23 Gorgeous Gifts for Grandma That She’ll Love

gorgeous gifts for grandma

Find the best presents on this grandma gift guide. 

Are you looking for an original birthday gift idea for grandma or wondering what to get your grandma for Christmas? Then take a look at this gorgeous gift guide for grandmothers that will inspire you and help you find the best gifts for grandma. From gift ideas for gardening grandmas to grandmas who love to bake. Just take a look and you’ll find some amazing gifts for granny right here.

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1. A Recipe Box and Cards

a recipe box (gifts for grandma)

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A great gift idea for grandma is a gorgeous recipe box with matching recipe cards. There are many different designs out there, with this one here being a great example of a good gift to give. This recipe box comes with recipe cards that fit perfectly and will make it easy to jot down her recipes. And as you can see on Amazon, this box comes in three different colors, so you can see which one would fit in her kitchen best. So take a look and see which one you think your grandmother will like best.

2. A Magnifying Vanity Mirror

a magnifying mirror - gifts for granny

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A magnifying mirror like this one is a very practical gift for your grandma to get. It’ll make putting on makeup a lot easier, and she can even take the mirror somewhere to sit down if she likes. So if you want to get your grandma a gift that is both practical and thoughtful, then a vanity mirror like this is a great idea. There are a bunch of different versions available on Amazon, so take a look around. Though, getting one with a built-in light is a good idea.

3. A Hand Care Set

handcare gifts set as luxury gifts for grandma

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Every grandma deserves to have some me-time and to take care of herself. With this gift set of hand care products, she can take the time to take care of her hands. This set of gifts for grandma is great for grandmothers who still do a lot of gardening or cooking because their hands are probably in need of some extra care. This hand care gift set comes with a hand cream, a cuticle cream, and a hand repair cream as well as some cotton gloves to make the products sink in better. All in all, a great gift set for grandma.

4. A Pretty Gardening Kit

a gardening kit; gardening gifts for granny

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Does your grandma love to work in the garden? Then this gift is perfect for your grandma. A gardening kit that comes with all the essentials and looks great is a great gift idea for anyone who loves taking care of their garden. A set like this is a great gift for grandma because she’ll actually use it and love it. It comes with all the essentials and a handy carrying case to keep it easy to carry around. So if you have a gardening grandma, then this gardening kit is the perfect set of gifts for grandma.

5. A Funny Engraved Cutting Board

a funny engraved cutting board - gifts for grandma birthday

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Another great gift for granny is a cutting board with a quote on it. This cutting board will show your grandma how much you appreciate her cooking. This cutting board comes in two sizes, so take a look to see which one you like best. A gift like this is great for grandmothers who love to cook and spend the majority of their time feeding you. So if your looking for a present for grandmas who love to cook, then this cutting board is a fun idea.

6. A Cozy Throw Blanket

a cozy throw blanket as a great last minute gift for grandma

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A gift idea that all grandmothers will appreciate is a nice and cozy throw blanket. This blanket here comes in an array of different colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits in with your nan’s interior. These blankets are perfect for cozying up in winter in front of the fireplace. So if you are looking for a cozy gift idea, then this one’s for you. And if you don’t know what size to get, just get the biggest one as you can never have a blanket that’s too big.

7. A Pretty Jewelry Box

a pretty jewelry box; thoughtful gifts for grandma

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Another great thing to get grandma is a beautiful jewelry box to store all her favorite trinkets in. This jewelry box comes in a couple of different colors and has the perfect layout to keep your jewelry organized and safe. If you are looking for a gift idea for grandma that all grandmothers will love, then this jewelry box is a safe bet. This jewelry box is one of my favorite items on this list because it’s so handy and practical while also being pretty.

8. A Funny Grandma Mug

a funny mug (practical gifts for grandma)

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Are you looking for a funny and affordable gift to make your grandma smile, then this mug might be the perfect gift idea for her. It comes with all the ingredients that make an awesome grandma. This mug will become her favorite to use and she’ll smile every time she uses it. So if you want to give your grandmother something funny, then this is a great option. You can even fill it with chocolates to really finish it off as a pretty present.

9. Scented Candles: gifts for grandma

scented candles - cozy gifts for grandma

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If you’re looking for a more traditional gift idea for grandma, then this set of scented candles is a great gift to get. This set comes in a couple of different varieties, so if this one here isn’t really your style, then the other ones might suit you better. Either way, a set of high-quality candles like this is a great gift idea for women. If you want to go with just one candle or something in a completely different style, just take a look around because there are so many options to be found online.

10. A Bedtime Story Book

a storybook - best gifts for grandma

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Another great item to add to this grandma gift guide is this fun storybook about being a grandma. This is an adorable gift idea to give grandma so that she has a lovely story to read to her grandchildren. It’s also a fun gift idea for soon-to-be grandmas to break the news. Either way, this gift idea will become a staple in grandma’s home. Of course, this book only makes sense if she has young grandchildren or will soon have some.

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11. Comfy UGG Slippers

comfy slippers as gift ideas for grandma

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If you’re wondering what to get grandma for Christmas, then a good pair of comfy slippers might just be the perfect choice. This pair by UGG comes in a couple of colors and is great because it’s almost more of a shoe, yet as comfortable as a pair of slippers. They are pretty pricey, so if you want you can also go for one of the more affordable options available online. All in all, slippers are just great Christmas gift ideas no matter their price, as long as they’re comfortable.

