel or their Chanel No 5 fragrance is a great option. Or you can go to your local perfume store and simply make a list of her favorite perfumes, and the people there will help you find a similar or nice smell to match the ones she likes already.

6. A Nice Handmade Platinum Ring

platinum anniversary ring by porana on Etsy (20 year anniversary gift for her)

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Nice platinum anniversary gifts for her are pieces of jewelry made from platinum with a nice ring being a great option. This ring by Porana on Etsy comes in a couple of different metals, including platinum, which is the typical gift for this wedding anniversary. This ring is nice and neutral and most women will love it. Though it’s mostly the idea that I want to suggest with this ring, since jewelry is something incredibly personal, so be sure to pick something she’ll love.

7. Anniversary Champagne Glasses

 a set of personalized wine glasses as a 20 year anniversary gift for him

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A nice set of 2 custom engraved champagne glasses like these ones are a great fun and affordable 20th wedding anniversary gift idea. You can choose between champagne glasses and red or white wine glasses. So, even if champagne isn’t your thing, you can still use this gift idea. You simply type in your anniversary, first names, and wedding date and they’ll ship these to you. So, make sure to pick the right model, and there you have a simple yet fun anniversary gift to give.

8. A Photo Album of Fond Memories

 a photo album (20th anniversary gift)

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Are you looking for affordable and thoughtful 20 year anniversary gifts for mom? Then maybe getting a simple photo album and filling it up with your fondest memories together is a nice option. It will take you some time to compile all the pictures and put them in the album, but she’ll love leafing through the album. If all your pictures are digital, then you can also get one printed, though having the actual pictures is also a nice thing to have.

9. Personalized Map Print: 20th anniversary gift

personalized 20th anniversary map by ArtPrintsVintage on Etsy - anniversary gifts for her

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Another great addition to this list of presents for them is this custom map by ArtPrintsVintage on Etsy. This would be a great personalized wedding anniversary gift for her that she’ll love. You can get it in a couple of different sizes and all you need to do is fill out your info and they will send you a custom handmade print. This is a great meaningful and thoughtful gift idea that they’ll love to get. If you don’t like the heart design, then check out the other options on Etsy.

10. A Porcelain Ornament

 a porcelain ornament - 20th wedding anniversary gift

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If your anniversary is somewhere close to Christmas, then a custom porcelain ornament to celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary is a nice and small gift idea. It’s great to celebrate your twenty years of marriage without having to give a grand and expensive gift. It’s a small and thoughtful gift idea to hang on your Christmas tree for the years to come. A great small gift idea for the winter months. And this is just one example of the many great ornaments out there.

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11. A Custom Initial Coin Necklace

 custom necklace - 20th wedding anniversary gift for wife

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If you’re looking for a small piece of jewelry that’s both personal and affordable, then one of these necklaces is a great option to get. You can customize these with up to four coins per necklace that you can have engraved with an initial and a date. So, this would be perfect to fill each coin with the birthdate of your kids. You can choose to only have one coin for your wedding date or to have multiple coins for your kids. It’s one of the best meaningful wedding anniversary gifts for women that she’ll love.

12. A Golf Book for Beginners

 golf book for beginners: 20th anniversary gift for husband

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Now that it’s your 20th anniversary, there’s a good chance that you’re also quite a bit older than when you got married and not as active as you once were. So, a fun 20-year anniversary gift for men is this golfing for beginners book to get started on their new hobby. It’s a nice book to go through to learn everything you need to know to become a better golfer. So, if he’s looking for a new hobby, then this sport is probably one he can play for years to come and will enjoy as he grows older.

13. A Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

 heart-shaped waffle maker (20 year anniversary gifts for couples)

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If you’re looking for a sappy or funny gift, then this waffle maker is one of the best things you can get. Surprise them with breakfast in bed with the perfect heart-shaped waffles. It’s a fun gift idea that you can also just use afterward to make your everyday waffles. Because who can’t use a bit of love for breakfast? I think this is the perfect overly romantic gift to give when you want to surprise them with a nice breakfast with these waffles as a fun added bonus.

14. A Hand Stamped Ice Cream Spoon

ice cream spoon by LeBreux on Etsy - 20 year anniversary gift for husband

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This custom stamped spoon by

15. A Classic Diamond Bracelet

 diamond bracelet (best anniversary gifts for her)

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A gorgeous diamond bracelet like this one is another example of a classic wedding anniversary gift for her. I would personally go to your local jewelry to pick something out together so you can know for sure she’ll love it. Another advantage of getting it in person is that you can see it in real life before deciding to purchase it. So, if you’re looking for a piece of jewelry, then a tennis bracelet is a great option, because it’s just a classic that most women will love.

