23 Original Gift Ideas for Him – Gift Guide for Men

original gift ideas for him

Find the best gifts for men on this gift guide for him. 

Are you looking for the perfect gift ideas for him? Well, here is a gift guide for men filled with ideas to help you find the best gift for him, whether he’s your boyfriend, husband, dad, or brother, you will find inspiration on what to get for his birthday or for Christmas right here. And if you’re looking for a gift for yourself, then go ahead and pick your favorite gift ideas for men.

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1. A Kitchen Utensil Set

a kitchen utensil set - gift ideas for him

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With this kitchen utensil set, you will make any man who loves cooking very happy. It has 17 utensils made out of stainless steel and silicone and comes with a nice holder for on your counter. I love this set because it’s a more masculine kitchen utensil set than most. Typically kitchen tools and gadgets tend to be more on the feminine side, but I actually prefer this one. It looks amazing and is a great gift idea for him and even comes in a couple of other color options as well.

2. A Multi-Purpose Backpack

a multi-purpose backpack as gifts for men

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Are you looking for a backpack to give him? Then take a look at this one. It looks professional enough to take along to work and it has enough features to be a great hiking or skiing backpack. This backpack comes in many different colors and versions, so if you think the black is too boring, then be sure to check out all the other options. So, take a look and pick the one you think he’ll like best. I can strongly recommend this black version because of its versatility and neutral color that any guy will like. All in all, one of the best gifts for guys.

3. A Nintendo Switch

a Nintendo switch; nintendo gifts for him

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Now, this gift is definitely on the more expensive side. However, for a gaming system, it’s still on the cheaper side. The Nintendo Switch offers a combination of console gaming on your tv and handheld gaming, because of its portable screen. This is also why this is a great gift if he travels a lot, because this can easily be packed away in a backpack and played on the road. If you want to include a game with it, of if he already has a switch, then the best game right now that all men are loving is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. So you could get him that as an additional gift as well.

4. A Stylish Watch

a stylish watch (unique birthday gifts for him)

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This watch is of great quality and worth its price. It comes in many different color combinations, of which this is the most traditional one probably. I think a watch is always a great gift idea to give a man, because it’s so useful. This particular one is the perfect men’s watch that is good quality without being ridiculously expensive. So take a look at all the options and see if there is one that you like best. Of course, other brands also offer great watch options.

5. A Men’s Toiletry Bag

a men's toiletry bag - gifts for men who have everything

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If you are looking for a more affordable gift idea for him, then a toiletry bag is a great option. This one, in particular, looks great and has a couple of features that make it incredibly practical to travel with. It’s a good size, so an electric razor and electric toothbrush will fit inside it with ease. So if you want a less pricy, but still high-quality gift idea for him, then this is it. It comes in a couple of different PU leather options and two different sizes depending on how much stuff they typically bring with them on a trip.

6. The Game of Thrones Books

Game of Thrones books as top birthday gifts for men

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Now, if he loved Game of Thrones and is an avid reader, then I suggest that you consider giving him the book set as a gift. If he doesn’t enjoy reading, then you can always go for the TV series box set instead. The book set is not complete of course, because the books aren’t all written yet, however, the TV series is done by now and the books are likely to offer a better ending. This is the leatherbound version which looks stunning and is not a lot more expensive than the paperback version.

7. A Fancy Shaving Kit

a fancy shaving kit; unique gift ideas for men

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A kit like this is kinda like a body shop gift set, but for men. In this set, you can gift him with a new way to shave, so no more need for shaving gel. If your man is into this kind of thing, then this will be a fun gift idea for him. It’s also relatively affordable, so even if it turns out not to be up his alley, it didn’t cost you a fortune. This would make for a great Christmas gift idea for men, though be sure that he doesn’t actually want to keep his beard.

8. A LEGO Set for Adults

a LEGO set for adults (creative gifts for him)

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Wouldn’t every adult secretly still love to build something amazing with LEGOS? Well, you can now give someone the excuse to do so. This set is just one example of the many LEGO sets for adults out there. There are also loads of other LEGO sets like this out, so if he doesn’t enjoy the Star Wars movies, then take a look around at all the other sets available. You can find some great ones in this article all about LEGO sets for adults.

9. A Leather Laptop Sleeve

a laptop sleeve - cool gifts for guys

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A great way to upgrade your laptop is by getting a nice-looking laptop sleeve. This PU leather one looks very modern, yet classy at the same time. It comes in a couple of different sizes and in a few different colors (including a sleek black option). So, if you were looking around for a laptop case or sleeve to gift him, then be sure to check out this one. It’s one of those gifts for men that you just can’t really go wrong with.

10. A Pair of Pizza Socks: gifts for men

a pair of pizza socks as thoughtful gifts for men

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If you really don’t have any idea of what kind of things he would like to get for Christmas or for his birthday, then you can still go with some socks. I know, it’s sooo original and he’ll be sooo surprised (I’m being sarcastic). But at least you’ll know your gift to him is going to be used. And don’t just get boring black socks, make sure that they’re really funky looking. These pizza ones even come in a fun box that really turns them into a great present.

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11. An Indoor Electric Grill

an indoor electric gril (men gifts)

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If he loves manning the BBQ during the summer months, then this indoor electric grill might just be the perfect addition to his kitchen. It even comes with a glass lid to make it even more versatile. You can easily clean it using your dishwasher and it comes in two different colors. It’s the perfect way to grill up a piece of meat even when the weather doesn’t allow you to do so outside. This indoor smokeless barbeque is perfect for those bad-weather days.

