22 Awesome Gift Ideas for Dads

perfect gift ideas for dads

A list of the best dad gifts for him. 

Are you looking for the best gift idea for your dad? Well, take a look at this list of gifts for dads that he’ll actually want. These dad gift ideas range from gifts for the handy dad to the forgetful one. So, no matter the type of dad you have, you will find a great gift for him on this dad gift guide. You can use this list of gift ideas for dads to find the perfect birthday gift or a great father’s day gift for your dad. Just take a look and pick your favorite gift idea

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1. A Stackable Whiskey Set

stackable whiskey set - gift ideas for dad

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A nice set of whiskey glasses and a matching decanter would already be one of the best gifts for dads. However, a stackable set like this takes it to the next level. It’s easier to store and a more interesting gift idea. The only thing to pay attention to is whether or not your dad actually enjoys a type of liquor that you would drink from these glasses. Another option is to get a set of whiskey glasses that is engraved with his initials, though those can get pretty pricey.

2. A BBQ Utensil Set

BBQ utensils as gifts for dad

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Another great gift idea for your dad is this BBQ kit. In this set of barbeque utensils, you will get all the essentials for your dad to man a grill (except the grill and meat itself, of course). It’s perfect for the summer months, or this would make for a great father’s day gift as well as summer is just around the corner. Depending on your budget, you can choose the size of the kit, so it’s also a great gift idea no matter what the budget is.

3. A Key and Stuff Finding Tile Set

a key and stuff finding tile set (gifts for dads birthday)

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Another gadget that will make for a great gift for your dad is this key finding tile and a couple of other tile gadgets to help you keep track of your stuff. With it, you will never have to help him look for his keys, phone, or wallet ever again. And it doesn’t look bad either. So this works by being connected to a phone. When you use the app on your phone, this little tile will start to make a noise so that you can find it. It also works the other way around, when you press the tile, your phone will ring.

4. A Book Filled With Dad Jokes

a book filled with dad jokes; gifts for dad who wants nothing

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Want to give your dad a funny and ridiculous gift, then this book is a great gift idea for him. In this book, your dad will get a collection of some of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) dad jokes out there, where he can then draw inspiration from to make even worse dad jokes. This book only costs a couple of bucks, so it’s a great budget-friendly gift idea to get your dad. It’s great to keep in the bathroom as a toilet read for the whole family.

5. A Retro Nintendo Console

a retro nintendo console - gifts for dad from daughter

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Want to make your dad feel nostalgic? Then this is the perfect gift idea for your dad if he used to play a lot of games in the 90s. This retro console from Nintendo will take your dad back in time to when he used to play video games. On it, you can play some of the best classics, such as Mario games and Pacman. So take a trip to memory lane with this gift idea. It is definitely on the expensive side, so if you have siblings, then this can be a great birthday idea for your dad that you can get together

6. A Phone Case Wallet

a phone case wallet (unique gifts for dad)

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Another more practical gift for your dad is this phone case that also serves as a wallet. This is particularly handy if you use a lot of electronic transfers, and don’t reach for your credit cards a lot. So if your dad only carries a couple of bucks, a few cards, and so on with him, then he’ll probably appreciate this gift. This one comes in a couple of different colors, so if you don’t like the black, be sure to take a look at the other color options. All in all, I think this makes for a great father’s day gift or birthday gift.

7. A Pair of Bluetooth Earbuds

bluetooth earbuds as gifts for dads with no hobbies

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Now don’t be afraid, these aren’t the Apple AirPods that are way too easy to lose, instead, this pair of Bluetooth earphones are connected by a wire, yet they don’t have to be connected to the phone or iPod itself. I think these would be a great gift for your dad, if he likes to work out or run to music. So if you have an active dad, this might just be the perfect gift idea for him. Otherwise, you can of course go for a more typical pair of earbuds that don’t come with the string.

8. A Handy Multitool

a handy multitool - gifts for dads who have everything

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If your dad is always tinkering around the house and constantly fixing things, then he’ll love this. This is a multitool, which is basically a tool that contains loads of other tools from pliers to screwdrivers to a tiny saw. It’s all in there. This is a great tool to have because you can always carry it with you and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. On top of that, it’s also impossible to lose one of the tools and you don’t have to sort them all neatly back into a box. So, if your dad has helped you build and repair things, then this will be a great gift to say “thank you, dad”.

9. A Fitbit Activity Tracker & Smartwatch

a fitbit activity tracker; gifts for dad amazon

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As the brand name implies, this gift idea is for the dad who wants to be fit. (Or for the dad whose wife wants him to be fit). This activity tracker keeps track of everything you do during the day and keeps an eye on your heart rate. And to make it even better, it looks good too. So it’s not just an activity tracker, it is also a smartwatch, so you can simply sync it up with your phone. You can even listen to music from it during a workout or just wear it as a watch.

10. Hiking Socks: gifts for dads

hiking socks as thoughtful gifts for dad

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It’s a classic by now to give socks as a gift to men, but you can take this gift idea to the next level by giving them super comfortable socks for one of their favorite activities. For example, these hiking socks are the perfect gift for your dad if he likes to go hiking. They are made to be comfortable and to last a long time. On top of that, they aren’t too pricy so it’s also not a huge waste of money if they don’t like them. Or you can just keep them for yourself. Other options include running socks, golfing socks, and so on.

