21 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

valentine's day gift ideas for him

A list of great Valentine gifts for men. 

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s day present for him? Well, then you should take a look at this list filled with great Valentine presents for your boyfriend or husband. On this gift guide for him, you will find the best Valentine’s day gift ideas for him that are perfect gifts to give for Valentine’s day. So, take a look and see if you can find what you are looking for.

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1. An NES Classic Console

an NES console (valentine's day gift ideas for him)

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This console with retro games will be the perfect affordable, yet fun valentine gift for the game lover. This console is a throwback to the good old days of simple and fun games. It already includes 30 pre-installed games including classics such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, and many others. Just make sure to check the Nintendo store to ensure that you get the right one for your country. But all in all, this is a great gift idea for him.

2. A Swiss Army Knife

a swiss army knife - valentines gifts for him

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Every man would love to get a swiss army knife as a gift. It is versatile and looks great. This gadget is not only for fun but will be a useful tool for the rest of his life and is small enough to simply hang on your keys. Does he love the outdoors, or traveling? Then this is the perfect valentine’s day gift idea for him. The wooden version is great if you don’t like the classic bright red one that you tend to see a lot, though the wood is a bit of an upgrade looks-wise.

3. Lego-Themed Cufflinks

lego-themed cufflinks as non cheesy valentine's day gifts for him

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Does he still secretly love Legos? Well, then this might be the perfect gift idea for him. These cufflinks are a stylish and subtle reminder of his love for Legos. So if you are looking for a fun and nostalgic gift idea for valentine’s day for men? Then this might just be the perfect gift to give. Other cufflinks are of course also great options, though this one is just a really fun and pretty one. You can also just get him a Lego set if you think he would like that even more.

4. Key, Phone & Wallet Finder

Key, phone and wallet finders (valentine's gift sets for him)

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Is he always looking for his phone, or losing his keys? Then this might be a great gift idea for him. It will help with finding whatever you attach it to. So not only will you be doing him a favor, but you will also save yourself a lot of time helping him to find his stuff. This set has a bunch of different Tile gadgets that you can use for different things with the bigger one being great for a wallet or to put in your bags while traveling.

5. Comfy Slipper: Valentine’s day gift ideas for him

comfy slippers as first valentine gifts for boyfriend

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A pair of comfy slippers is always a good Valentine’s day gift idea for men, when you really don’t know what to get him. This pair is nice and subtle, yet stylish at the same time. So if you don’t know what to give him for valentine’s day, just gift him this pair of slippers to make him feel cozy. These ones here come in a bunch of different colors and are perfect for when it’s cold. Though, if you don’t like this design, then be sure to also check out all the other great slippers you can order on Amazon.

6. A Wireless Charger

a wireless charger - amazing valentines gifts for him

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This wireless charger can charge your phone or smartwatch for you without having to bother with wires and trying to find the right one. Just lay your phone on the charger and it will automatically start charging. Be sure to check and see whether your phone is able to do this. Otherwise, it might not be the best gift idea for him. It’s also great for wireless earbuds or a smartwatch that also has the option to charge wirelessly. So, all you need to check is if he has something to use it for.

7. A Classic Leather Wallet

a classic leather wallet; amazing valentines day gifts for men

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What’s a more manly gift than a classic brown leather wallet. It makes for a nice and useful gift idea for him for valentine’s day. This particular one comes in several different colors and finishes so you can choose the one that you like best. You can also get one that’s monogrammed or personalized if you like that idea. Those are available on both Amazon and Etsy depending on the style and design you like best.

8. A Star Wars Puzzle

a star wars puzzle (best valentine gifts for your boyfriend)

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Does he love the Star Wars franchise? Then this puzzle will be the perfect valentine’s day gift idea for him. When finished, you can even frame it and put it on your wall if you like. Of course, this is just one of the many puzzles for adults out there and even just one of the many Star Wars-themed ones. If they are more into Marvel or DC or maybe Lord of the Rings, then check to see if you can find a puzzle for those as well. Just make sure it’s a puzzle for adults and not too easy with a low number of pieces.

9. Noise-Canceling Headphones

noise-cancelling headphones as awesome valentines day gifts for him

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A pair of headphones is another one of those gifts that are always a success. Does he already own a pair of headphones, then you are better of with one of the other Valentine’s day gift ideas for him on this list. This pair is relatively affordable and has some great reviews. So this is a great option. The fact that it’s noise-canceling makes it even better. Especially if you don’t like to hear all the noise from his gaming late at night. Now, all that’s left is to find something that cancels out the noise that he makes himself.

10. A Pair of Whiskey Tumblers

a pair of whiskey tumblers; classy valentines gifts for him

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These glasses are sophisticated and understated, yet oh so classy. If you are looking for a nice way to give a booze-inspired gift, then these whiskey glasses might be a choice. Keep in mind to check whether he actually drinks whiskey or any other liquor that you can drink from these glasses, because otherwise, they are just very fancy water glasses, which probably won’t be the best gift to give. Something to pair this with is a bottle of his favorite liquor to really finish it off.

