21 Best Affordable Subscription Boxes for Women

Best Affordable Subscription Boxes for Women

Cheap Monthly Subscription Boxes for Her. 

Did you know that a good subscription box is a great easy gift? All you need to do is order it. These affordable subscription boxes for women are all amazing gifts, each with a different theme and type of product. What makes these even better gifts for her is that you can often choose to only take it for a month or a limited period of time, which turns a subscription box into a great one-time gift box. So, scroll down and check out these fun monthly boxes for her.

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1. Simple Loose Leaf Tea: a subscription box for tea lovers

simple loose leaf tea monthly subscription boxes for women

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This first affordable subscription box is by a tea company. They offer a monthly box that includes four types of loose leaf teas that serve around six to seven cups of tea. This subscription box is perfect for the tea lover in your life! You can even pick from a couple of different options. For example, you can get a herbal tea box that has decaf tea in it or a black tea box that has its own unique set of teas for you. All in all, a great deal to try out new flavors each month.

2. Say It With a Sock: the perfect all-rounder gift

say it with a sock: affordable subscription boxes for women

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Say it with a sock is an affordable subscription box that gives you the option to choose your favorite style of socks. You get one new pair of unique socks each month, but you have the option to choose more than that. This box is a great gift to blow someone of their socks. (Yes, I made that stupid joke.) Each month has its own theme and a matching fun pair of socks with a fun card to go along with it. It’s also a really affordable subscription box for women and anyone can use more comfy socks in their life.

3. Bath Bevy: for some monthly me-time

bath bevy subscription boxes for older women

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This is one of the subscription boxes for women that offers both monthly and quarterly options. It is also one of the more expensive ones on this list, but because they offer a quarterly option it does become a bit more affordable. This box is filled with everything you need for a relaxing bath; from bath bombs, bath salts, scrubs and so much more. But don’t worry, if you don’t have a bath, they also offer a tubless option that offers body washes and such.

4. Birch Box: a box for makeup lovers

birchbox beauty - best subscription boxes for women

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Another great option for your favorite makeup lover is the Birch Box. This subscription box offers a gifting option where you can give someone a voucher for three months. You can also choose to get it just for one month to test it out before committing to a monthly subscription. All of this for only $15 a month, which makes it one of my favorite affordable subscription boxes for her. The only thing is that you don’t know how much of the products are going to be skincare, haircare, or makeup when you sign up for it.

5. Beauteque for the K-beauty fan

beauteque (monthly affordable subscription boxes)

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This affordable beauty subscription box is a bit different in a great original way. This box focuses on the ever-growing trend of K-beauty, also known as Korean skincare and makeup. With Beauteque you can choose between a more general box for $22/month or a box full of masks for only $13. One thing you can know for sure is that the presentation and packaging will always be fun and amazing. So, if you’re into skincare and K-beauty this is the box to get.

6. Cloth & Paper: a gift idea for the stationery lover

cloth & paper stationery monthly subscription boxes for women

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Cloth & Paper is a unique type of subscription box, specifically for all you stationery fans out there. They offer different types of subscription boxes, one containing stationery, the other pens. My personal favorite is the combined box which contains both options in one. This box is a bit more expensive, but I think it’s worth it. So this makes for a great gift for stationery fans, even if you only buy it for one month.

7. Honest Company Subscription Box for Moms

honest bundle: a subscription box for new moms

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You might have heard of this company before, but did you know they have affordable subscription boxes for moms? Well, they do, and they make for great gifts for new moms that will need a lot of diapers. There are several types of subscriptions you can gift, ranging from diaper bundles to personal care and cleaning products. These are a great gift idea to get someone for their baby shower if you know they can use a running supply of nappies delivered to their doorstep.

8. TheraBox: a self-care box for her

TheraBox; self-care monthly boxes for women

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This is another affordable subscription box that would be great for moms but really for any woman with a hectic and busy life. This box is all about taking the time to take care of yourself for a change. It comes with a bunch of relaxing products and one self-care activity each month. So, if you know someone who has a really busy life and maybe needs to hit the pause button from time to time, then getting this subscription box might just be a great gift idea.

9. Glamour Jewelry Bag

Glamour Jewelry Bag - subscription box for women

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The Glamour Jewelry box offers, like you probably guessed from the name, a monthly selection of jewelry. Each month you get a baggy that contains two pieces of jewelry, wrapped in an eco-friendly little bag. The jewelry ranges from bracelets, necklaces to earrings. You can pick the metal colors you would like to get to make sure you get the kind of jewelry you’ll actually wear. Make sure to take a look at previous boxes to see if you like the style of jewelry they typically send.

10. Smartass and Sass Box: the name says it all

smartass and sass funny monthly box for women

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The last box on the list of affordable subscription boxes for her is one of my favorites. This box contains items “for snarky individuals and cynical a**holes” as they say on their website. You can choose between a few options at different prices that start at $15.95. This box makes for a great gift for the sarcastic and fun-loving person in your life.