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11. A Slim Power Bank

a slim power bank - birthday gift for dad who has everything

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A power bank is one of those gadgets for dads that any man would love to get. This thinner one is great to just slip into your bag or store in your car so you can charge your phone or tablet wherever you are. It can charge your phone a couple of times, so you don’t have to charge the power bank all the time. This is great for the dad who spends a lot of time on his phone for work or for other stuff and isn’t the best at remembering to charge it.

12. A Pair of Leather Work Gloves

a pair of leather work gloves - dad gifts

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If your dad does a lot of manual labor for his job or as a hobby, then getting him a pair of sturdy and warm working gloves can be a great idea. These ones come in a couple of different sizes and are made from leather, so they’re great during the winter months. Work gloves are probably one of the best gifts for fathers out there who work with their hands or have a hobby that includes manual labor during the colder winter months.

13. An Indoor Putting Green

an indoor putting green (awesome gift for dad)

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Does he spend a lot of his time in the office and has he reached that age where they suddenly develop an interest in golf? Then this is a great funny gift idea that he might actually enjoy. It’s a small putting green that you can put in your office or really wherever you want to practice your putting skills. So, if your dad is into golf and could spend some time improving his putting skills, then this is a great present that will surely put a smile on his face.

14. An Insulated Travel Mug

an insulated travel mug (gifts for a dad)

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This is a great gift idea for the coffee-drinking dad that would like to take his hot coffee with him in the car. It’s an insulated travel mug with a lid to keep your coffee hot and safe from spillage while on the go. It’s great for in the office, to keep your coffee hot for longer, or to take with you outdoors where the cold can really take its toll on a nice cuppa. This would also be a great option for the camping fan to take with them on a trip. It even comes in a couple of different colors to pick from.

15. A Magnetic Tool Wrist Band

a magnetic wrist band (gift ideas for handy dads)

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Now, this addition to this list of the best dad gifts is for the DIY dad. It’s basically a magnetic wristband that will attract all the screws and such, so that you can’t lose them while working on a project. This is perfect for all the handy dads out there that keep losing screws and bolts while trying to put stuff together. It’s also great for anyone who does carpentry for a living. So, if you know he could use a small and cheap DIY gadget to help him out, this one is it.

16. A Travel Bartender Kit

a travel bartender kit - father's day gift ideas

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Making cocktails can be a lot of fun, especially as you grow older and actually have some more time to really enjoy a good stiff drink. This cocktail kit is perfect for dads because it won’t take up a bunch of space in the house and he can even take it with him to parties if he wants. This is great for the father that loves making (or having) a good cocktail and can use the tools to make them from scratch in a handy satchel.

17. A Classic Notebook

a classic notebook; christmas gifts for dad

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If you really don’t have a clue on what to get a dad, then going for something neutral and practical is always a good option. This notebook is a great example of that. You can pair it with a nice pen and call it a day. A nice notebook can also be a great addition to a gift basket for dads that is otherwise filled with some of his favorite foods. This notebook here is a great timeless option and even comes in a couple of other colors.

18. A DIY Hot Sauce Kit

a DIY hot sauce kit as one of the best gifts for dad for christmas

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Is your dad a bit of a foodie, or does he just love putting hot sauce on all of his food (without even tasting it beforehand)? Then maybe this fun ‘make your own hot sauce kit’ is a great gift idea for him. It comes with everything you may need to try and make the perfect hot sauce for you. It comes with enough to make a couple of little bottles and is both a fun gift to get and a nice activity to keep yourself entertained for a bit.

19. A Leather AirPods Case

a leather AirPods case (father's day ideas)

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Does already have a pair of AirPods? Then getting him a case for them can be a great option as a stocking stuffer or small Christmas gift for your dad. This one here comes with a handy clip, so that he can hang it on his keychain. You can also pick from a couple of different leather colors, including a neutral black one if that’s his preference. So, if you’re looking for small gifts for dads, then this is a great choice for those who own a pair of Apple AirPods.

20. A Meater Plus Thermometer

a MEATER plus thermometer: dad gifts for christmas

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With this handy cooking gadget, it becomes a lot easier to make the perfect steak or piece of broiled meat in general. It’s a smart thermometer that syncs with your phone so that you can monitor your food from a safe distance without even opening the oven or grill. This is the perfect gadget for dads who love to cook and enjoy getting new tech stuff to play with. You can use this for a bunch of different recipes and dishes that you need precise temperatures for.

21. A Funny Mug for Fathers

best farter ever mug: funny birthday gifts for dad

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A mug is one of those items that I couldn’t forget to put on this dad gift guide. This one, in particular, is perfect for dads with a corny sense of humor. A mug is always a good gift idea, as long as you turn it into more than just a mug. So, fill it up with some snacks or sweets that he likes. You can also go for some funny shaped candies, like jelly beans that include some of the grossest flavors. Either way, this is a great father’s day gift idea.

22. ‘What I Love About Dad’ Booklet

What I Love about Dad booklet (meaningful gifts for dad)

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The final addition to this list of gift ideas for dads is this sweet and thoughtful fill-in booklet that you can fill in using the simple prompts. This is probably one of the best options if you’re looking for meaningful gifts for your dad and want something thoughtful that will touch his heart. So, if you’re looking for something sweet and thoughtful, then this booklet is a great option. Just make sure to take your time to fill it all in.

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I hope that this gift guide for fathers has helped you to come up with some great gift ideas for dads. If you still don’t know what to get, or are just looking for something cheap and easy, then you can also try to DIY something yourself. For example, this post offers some great examples of DIY father’s day gifts that would also be great birthday gifts for dads. Either way, have fun with it and come up with some great dad gifts to get.

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