12. A Bicycle Multitool Kit

a bicycle multitool kit (original gifts for him)

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Cycling or mountain biking is one of those hobbies that a man can suddenly become obsessed with. And if you’re looking for gift ideas for men that have picked up this hobby, then an essential and small gadget is a multitool kit like this. You get everything you may need to fix up your bike while you’re on the road without it taking up a lot of space or weight. It even has slits at the bottom so that you can connect this multitool to your bike frame to really make it easy to take with you.

13. A Marshall Bluetooth Speaker

a Marshall bluetooth speaker; expensive gift ideas for boyfriend

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A good Bluetooth speaker would already be one of the best gift ideas for him, though this high-end one is probably the perfect option. You can even get it with Alexa built-in if they use that. The dials at the top allow you to adjust the sound however you want and this speaker will look great in anyone’s home. You can pick from a couple of different colors and models, though this one here is the most classic one. It is on the expensive side, so this speaker is only for those with a big budget.

14. A Personalized AirPods Case

Peronalized AirPods Case by AprilandKiwi on Etsy - original gifts for boyfriend

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If they own a pair of AirPods, then a nice case is always a great small gift idea to get. And this one by AprilandKiwi on Etsy is a great choice for men. It’s personalized with their name or initials in one of the fonts they offer. The case itself is PU leather and comes in a couple of different color options, all perfect choices for him. So, if you’re looking for a smaller gift idea for him or a stocking stuffer, then this is a great choice. Just be sure to order it in time since it’s custom-made.

15. A Set of Cooling Pint Glasses

cooling pint glasses as perfect gift for him

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Instead of chilling the beer, with these, you can just chill the glass instead. You throw it in the freezer for it to freeze the gel in the double-walled edge and there you have the perfect glass to drink some beer from. So, instead of keeping a bunch of beer bottles in your fridge, or waiting for it to cool quickly in the freezer, you can just use these instead. These come with a couple of different color options for the handgrip and is a perfect present for the beer-loving guy.

16. A Charging Hub

a charging hub (the perfect gift for him)

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A charging hub is a great gadget for men to have around the house or for in the office. You can simply plop down your devices and they will be charged all in one go. This one is perfect for Apple products and others that allow for wireless charging. It comes in a couple of different colors that will look great in any space. So, if you want something tech-related that isn’t super expensive, then a hub like this is a great idea.

17. A Custom Urban Map Whiskey Glass

Custom Urban Engraved Whiskey Glass by OrSomethingShop on Etsy: original gift for him

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If you want to give them something custom-made that doesn’t immediately mean it has their name engraved on something, then this whiskey glass by OrSomethingShop on Etsy might just be the perfect solution. You can get it engraved with the map of whatever place you want, so, for example, their home town or the city they live in. It’s a great father’s day gift or gift idea for a sibling or friend. And of course, you can use it for more than just liquor.

18. A Fridge-Door Cold Brew Maker

a fridge-door cold-brew maker (original gift ideas for him)

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Does he love starting his day with a cup of coffee but is it too hot something for it? Then this cold brew maker is the perfect solution. It fits perfectly in your fridge door and will have cold brew coffee ready to go at all times of the day. And you simply start a new batch before going to bed to be able to wake up to a nice cold cup of coffee during the hot weather months. It comes in a couple of different options, so be sure to check those out on Amazon.

19. A Portable Campfire as gift ideas for him

a portable campfire - original gift ideas for men

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One of the best gifts for men who enjoy camping is this handy portable campfire that you can take with you on shorter trips where you need or want to make a campfire but don’t necessarily want to spend too much time building one. This tin is simply put on fire and will keep a fire going for up to five hours straight, it’s perfect for heating up or cooking food quickly and hassle-free while in the outdoors. It would also be a great addition to a small yard where you don’t have space for a fire pit.

20. A Death Star Ice Cube Maker

a death star ice cube maker as a gift idea for him

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What’s more fun than fun-shaped ice cubes? Well, apparently one big death star-shaped ice cube. These molds are a fun gift idea for him to get as a small Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. It’s perfect for Star Wars fans and people that enjoy drinks that need some ice, so for example certain stronger liquors. Of course, this is just one example of the many ice cube molds on Amazon, though it’s also one of the most popular.

21. An Insulated YETI Mug

an insulated Yeti mug as a great gift for him

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A really practical gift to give a man is this insulated mug that’s perfect for on the road or in the office to keep your coffee or drink warm as long as possible. It comes in a bunch of different colors and options and there are even some other sizes and other types of tumblers available on Amazon. So, if you’re looking for something they’ll surely use and that’s also pretty affordable, then this is the perfect present to purchase.

22. A Pair of Initial Cufflinks

a pair of initials cufflinks (gift guide for him)

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If you’re in search of something small and stylish for men, then this is a great option. You can get it with the letter for their first name or surname depending on your preference. It’s perfect as a graduation gift idea for him or as a Christmas present. And don’t worry they’re really cheap ones, yet look a lot more expensive. Of course, there are many other cufflinks like this out there or completely different ones that are also good gifts for him to give.

23. A Mini Outdoor Pizza Oven

a mini indoor pizza over (perfect gift ideas for him)

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If you’re looking for something of an investment piece that is one of the most expensive gift ideas for men on this list, then this outdoor pizza oven is worth checking out. This is a great alternative for your typical pizza oven that takes up a bunch of space that they maybe don’t have or can’t build because they are renting their home. Either way, an outdoor pizza oven like this is perfect for the pizza lover that likes to make his pizzas from scratch.

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I hope this gift guide for him has helped you find some inspiration and ideas on what to get him for Christmas or for his birthday. Either way, these gifts for men are all great options and vary in budget and interest to make sure that as many different guys as possible are included. So, I hope this was helpful in finding the best gifts for guys.

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