16. A Night Sky Print

night sky print by OurLoveWasBorn on Etsy - 20 year anniversary gift for her

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Another great addition to this list of 20-year anniversary gifts is this custom print by OurLoveWasBorn on Etsy. You get a print of the visible constellations on your wedding date or whatever date you want to choose. It’s completely personalized for you by using your picked date and location and then you can pick the design you like best and there you have an awesome gift idea. It’s a nice print to have in your house as-is, but the added deeper meaning makes it that much more special.

17. A Customized Whiskey Set

 personalized whiskey set: 20th wedding anniversary gift for husband

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Are you wondering what to give your husband for your wedding anniversary? Then maybe this gift idea is a good one to pick if he enjoys a glass of hard liquor from time to time. You can get this set personalized with his initials and birth year as well as pick the design you like best. There are a lot of different fonts and designs to choose from, so pick your favorite. And there you have one of the best presents for husbands that love a nice stiff drink.

18. A Nice Commemorative Keychain

 nice keychain as a small 20 year anniversary gift

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If you’re looking for something small to give for your 20th anniversary, then this small keychain is a great idea. It’s one of the best small and affordable options for her and him to get since everyone can use a good keychain and you can’t really go wrong with this. It’s a small trinket that you can give to go along with a nice dinner or breakfast or a bunch of flowers. Because not every gift needs to be extravagant or over the top, something small can be just as nice.

19. A Smeg Espresso Machine

 An espresso machine (20th wedding anniversary gift ideas)

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Do they love a good espresso? Then getting them this retro espresso machine by Smeg is a great 20th-anniversary idea to get. A kitchen appliance may not seem like the most romantic present, however, the retro design of this coffee machine makes up for its more practical side. So, not only are you getting an actually useful item, but it will also look great on your kitchen counter. It comes in a couple of different colors, with the black one being a great neutral option to go with, compared to the other softer and more pastel colors.

20. An Anniversary Push Pin World Map

pushpin travel map - 20th anniversary gifts for husband

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Another great personalized 20-year wedding anniversary gift is this push pin world map by wendygold on Etsy to keep track of all your travels. You can get it fully customized in color and frame etc. to turn this into the perfect gift idea for couples who love traveling all around the world. Simply push in a pin on every place you’ve been to keep track of your adventures. And it’s also a nice piece of wall art that’s a great conversation starter.

21. What I Love About Us Book

 a 'what I love about us' booklet (20 year anniversary gift for wife)

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Write down what you love about yourself and your spouse as a couple in this DIY book to fill up with handwritten letters and notes. The book will guide you through it with leading questions and will make it easy to fill up this entire book with your favorite things about the other. It’s a great DIY gift idea if you’re not very crafty but you want to give something you made yourself. There are a couple of different versions of this book available, so pick the one you think will be the perfect gift for your husband or wife.

22. A Picnic for Two

 A picnic for two; 20th anniversary gift ideas

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Are you looking for original experience gifts for your 20th wedding anniversary? Then getting a picnic basket like this and filling it up for a picnic can be a great and romantic anniversary gift. This basket is great because it’s spacious and looks great because of its unique lid design. It’s a fun way to surprise your spouse for your wedding anniversary and a great way to have some quality time with just the two of you. Whether you have a picnic somewhere in a park or in your living room in front of the tv. It’s a great gift for couples.

23. A Personalized Cutting Board

 personalized cutting board (20 year wedding anniversary gift)

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Another great present to add to this gift guide is a personalized cutting board that you can get from Amazon. You can pick the design you want on the board and the type of board you want to get it on. It’s a great useful and fun anniversary gift to give someone who loves making cheese platters or would love to get a nice bread cutting board. It’s not the best for cutting vegetables and fruit since it’s not the easiest to wash. However, it’s a great gift idea to last for years to come.

24. Stud Earrings: 20-year anniversary gifts for her 

 diamond platinum earrings as 20th anniversary gifts for her

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A classic wedding anniversary gift for women that you can’t go wrong with are diamond stud earrings like these ones. They come in silver or gold and are a classic type of earrings every woman would love to have. It is one of the most expensive presents on this list, so be sure that you have the budget for it. Otherwise, pick another gift idea since it’s not worth it to splurge on if you don’t have the money for it. If you do have the budget, then this is a great choice.

25. A Countertop Wine Fridge

 a countertop wine fridge - platinum gifts for men

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Do they enjoy a good glass of wine and would they love to have a good space to store their wine? Then getting them a small wine fridge like this one can be a great gift to give. It’s a handy gadget to have in your home and can store up to 15 bottles. Just make sure you have somewhere to put it that won’t take up all the counter space. It’s a great gift idea for wine lovers who don’t have a good place to store their favorite wines. Just make sure they’ll actually use it and that it’s not a gift for yourself.