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11. The Fearless Nail Art Box

Fearless Nail Art Box; cheap monthly subscription boxes

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Do you enjoy nail art and want to try it for yourself or you want to get more variety with your own nails. Then this box filled with unique nail art supplies is a great subscription box to get. The first box comes with some additional basics to help you get the most out of each subsequent box. You can pick to get this box monthly, twice a month, or just once. So you can get the nail art you want however often you need it.

12. An International Treats Monthly Box

Treats international candy monthly gift box for her

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The best type of subscription boxes for women with a sweet tooth are the ones that come with candy or cookies in them. This ‘treats’ box offers a variety of international snacks each month. You can pick between the standard option that offers five snacks and the premium box that offers double. You can also find Korean candy subscription boxes and such, though they tend to be more expensive. This one is a great affordable box for women that also doesn’t come with too many sweets if you don’t want it to.

13. A Shark Week Survival Kit

shark week survival kit (a period subscription box)

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Probably one of the best monthly subscription boxes for her that most women will appreciate is this shark week survival kit that has everything you need to deal with your monthly visitor (I mean your period.) It offers a bunch of different options depending on your flow type and how many extra snacks and self-care items you want to get with each package offering its own price point. This is perfect to get when you tend to forget to purchase tampons or pads and then are in a tricky situation each month.

14. The Adults & Crafts Crate

The Adults & Crafts Crate - best monthly boxes for women

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Who says that a fun arts and crafts activity is only for kids to keep them entertained. This monthly creative crate offers a new craft each month for you to try. In the box, you get everything you need to make something from scratch without you having to gather all the supplies and purchasing a big bottle of glue that’s never going to be used for anything else. So, if you want to be more creative without taking on anything big, this is a great thing to try.

15. Facetory Subscription Box for Her

facetory - women subscription box for facemask fans

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If you enjoy using facemasks as part of your skincare routine and like to try out new ones from time to time, then this is the box for you. You get a new set of facemasks each month and you can pick how many you get, with the price rising accordingly. This would also make for a great gift idea, because a good subscription box is literally a gift that keeps on giving (until you cancel the subscription that is). So, if you like trying out new facemasks, be sure to check out this box by Facetory.

16. Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club

Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club (monthly box subscriptions woman)

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A fun and new cocktail is always a lot of fun to try. And with this box, you won’t have to leave your house to do so. Each month you get three unique recipes with all the supplies you need to make them yourself and you’re ready to get buzzed and taste something new while doing it. For each recipe you get enough of the supplies to make four, so you can share if you want, or just have multiple ones yourself. You can pick if you’re going to drink them in one night (not advised) or throughout the month until the next box shows up.

17. Wickbox: A Luxury Candle Subscription

wick box; candle subscription boxes women

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Who doesn’t like burning a new candle and trying out different candles around the house? This subscription box delivers a box with new candles each month that contains either one medium candle or one large candle, depending on your pick. You can also fill out a scent profile to make sure that you get scented candles that you’re more likely to enjoy. Because let’s be fair, not all candles smell all that nice and everyone has a different preference.

18. Match Made Coffee and Cookies Book

match made coffee and cookie box as one of the best monthly subscription boxes for women

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Do you love a good coffee and enjoy trying out new types? Then this affordable subscription box that offers a satchel of coffee each month with cookies to match is a great gift to give yourself. It’s a fun way to explore new coffee flavors without having to buy an entire bag of it and having to throw it out if it’s not for you. And let’s not forget about the matching cookies that are just a great added touch to this monthly box for her.

19. STICKII Club: Monthly Sticker Subscription

STICKII monthly sticker subscription box for women

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One of the most affordable subscription boxes for women on this list is this fun sticker subscription. For around $10 you get 6+ sticker sheets and even some stationery items. You can pick between different themes depending on what kind of sticker you prefer. Personally, I like the cute option the best. These stickers are great to use in planners or to add to a sticker collection if you like collecting them instead of putting them to use.

20. A Monthly Baking Mix Box

Mix Box for Bakers (monthly gift boxes for women)

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Do you enjoy baking but not all the prep work that comes with it? Then this box is for you. You don’t have to come up with what you want to bake, you don’t have to search for supplies or a recipe. This box is filled with fresh ingredients for you to mix together into cookies or pies or other baked goods. It’s an easy and accessible way to bake more without all the tedious parts that come with it (except for the cleaning up, that’s still something you’ll have to do).

21. Date Night in a Box

Krush - Date Night in a Box: female subscription boxes

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It’s mostly the woman who has to organize date night if it ever even happens in the first place. This box does a lot of the work for you to have a nice date night at home. It comes with some sweets and a fun activity to do with your partner. It is a bit more expensive than most monthly boxes on this list, but a date night out is even more pricey. And by getting this monthly, you have even more reason to actually do a date night and not to keep postponing it.

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What do you think of subscription boxes, have you ever received one as a gift, and did you like it? I find that a good subscription box can easily be turned into a gift box or basket. And all you need to do is pick one out that you think she’ll like best. It’s also a great gift to give yourself to splurge on something just for you. Eith way, I hope you found some great cheap subscription boxes for women that you liked.

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