18 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her under $25

valentine's day gifts for her under $25

Find the best Valentine gifts for your girlfriend or wife. 

Valentine’s day is not for everyone, but getting a great gift is always fun, no matter what day it is. So if you’re looking for a Valentine’s day gift idea for her, but don’t want to spend too much on it, then take a look at this Valentine gift guide for women filled with original Valentine’s day gifts for her under $25 that won’t blow the budget, but will still show how much you care and didn’t forget about the most romantic day of the year.

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1. Luxury Bath Salt

luxury bath salts as valentine's day gifts for her

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This Herbivore Botanicals bath salt doesn’t only look good, but it can also create a lovely relaxing bath to spend your valentine’s day in. This is a great Valentine’s day gift for her, because it’s a gift idea that looks good and is fun and relaxing to use. So to give the gift of relaxation, give her this tub of bath salt. If you don’t like this bottle, then take a look around because there are a lot of bath products like this out there, or go to your local Lush store to find more fun bath stuff.

2. Pretty Stud Earrings

pretty stud earrings (valentines day gifts under 25 for women)

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Jewelry is always a good idea for Valentine’s day. This is why these rose stud earrings are such a great valentines present. They are rose gold and also comes in other metal colors. These earrings are very simple, but look amazing on everyone. So if you’re looking for an elegant piece of jewelry for Valentine’s day, then these earrings are a great idea. Just make sure she had pierced earrings before getting a pair. If you don’t think she’ll like this design, then take a look around at all the other earrings out there.

3. Fluffy Slippers

fluffy slippers - valentine's day gifts for her under $25

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A bit of a different gift on this list of Valentine’s day gifts for her under $25 is a set of fluffy and comfy slippers. This is a gift that will be welcomed by every homebody and is perfect for the cold February month. A set of cozy slippers is a great gift idea for women who like to stay indoors and cozy up in front of the tv or fireplace. These slippers come in a couple of different colors, so take a look and see which ones you like best.

4. A Dainty Bracelet

a dainty bracelet; non cheesy valentine's day gifts for her

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Another piece of jewelry that makes for an amazing gift for her is a dainty bracelet like this. There are a couple of different varieties of this bracelet, but all of them are very simple and small. So if you’re looking for an amazing Valentine’s day present, then this bracelet is the perfect gift to give a woman. It’s both affordable and elegant at the same time. If you don’t like this version, then take a look at the other options that it comes in.

5. A Makeup Bag

a makeup bag (valentine gifts for girlfriend)

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A makeup bag is always one of those gifts for women that you can’t really go wrong with. This is because they’re both affordable, fun to get and practical. This means that you’re sure your Valentine’s gift is going to be used and it’s not going to cost you a fortune. This makeup bag, in particular, is great, as it comes in a couple of different colors and in two sizes. It’s not only one of the most practical Valentine’s day gifts for her, but also one of the more affordable ones.

6. A Stylish Necklace

a stylish necklace; inexpensive valentine's day gifts for her

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Another great piece of jewelry on this list of Valentine’s day gifts for women is this simple and stylish necklace that comes in three different colors. This necklace is so simple and affordable, yet also very on-trend and stylish. Every woman will love a necklace like this because of its simplicity, you can’t go wrong with a piece of jewelry like this. So if you want to give her jewelry for Valentine’s day, then a necklace like this one is a great choice to get for her.

7. Godiva Chocolates: Valentine’s day gifts for her

godiva chocolates as valentine's day gifts for girlfriend

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This box of chocolates is probably one of the easiest romantic gifts that she would love to get for Valentine’s day. You can find a bunch of different types of chocolates and all are great gifts for her. It’s great because everyone loves good chocolate and it’s known as a pretty romantic food. On top of that, it’s not a gift that’s going to clutter up their home. So, chocolates in combination with a bunch of flowers is probably one of the easiest fool-proof gift ideas you can find for Valentine’s day.

8. A Fancy Watch Without a Fancy Price

a fancy watch - valentines gifts under 25 for women

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Watches are great Valentine’s day gifts for her. However, they can be pretty pricey. That’s why these watches are so perfect for this year’s V’day. These watches are under $25 and come in a variety of different colors and styles. So take a look and see if this Valentine’s day gift for her is something you want to get for her. A watch is always practical and will definitely be put to good use. If you do have a bigger budget, then definitely consider splurging a bit on this item.

9. A Posh Skincare Set

a skincare set (practical valentine's day gifts for her)

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Are you looking for the perfect skincare gift for Valentine’s day? Then this jade roller set is a great gift idea for her. It’s all the rage to apply your skincare with these products right now. So if you haven’t heard of a jade roller before, be sure to take a look and see for yourself what it does. It’s a great way to give something skincare-related, without having to buy her products that she probably won’t use or maybe won’t like. If you do want to get her actual skincare, then go for a face mask or something that doesn’t come in bulk like a moisturizer.