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11. A Mini Indoor Fire Pit

a mini indoor fire pit - manly gifts for valentines day

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Candles aren’t always popular among guys, though this indoor fire pit is a great upgrade from that that most men would probably enjoy having and using in the home. It’s an easy way to add some coziness to your house or apartment that doesn’t have a fireplace or an outdoor space to have a fire pit. It is pretty pricey, so make sure you’ll actually use it more than one because otherwise, it’s not worth the investment to make. However, it is one of my favorite Valentine’s day gift ideas for him out there.

12. A Heated Back and Neck Massager

a heated back and neck massager; valentine day gift ideas for boyfriend

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Of course, an actual massage would already make for a great Valentine’s day gift for men. However, you can actually get them a really deep and heated massage for their neck and back with one of these pillows. It comes in a couple of different colors and is perfect to use while sitting in a chair or lounging on the couch. This is great for someone who struggles with neck and back problems, as this little pillow might just be able to alleviate some of the aches and pains.

13. A Scratch-Off Travel Map

a scratch-off travel map (valentines day gift ideas for men)

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You might have seen a map like this before and perhaps even on a gift guide for him. This map is probably one of the best Valentine’s day gifts for men who want to travel the world or maybe have already done so in part. It’s a fun print to hang on your wall and allows you to keep track of where you’ve been and where you still dream of going. You simply scratch open the countries you’ve visited with a coin and slowly it reveals a colorful map of the world.

14. Cheeky Eggplant Socks

funny eggplant socks as valentine gift ideas for him

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If you’re looking for funny Valentine’s day gifts for him, then these eggplant socks are a great cheeky choice. We all know what the eggplant emoji stands for and giving them something with an eggplant on it is pretty funny. These socks are still pretty tame, so if you want to go a step further, then you can even find a pair of boxers with the print on them. You could, of course, also go with the heart-printed one. Either way, these are some great funny presents to get him.

15. Leather AirPods Case

a leather airpods case as a valentine gift idea for him

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Does he own a pair of AirPods? Then a great present is to get a nice case for them. There are a bunch of different ones out there, including some fun themed ones and even personalized ones. Though, this one here is a great neutral option that any man will like. It’s available in a couple of different leather colors, including brown and black. So, all you need to figure out is what color he likes best. You can probably find this out by looking at his wallet or a briefcase he might use for work.

16. Intimacy Deck Cards

Intimacy deck cards (valentine's gifts for him)

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This set of cards is great to have some conversation starters that will improve your relationship and deepen your connection. It’s not just great for newer couples, but also great for people who’ve been together for a while and can use a nice trip down memory lane. And don’t worry, it’s not edgy and doesn’t include any ‘sexy’ questions or prompts. So, it’s a pretty safe gift that’s great for someone who enjoys talking about the two of you and your relationship.

17. An ‘I Pick You’ Guitar Pick

an I pick you guitar pick; affordable valentines gift for him

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If you’re looking for something sweet and romantic and he just happens to play the guitar. Then this guitar pick is a great gift idea. It even has a hole in it so you can use it as a keychain. This is mainly because a metal pick is probably not the best to actually play the guitar with. It also comes in a bunch of different versions and texts written on it. I think this is an especially great smaller gift if you don’t want to get anything too big.

18. A Can Insulator

a can insulator - great gift ideas for him on valentine's day

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Now, this addition to this list of valentine gifts for men is perfect for the beer drinker, especially if they drink their beer from a can. Of course, it would also be perfect for someone who is constantly drinking a bunch of soda. This is basically a cover for any can that will keep that can cool for longer. This is perfect for the hot summer days or a camping trip to a hotter place. It makes sure that your drink doesn’t get lukewarm while you’re enjoying your day.

19. A Personalized Cheese Board

a personalized cheese board (amazing valentine's day gifts for men)

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Does he love a good cheese board or just cheese-obsessed in general? Then this cheese board that you can get personalized is a great gift idea for him. It even comes with a slide-in cheese knife set that fits perfectly with this board. This is a great gift to get him in combination with some great cheese and snacks to pack it with. This way, you have some great snacks for dinner night combined with the actual gift for him for Valentine’s day.

20. 100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster

100 movies scratch-off poster; great valentines day gifts for him

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Another great gift idea for date nights is this scratch-off poster that’s filled with 100 movies that everyone should see at some point in their life. It’s a great way to actually pick a movie to watch when you’re struggling to decide and you could even set a monthly or weekly movie night on which you watch one of these movies. You can also get a microwave popcorn maker in combination with this poster to really finish it off. Or perhaps even plan a movie night date for Valentine’s day with this poster being part of the present.

21. A Personalized Pint Glass

a personalized pint glass - small gifts for him on valentine's day

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The final addition to this Valentine’s day gift guide for him is this personalized pint glass. It’s perfect for the beer or lager drinker and is a great non-cheesy gift idea. You can get it engraved with their name or with an inside joke if you want. It’s a fun gift idea that’s easy but thoughtful that he’ll actually use. So, you don’t have to worry that your gift is just going to be left in some forgotten corner or thrown away. So, a great present that you can’t really go wrong with.

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I hope you found what you were looking for and are going to make someone very happy with their gift! And if you are looking for something really affordable, then maybe you can make something yourself using this list of DIY Valentine gift ideas as inspiration. Either way, I’m sure you’ll make him very happy with one of these awesome Valentine’s day gift ideas for him that are on this list.

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