21 Best Literary Gifts for Book Lovers and Bookworms

Literary Gifts for Book Lovers

A literary gift guide filled with some of the best gifts for bookworms. 

Finding the perfect gifts for book lovers that aren’t books can be tricky and challenging. So here’s a gift guide for bookworms to help you in your quest of finding the perfect literary gift for avid readers. Take a look and see for yourself which one you think is the perfect gift for someone who loves books more than anything.

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1. A Pride and Prejudice Inspired Card Game

marrying mr darcy card game as literary gifts

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Take a look at this card game where you step into the world of pride and prejudice and get to try and marry mister Darcy yourself. This is a fun game and gift idea if you love Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and always wanted to step into Elizabeth Bennet’s shoes. So, this really more of a gift for Jane Austen fans than for book lovers in general since not everyone enjoys here books. However, if you know she does love the novels, then be sure to check out this fun game.

2. A Pair of Crystal Stone Bookends

a pair of chrystal bookend - gifts for book lovers

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This pair of bookends is even gorgeous without the books in between! They look amazing and are functional as well. So if you are looking for a home decor gift to give a book lover, then check these bookends out, because they’re pretty amazing to look at and everyone can use more bookends, especially if they recently moved. I know as a bookworm myself, I always end up with more shelves than books after a move because I got some more bookshelf and gave away some books.

3. A Personalized Library Kit for Bookworms

a personalized library kit (gifts for bookworms)

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Do you love to share your books, but want to make sure they are coming back as well? Then this library kit that you can personalize might be the perfect gift idea for you. With this kit, you can make your own library cards to keep track of all your books and you can personalize the stamps you put on the cards. It’s adorable to use and a practical and fun way to keep track of your own personal library. It’s especially great if you know your friends are horrible at returning your books

4. This Set of Literary Post Cards

bibliophilia 100 literary postcard: unique gifts for readers

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Do you love a good quote and are you always looking for the funniest ones to use? Well, this set of witty postcards is filled with quotes for every moment and occasion in your life. Ranging from Virginia Wolf to Oscar Wild and back to Pride and Prejudice, you will find the perfect quote in this set. So, if you like penning personal letters or postcards from time to time, then be sure to get this set to add a nice literary twist to it.

5. An E-reader as a Gift for Book Lovers

an kindle e-reader as gifts for book lovers that aren't books

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This Kinde paperwhite e-reader is pretty affordable and offers you access to all the books you want to buy on Amazon. You can also look around at other e-readers, but in general, the Kindle e-readers offer you the easiest route to read books (and a lot of them). An e-reader is one of the best gifts for book lovers who read so many books, that they can’t keep up with how often they have to go to the book store or library (I speak from personal experience.)

6. Unique Metal Feather Bookmarks

feather bookmarks: cheap gifts for book lovers amazon

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If you do prefer to read from actual books, then you can give this set of metallic bookmarks as a gift to a book lover instead. It’s a very affordable gift idea, yet it looks expensive. You get a set of 6 bookmarks in different colors, this way you can read multiple books at once if you like or you can split the set up and hand them out to different people who all enjoy books. For example, if you are looking for small Christmas gifts, these can be great stocking stuffers separately.

7. A Poster Filled with Shakespearian Insults

a poster of shakespearian insults; literary gift ideas

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Are you looking for more witty and original literary gifts? Then check out this poster filled with insults by Shakespeare. This way you will have the best comebacks and the sassiest jokes to tell. So raise your insult game by getting this poster. It’s also a great activity with fellow bookworms to test them if they know where the quote comes from. This may be a bit tricky for anyone who hasn’t had to read them for school, but a great challenge nonetheless.

8. A Pair of Book Themed Socks

a pair of book-themed socks as great book related gifts

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I never thought they existed, but they do. There’s a variety of books and authors to choose from and they also come in other book-related themes, such as library cards, or sock filled with books. So take a look and see for yourself how many options there are and pick your favorite. This is a great small and affordable gift that anyone can use and are perfect for the winter days. Though, if you want you can also wear them in sandals to make a unique fashion statement.

9. A Literature Filled Mug for the Book Lover

a literature filled mug (book lover gifts)

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Have you always wanted a mug to reflect your love of books? Then you’ve found the perfect gift with these. This mug is filled with the first lines from famous novels and literary works without it mentioning the work itself. So, you can keep yourself entertained while having a cup of coffee by trying to guess who wrote the line and what book it’s from. There are also versions of this mug with quotes from specific artists, such as Alan Edgar Poe, Jane Austen, and Roald Dahl if you know who their favorite author is

10. A Book-Shaped Cookie Cutter

Book cookie cutter by SweetPrintsInc on Etsy on this literary gift guide

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One of the best Christmas gifts for book lovers is this fun little cookie-cutter by SweetPrintsInc that will make the perfect cookies for readers. It will take some time to perfect the piping of one of these if you really want to ice it with all the details of a typical book. But even with a simple solid-colored icing, this cookie-cutter will help you make fun cookies for the holidays. I think it’s the perfect little stocking stuffer if you’re looking for something unique that isn’t a book.