10. A Heart Waffle Maker

a heart waffle maker - valentines gifts for her under $25

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If you still don’t have a good idea for this year’s Valentine’s day after looking at these first couple of ideas, then you can always make her an amazing breakfast in bed. Because, let’s be honest, what would be better than waking up to an amazing breakfast made for you. And to top it off, why not make heart-shaped waffles. This way you have a fun gift to give (the waffle iron) and you show that you made an effort (by making breakfast). So that’s basically two birds with one stone. In other words, the perfect Valentine’s day gift for her.

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11. Adorable Kissing Mugs

adorable kissing mugs as valentine's day gifts for her under $25

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If you’re looking for something cute and adorable for Valentine’s day that is also affordable and perfect for couples, then this pair of mugs is a great gift idea. This would make for a great Valentine’s gift for a long-distance couple as you can both use one of the mugs and think of the other while using it. It even comes with little spoons you can use to stir your coffee or hot chocolate with. So, if you want something that’s really cute, then this is the gift to get.

12. A 100 Dates Scratch-Off Poster

100 Dates poster; valentine's gifts for her under $25

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This poster filled with a hundred fun date ideas is great if you always struggle to come up with something fun and original to do. It’s great to go through and figure out which ones you’ve already done and which ones you will be planning to do in the near future. I think this is perfect for newer couples or a couple that tends to forget to even have a date night from time to time. It’s also a great addition to a Valentine’s day gift basket for women and men.

13. MAC Ruby Woo Red Lipstick

MAC Ruby Woo lipstick (valentines day gifts under $25 for girlfriend)

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Red lipstick is an iconic color and is often associated with it being a sexy and romantic color to wear. This Ruby Woo color by MAC is one of the most iconic colors that suits pretty much every skin tone. It’s a great smaller gift idea that she would love to have and get for this year’s Valentine’s day. You can also pick another lipstick, but a red one is probably the most iconic and best choice for a romantic date. So, if she loves a good lipstick, then this is a great option to get her as a present.

14. The Ultimate Game for Couples

ultimate game for couples; affordable valentine's day gifts for her

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Now, this gift idea is a bit more risqué than some of the other ideas on this Valentine gift guide for women. It’s a game to play with your partner that is both about getting to know each other a lot better and challenging each other’s knowledge about the other while also having some fun challenges built-in as well. It’s one of the more sexy Valentine’s day gifts for her that is great for a fun date night with just the two of you. It’s a great way to add some spice to your date night while also having a fun activity.

15. A Chocolate Fondue Set

a chocolate fondue set - valentines gifts under $25 for her

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This set is perfect for chocolate fondue, though you can also use it for other types of fondue. It’s heart-shaped, comes in two different colors and comes with a bunch of little bowls that you can use to put fruit and such in to actually dip in the melted chocolate. Just make sure you have some tea lights to put underneath to keep the chocolate melted. It’s a fun dinner date idea to do at home, though it does take some time to prepare all the food. So, take your time and have fun with this adorable fondue set.

16. A What I Love About You Booklet

a what I love about you booklet as one of the best affordable valentine's gifts for her

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A great sentimental keepsake that you can give her for Valentine’s day is this fill-in booklet that you fill in for her using the short prompts in the book. Don’t worry, you won’t be writing full essays, the prompts are really short and quick. And although it’s a really cheap gift idea, it is probably one of the best personalized Valentine’s day gifts for her that doesn’t cost a lot and you will fill in to make it custom for her. She’ll love this and maybe leaf through it from time to time if she loves this kind of a more cheesy gift idea.

17. A Massage Oil Candle

a massage oil candle

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Did you know these existed? They’re basically a more fun way to give your partner a massage. You light the scented candle and it melts the oil and wax which you can then pour in your hand to use as a massage oil. The little spout makes it a lot easier to pour and it comes in a couple of nice scents. Of course, you can also just get a bottle of massage oil, but this is a bit more fun and exciting if you are into that kind of a thing. And if you don’t like the oil, you can still just burn it as a nice scented candle.

18. A Date Night Cookbook

a date night cookbook; great valentines day gifts for her

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Having a nice date night in can be a great and easy way to spend some time with just the two of you without having to spend a bunch of money. It’s filled with recipes for the two of you to make together and eat together. It’s especially great for couples who enjoy cooking and maybe don’t like going out to eat. So, if you’re looking for something to spend some quality time together with without spending a bunch of money, then this is a great gift idea for Valentine’s day to get. Just prep one of the meals from it for the day you give it as a gift.

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Now that you’ve hopefully found the perfect Valentine’s day gift for her, the only thing left to do is wrap it up. So take out your best wrapping skills and start practicing. (Or you can just wing it, I’m sure it’s the gesture that counts the most.) Either, if you don’t have a particular gift ordered just yet, just these valentine’s gifts for her under $25 as inspiration to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife for February 14th.

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