12. A Pretty Wildflower Puzzle

a pretty wildflower puzzle - gift idea for grandma

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Finding items that your grandmother doesn’t already have can be a challenge. So instead, you can find her something to do. A great example of an activity that you can actually wrap up as a gift is a puzzle like this one here. The puzzles by this brand are particularly great because of their pretty designs and packaging that makes it so much more fun than a typical puzzle. This one is of a wildflower print, but be sure to check out the other puzzles by the brand.

13. My Family Recipe Book

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Keeping track of all the recipes she’s collected throughout her life can be pretty tricky, so this cookbook is a great way to properly do so. It’s a blank cookbook that can be filled up with all of your favorite recipes. It’s also an easy way to share recipes with other family members, they can simply make a scan or take a picture of whatever recipe you’ve written down. So, a great addition to this gift guide for grandmas.

14. A Handy Ereader

a handy ereader; gift ideas for nan

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One of the best gifts for a granny that loves reading is a good ereader. With it, you can read a bunch of different books without having to lug them around. You can also read newspapers and such on these. It’s especially great for older people because you can change the letter size when you start to struggle with reading small-script books. This one comes in a couple of different versions, including some fun colors. Just make sure to take the time to set it up for her as well.

15. Personalized Stationery

personalized stationary by CurioPress on Etsy - granny gift ideas

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Does your grandma enjoy writing letters or sending people cards and such? Then this set of personalized stationery by CurioPress might just be the perfect gift for her. It’s a great addition to this list of the best gifts for grandma because you can get it customized with your name. If you don’t like the design of this one, then be sure to have a look around on Etsy where there are a bunch of other options and designs available as well.

16. A Pretty Electric Kettle

a pretty electric kettle: grandma gift ideas

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An electric kettle doesn’t have to be something that sits on your counter and that you’re ashamed of. There are a bunch of fun kettles and designs out there that turn it into something you actually want to put on display with this one being a great example. Of note is the handle that’s a complete loop to make sure that it’s easy to carry and handle without having to squeeze really hard, which can be a struggle as you grow older.

17. A Paint By Numbers Kit for Adults

a paint by numbers kit (gifts for your grandma)

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Another great activity to add to this gift guide for grandmothers is a paint by numbers kit for adults. This one here comes in a couple of different paintings and is really cheap. You can also get one custom-made on Etsy from a picture you like of their pet or grandchildren, for example. It’s a fun and easy activity that you can pause whenever you need and is a lot of fun to do. You could even get a small table-top easel to go with it, if you want.

18. A Funny Wine Glass

a funny wine glass - gifts for new grandma

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If she loves a good glass of wine, then you can keep it simple when it comes to good gifts. You can simply give her a good bottle of wine, or if you know her favorite, get one of those. To turn a bottle of wine more into a gift, you can add a funny wine glass with it like this one or a wine tumbler that can keep her wine at the perfect temperature. There are a bunch of glasses on Amazon with fun writings on them, so have a look around if you don’t like this one.

19. A Small Air Fryer

a small air fryer (what to get grandma for christmas)

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An air fryer in itself would already be a great gift for a grandmother that loves to cook, but this small and pretty one is even better for a grandma who nowadays mostly has to cook for just herself and/or grandpa. This one even comes in a couple of colorful options as well as some more basic ones and is just the right size for cooking around one to two portions without it taking up a bunch of space. If you think she’ll get more use out of a bigger one, then of course go with one of those.

20. An Adorable Tea Infuser

an adorable tea infuser; gift for granny

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Looking for something small? Or maybe what to get grandma as a stocking stuffer? Then this tea infuser might just be the perfect thing. It’s cute, adorable and small, and perfect for anyone who loves a good cup of tea made with loose leaf tea. It comes in a couple of different animals. So, if you know she has a favorite, take a look and see if it’s there. Just make sure she actually has some loose leaf tea to use it with or get some to go with it.

21. A Pair of Leather Gloves

a pair of leather gloves - what to get your grandma for christmas

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If you want to get her something practical and stylish? Then a pair of elegant leather gloves are a great choice. It’s not so great to give during summer, though perfect for fall and winter. These gloves here come in a couple of different colors and are perfect for anyone who likes to go for a walk or spends a lot of time outdoors during the colder winter months. If you don’t know what color to get, then black is always a solid neutral choice.

22. A Birthstone Bracelet

birthstone bracelet by Silveristic - thoughtful gift ideas for grandma

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One of the best thoughtful gifts for grandma is a custom birthstone bracelet like this one by Silveristic on Etsy. You can pick however many birthstones you like and can pick the color of the band and setting. It’s a great handmade item that any grandma would love to get. You can either get one stone for each child or each grandchild. So, if you’re looking for something meaningful or sentimental, then this is a great option.

23. What I Love About Grandma Booklet

a fill in booklet 'what I love about grandma' (grandma to be gifts)

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This personalized booklet that you get to fill in using the easy prompts is another great addition to this list of the best gift ideas for grandma. You can either fill it in by yourself or get help from all the other grandchildren as well. And don’t worry, you don’t have to write a lot, with simple and short answers you can fill up this little booklet. It’s a great item to add to a gift basket to make it a bit more personal for your grandmother.

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Now you’ve hopefully found some amazing gifts for grandma that she’ll like. To be fair, at this stage in her life, she’s probably just happy that you thought to get her anything, to begin with. It’s more important to show that you care and that you put some thought into it than for it to be this amazing expensive luxury gift. Also be sure to wrap your gifts for granma up really nicely, and do it yourself if you can because it shows you put in that extra bit of effort. If you want to find some ideas to announce that someone is going to become a grandma, then you can find some announcement ideas for that in this post. Either way, have fun with it and make your grandma or a grandma-to-be feel really special.

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