17 Pretty Pastel Gifts Everyone Will Love

pretty pastel gift ideas

Great pastel things to give as gifts. 

Pastels are such lovely colors, they’re calming and fresh at the same time. Are you looking for the perfect pastel gift idea? Then take a look at this list of pastel gifts. This list contains gift ideas for everyone and will inspire you to get the perfect gift you’re looking for. So take a look and pick your favorites, or use it as inspiration for your own pastel gift ideas. Hopefully, this list will help you find the perfect pastel gift ideas.

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1. Dreamy Pastel Fluffy Throw Pillows

fluffy pastel throw pillows - pastel gifts

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The first item on this list of pastel gifts is this lovely fluffy pillow that comes in a couple of pretty pastel shades. With this pillow, you can bring in a touch of pastel pink into a room without having to paint a wall. This pastel pillow is perfect to brighten up a room. If you want, you can also look for a pretty matching blanket that is also available on Amazon. All in all, this is a great pastel piece of home decor that anyone that loves pastel colors will enjoy.

2. A Lovely Yellow Instax Camera

instax instant camera as pastel things to buy

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Instant cameras like this one by Fujifilm are always a great gift to get. And it’s even better with all the amazing color options this camera comes in. I personally love this pastel yellow color. It’s so fun and colorful without being bright yellow. Use the link to take a look at all the other colors this camera comes in, there are a couple of pretty pastel options. So pick your favorite color and you have the perfect pastel gift to give.

3. A Pretty in Pink Faux Leather Binder

a pretty in pink binder (pastel gift ideas)

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The most popular pastel color right now is probably pink. And I get it, a lot of things look really nice in pastel pink, things such as this binder that’s perfect to keep notes in or to use as a planner. It is bound in pink faux leather and gives a luxurious look to an otherwise normal notebook. This pastel pink gift idea is also perfect for people who love to create bullet journals and you can switch the actual paper ones all of it is used. It also comes in some other fun colors for you to choose from if you don’t like the pink.

4. A Mint Green Kitchen Utensil Set

kitchen utensil set; pastel gift

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Now, if you don’t like pastel pink, there are so many other pastel color options out there for you. One of my favorites is mint green. It is a really subtle color, but it adds a touch of color to any room. A great pastel gift idea in mint green is this kitchen utensil set. It’s useful and handy, and to top it off: dishwasher safe. It also comes in some other colors and if you’re looking for a different pastel color you want to get this gift in, then just take a look around Amazon, they have a bunch of different colored kitchen utensils available.

5. A Pastel Orange Water Bottle

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Now, if this is a pastel color is something that opinions tend to differ on, you either love it or hate it. Pastel orange is not your typical pastel color you might think of when you are looking for a pastel gift. However, as you can see, it looks great with this water bottle. So if you hadn’t thought about orange as a pastel color before, be sure to take a look around, because there are loads of pastel orange gifts out there.

6. A Marbled Pastel Phone Case

a pastel phone case (pastel colour gifts)

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If you are looking for a more standard pastel gift, then this phone case might be a great option. It combines a couple of pastel colors in its design and looks lovely. And everyone knows that phone cases are always good gift ideas, definitely for teenage girls. Because what’s a better accessory than a great phone case? This one comes in a couple of different designs and make sure that it’s the right size for her phone, otherwise, it’s pretty useless.

7. A Pastel Purplish Nailpolish

a pastel purple nail polish - pastel things

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Is it pastel purple or pastel pink? I’m still not sure, but either way, I love this pastel-colored nail polish. This nail polish will look great on everyone and Essie is known for its high-quality nail polish that lasts for a while. All in all, this makes this bottle of nail polish a great small and affordable gift idea. They also offer a bunch of other soft colors that may be more for her if she doesn’t really like purple. So, take a look and pick your favorite small present.

8. A Set of Pastel Colored Highlighters

a set of pastel highlighters as cute pastel things

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I didn’t even know there were better highlighter options out there before I found these fun pastel ones. I mean no one likes your typical highlighter color, so instead this set offers you a more aesthetically pleasing way to go through your notes. So, if you are looking for a pastel gift for a student or high schooler, then this will be a great option. It’s a great affordable and useful addition to this pastel gift guide for everyone that loves pastels.