26. Fun 20th Wedding Anniversary Mugs

fun couple mugs as great anniversary gifts

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If you’re looking for funny 20th-anniversary gifts for wives and husbands, then this pair of mugs is a great gift idea to get. It’s perfect for people who’ve been together for a long time and know how it works in a marriage. It’s a great option for children to give to their parents for their wedding anniversary, since it’s so perfect for most couples who’ve been together for that long. So, if you’re looking for a funny gift that will put a smile on everyone’s face, then this is it.

27. Custom Anniversary Cufflinks

custom cufflinks by georgiedesigns on Etsy - 20th anniversary gifts  

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This pair of cufflinks by georgiedesigns on Etsy is a great anniversary gift for your husband. You can get them engraved with your initials, your wedding date, and where you got married. They come in three different metal colors for you to choose from and are just great wedding anniversary gifts for men. They come in a nice box and are just a great small gift for your husband to celebrate your anniversary. It’s also subtle enough that he will regularly wear these.

28. A Personalized Flask

 custom flask; 20 year anniversary gift for him

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Another great present for him is a personalized flask from Amazon like this one that comes in a set. You can get it in a ton of different colors and fully personalized with his initial, name, and either his birth year or your wedding date. It’s a fun gift idea for someone who will actually use it. So, perfect for campers and people who enjoy some whiskey from time to time. So, take a look and pick your favorite version and customize it. It comes with a funnel, two shot glasses, and is packaged in a nice gift box.

29. A Platinum Dipped Rose

 a platinum dipped rose (platinum anniversary gifts)

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If you’re looking for platinum anniversary gifts that aren’t jewelry, then this rose dipped in platinum can be a great original idea for her. It’s pretty expensive for what it is, but if she’s into things like this, then it’s definitely worth the price tag. Though be sure that she’ll love it, because this is not for all women. It’s also available in other metals, but the platinum one is perfect for this wedding anniversary, because that’s the classic material for your twentieth anniversary, just like porcelain is.

30. A Fun Coffee Mug

a fun coffee mug - 20th anniversary gift for wife

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This mug is ceramic and counts out the days of 20 years of marriage. It’s a great small and affordable gift for 20 years of being married. You can also get another fun mug, though this one is perfectly appropriate for your twentieth anniversary. And who can’t use another mug? Fill it up with their favorite candy or chocolate and there you have a simple but effective gift idea for the person who says they don’t want any gifts.

31. An Engraved Compact Mirror

 an engraved compact mirror (gift for 20th anniversary)

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If you want to give something with a personal message, but don’t want to come up with the message yourself, then check out this gift idea. This compact mirror comes with a message on it ready to go. It’s a nice and sweet 20-year anniversary gift for her that she’ll love and actually use. A compact mirror is something any woman can use and this one comes with a nice touching message. If you want to get your own personal message engraved, then check out all the other options on Amazon and Etsy.

32. A Pretty Porcelain Tea Set

 A set of porcelain tea ware - 20th anniversary ideas

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Did you know that there’s another material other than platinum associated with the 20th wedding anniversary? Well, there is, and it’s porcelain. And nice porcelain tea sets like this one can be a great gift set for her that she’ll love. A full set like this that comes with cups and saucers, as well as a teapot, a sugar bowl, and a milk pot is a great gift for women. So, if you want something nice for the kitchen, then a set like this is a great idea. This one comes in this blue color and in a nice blush pink. Just be aware that the stand is not included in the set.

33. Adorable Canape Plates

adorable canape plates as 20 year anniversary gifts

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A set of canape plates is something most people don’t have, not even after being married for 20 years. And this set is even better because they’re shaped like little hearts. They’re so adorable and a great addition to any kitchen or dinner table. You can pick the size of the set, though four is probably a great affordable starter set. You can also get other heart-shaped plates or dishes that are also really adorable gift ideas to celebrate being in love.

34. A Funny Commemorative T-Shirt

a funny shirt as a 20th wedding anniversary gift idea

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And finally to finish this 20th-anniversary gift guide with is a funny commemorative t-shirt, because who can’t use a good t-shirt. It’s also a great addition to a gift basket filled with things they love and this fun shirt. It comes in a men and women’s version and you can even pick from a bunch of different colors. In other words, a great funny gift idea that you can actually wear in public, or just use as a nice pajama shirt.

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I hope you now have some great 20-year anniversary gifts for her and him to choose from after taking a look at this gift guide. Be sure to keep your budget in mind while choosing your perfect anniversary gift, because some of these gifts are pretty expensive, while others are great affordableoptions. If you’re looking for more 20th-anniversary gift ideas, then check out this list of fun anniversary date ideas to get inspired on how to celebrate. It can be pretty easy to make your 20th wedding anniversary into something special with a fun date and a nice gift to go along with it.

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