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11. An ‘I’d Rather Be Reading’ Puzzle

an I'd rather read jigsaw puzzle; literary gifts for book lovers

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Just like reading, making a puzzle can be a great relaxing activity. This fun and colorful puzzle is a great 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle that would look great when done and framed on the wall. They also have some other booking options that may fit their style or aesthetic a bit better. This puzzle is a great gift idea for any bookworm that enjoys at-home activities, whether they do it by themselves or not. So, take a look and see for yourself which book puzzle you like best.

12.The Puffin in Bloom Book Collection

the puffin in bloom book collection - gifts for a literature lover

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This book collection includes Anne of Green Gables, Heidi, Little Women, and A Little Princess in pretty editions with the covers designed by Anna Bond, which makes them look great as a collection. A collection of books is always a great gift idea to make their bookshelves look that much better. You can go for a series of books that you know they love and don’t own yet or something that you think they’ll enjoy reading. Either way, books are always great gifts to get.

13. ‘Just One More Chapter’ Throw Pillow Case

just one more chapter throw pillow (literary gifts for her)

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Are you looking for something in their home that’s both fun and affordable, then this pillowcase will be a perfect addition to their home. You can get a pillow to fill it out, or if you know they already own the pillows to put into it, then just the cover is a perfect choice. In other words, a great piece of decor for any reader who just wants to read one more chapter and tends to read books in one go if they’re really good.

14. A Personalized Book Embosser Stamp

a personalized book embossing stamp as gifts for romance novel lovers

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If you take your books with you to work or to class from time to time, then it’s important to mark them as yours in case they get lost or someone borrows them. This custom embosser is a great way to do so. You can pick from a set of designs and get them personalized with your name. Instead of using ink, it actually embossed the paper instead of printing by pushing it into the mold clamper. So, if you want something unique and personalized, then this could be a great gift idea for the book lover in your life.

15. An Art Print of a Book’s First Edition Cover

pride and prejudice first edition cover art print by Artblancheuk on Etsy - literary gifts for him

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Artblancheuk on Etsy offers these great art prints of book covers including first print editions such as this one of Pride and Prejudice. Not only are they great because you can get one of their favorite books, but they also just look amazing as an art print. It’s not a digital print so make sure to order it in time to get it shipped to you before you gift it to your friend who will love this fun literary gift. Just take a look around on Etsy at the great options they offer.

16. Adorable Tiny Book Earrings

tiny book earrings by HappyFutureStudio on Etsy: book-themed gifts

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These tiny book earrings by HappyFutureStudio on Etsy are just too adorable to resist. You can pick from a bunch of different titles, including most classics and some of your favorite fairy tales. So, if you know they enjoy fun jewelry like these dangly earrings, then be sure to take a look at all the different titles they offer and pick the one you think she’ll like best. This would also make for a great graduation gift idea for literature students and are just great literary gifts in general.

17. The Book Lover’s Journal

a reader's journal - gifts for bookworms

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Keep track of exactly when you read what book with this handy little journal. It’s formatted in such a way that it captures all the information you want. From book information to your personal rating and how long it took you to get through it with a right side open for all the notes you want to make. This is a perfect way to track your personal reading list and it even has a list of great classics in it to help you find even more great novels to read.

18. A Library Collection Scented Candle

a library scented candle as gifts for book lovers

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Do you like lighting a scented candle while reading a book? Then this collection of literary candles by Paddywax on Amazon is a great place to look for fun candles. You can pick from a bunch of different authors all with a different scent that’s as unique and original as their works. So, if you’re looking for an original literary gift idea for book lovers, then one of these candles might be a great idea. Each candle looks a bit different, so take a look and pick your favorite.

19. Top 100 Books to Read Scratch-Off Poster

top 100 books to read scratch-off poster: literary gifts

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Can they use some help on what to read next? Then this poster can offer a fun challenge for the next year(s). It’s filled with 100 classic books that are considered to be must-reads and you can scratch them off as you go. So not only do you have a fun poster for on your wall, but you also have a tracker of the books you read and a guide on what to read next. If you like this idea, then be sure to take a look to find out which books are exactly on this list.

20. A Bibliophile Ceramic Vase

a bibliophile ceramic vase - book lover gift ideas

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Whether you use it as a vase or to hold your pens on your desk, this is a great book lover gift to give. You can find a couple of different sizes and versions of this from the store on Amazon if you’re looking for a certain size or coloring. It’s a fun and unique piece of decor for your office that’s perfect for English teachers or literature students. So, if you’re looking for something unique and fun, then this is a great option.

21. Do You Read Me? Bookstores Around the World

do you read me: bookstores around the world (gift ideas for avid readers)

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Do they love traveling and reading? Then this book is a must-have to read through to add some great new places to visit to their bucket list. It’s filled with famous or unique bookstores around the world that are worth a visit. You’ll find a short article on each bookstore in the book as the perfect prompt to find out more if you’re intrigued. In other words, this one gift idea is perfect for the avid reader that also likes to travel the world.

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So, now that you’ve had a look at all of these gift ideas for book lovers, I hope you’ve found the perfect literary gift for the bookworm in your life. If you want to DIY something fun, then be sure to check out these fun crafts you can do yourself to save some money and still have a fun gift idea for readers.

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