9. A Set of Nesting Ceramic Kitchen Bowls

a set of pastel ceramic nesting bowls as pastel pink gifts

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Another great pastel gift idea is this set of ceramic kitchen bowls in a variety of pastel colors. This pastel present not only looks great, but it also serves a purpose. So if you are looking for a gift for someone who loves baking, then I can highly recommend this set of ceramic nesting bowls. You get a total of four different-sized bowls that will look great in any kitchen and are sturdy enough to use in the microwave and clean using your dishwasher.

10. A Chalk Paint Set To Turn Everything Pastel

chalk paints - pastel ideas

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Not sure which pastel color you like best? Or you haven’t found the perfect item in the right color? Well, then this set of paints offers you all the options and choices you want. You can give it to someone as a gift if they’re creative, or you can use it to turn any gift you’ve found into a perfect pastel gift to give. So if you haven’t found the perfect pastel gift to buy yet, then this offers the solution to your problem. You can read this article to learn how you can use this type of paint to turn things pastel.

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11. Hair Scrunchies as Pastel Gifts

hair scrunchies (pastel stuff)

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If you’re looking for something fun that comes in pretty much all the different pastel colors out there, then this set of velvet scrunchies is a great option. They’re really affordable and great for any teen or tween girl that loves scrunchies and has the hair to use them. If they don’t like this type of hair accessory, then keep scrolling to check out all the other gifts in pastel colors that you can find online.

12. A Pastel Tassel Garland

pastel tassel garland; gift pastel

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A great way to add some pastel colors to any room is this pretty garland that has a bunch of colorful pastels to brighten up any room. This would be perfect for a nursery or kid’s bedroom. It’s a really simple and non-permanent way to add some soft colors to the decor without having to paint walls or anything. It also comes in another color, though this pastel one is definitely my favorite. Keep in mind though that it’s not a very long garland and if you have some patience, you could even make a larger one yourself. Though the cost might not make much of a difference.

13. A Set of Soft and Fluffy Socks

a set of soft and fluffy socks as pastel color gifts

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Are you looking for pastel gifts that are small, affordable, and will actually be used, then this set of pastel socks is a great option. This set also comes in a couple of other color options and sets, though this one is the perfect pastel rainbow set for anyone who loves the softer and paler colors. These would be great Christmas gifts because they’re perfect for the colder days and wintertime when your feet can use a bit of extra warmth.

14. A Pastel Rainbow Stacking Puzzle

a pastel rainbow puzzle - cute pastel stuff

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One of the best pastel gifts for babies and toddlers is this adorable rainbow stacking puzzle. It’s a great toy to play with and is just adorable as a piece of decor in any nursery or kid’s bedroom. It’s even fun for adults to put on your bookshelf if you love rainbows and pastels. I think this is a great item to add to a baby shower gift basket or as a gift in and of itself. So, if you’re looking for something for babies or toddlers, then this is the best option on this pastel gift guide.

15. Pretty Pastel Pens

pretty pastel pens - pastel cute things

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These pens are perfect for pastel lovers who use a bullet journal or enjoy using different colored pens in their journal or planner. You can also get this set of pens with all black ink and only the casing being fun pastel colors. Either way, this is a great small pastel gift idea for women that they’ll enjoy using. And let’s be honest, who can’t use some more pens at home or for work, because they tend to just disappear all the time.

16. A Fun Pastel AirPods Case

a fun airpods case; pastel birthday ideas

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For this gift idea, you need to make sure that they actually own a pair of AirPods to be sure that they can actually use this fun present. It’s a colorful AirPods case that comes in a couple of different colors and is perfect to hang on your keys or bag. With each combination come two different colores lids so you can switch up the colors if you want. This is probably the cheapest pastel present on this list, so definitely worth it

17. A Pastel Dotted Notebook

a pastel notebook as a nice pastel present

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This notebook is perfect for bullet journaling or really any note-taking. It comes in a couple of different pretty colors and offers different types of paper, including this dotted option that’s really popular right now. So, if you’re looking for something simple and practical, then a notebook like this is a great option that you can’t really go wrong with. It’s also a very affordable present, so it would also be great to pair with the previously mentioned pens that would complement this notebook perfectly.

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I hope you now have a list of perfect pastel gift ideas that they will love. And don’t worry, it’s not just pastel pink things that are popular. This list is a great place to start and is sure to help you come up with some original pastel gifts to give.

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