23 Best Gifts for Teen Girls under $50

best gifts for teen girls under $50

Fun and original gift ideas for teenage girls. 

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for a teen girl. So to help you in finding that perfect teen girl present, I’ve put together this list of gifts that any teenage girl would love to get. It doesn’t matter if she loves makeup, social media or being creative. For every type of teen girl, there is a gift on this list. So, scroll down and find inspiration on this list of the best gifts for teen girls all under $50.

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1. A Cake My Day Face and Body Mask

cake my face wash-off mask - gifts for teen girls

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If you know she enjoys skincare and likes to try out new stuff, then this fun wash-off mask that’s filled with colorful sprinkles is a great gift idea. This is just one example of the many fun products out there, but it’s a great option because of its affordable price and the fact that it can be used on any skin type. Something fun like this is probably one of the best birthday gift ideas for teenage girls exactly because of its birthday cake design.

2. A Colorful Mini-Fridge

a colorful mini-fridge (gifts for teenage girls)

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What teenager wouldn’t want to have their own mini-fridge for their bedroom? I know I did. whether they use it to store food, drink, or skincare a fun mini-fridge like this is not as expensive as you might think and she’ll surely love it. This is especially perfect if you live in an area where it can get pretty hot during the summer months. This one comes in a couple of different colors including a pretty pastel pink that’s perfect for the girly teen girl.

3. A Cellphone Lens Kit

a cellphone lens kit; unique gifts for teenage girl

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Most teenage girls take a lot of photos, and they use their phones to make most of them. Now you can improve their photo-taking skills by giving them this simple clip-on kit. This phone photography kit includes clip-on lenses to make different types of photos and a clip-on light to take better selfies. It’s especially great if she doesn’t have one of the newest phones but wants to improve the quality of her pictures anyway.

4. A Modern Jewelry Box

a modern jewelry box as teenage girl gifts

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This gorgeous small jewelry box is amazing and will look great in any teen’s bedroom. It comes in a couple of different color combinations and finishes and offers a handy and stylish way to store your jewelry or other small items. Every girl will love this because of its sleek design that doesn’t come off as childish (since I think most adult women would also like this a lot.) It not only looks amazing but is also a really useful and practical gift idea for teen girls.

5. A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

a waterproof bluetooth speaker - last minute birthday gifts for teenage girl

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This Bluetooth speaker is great because of its size and portability. It even fits in a handbag or in your pocket. The clip makes it easy to just hang it on whatever bag you have with you and is perfect for hanging up your speaker somewhere. It’s even waterproof, so you can take it with you to the pool or into the bathroom to have a shower or relaxing bath. You can pick from a bunch of different colors and are sure to make a teenage girl very happy.

6. An Opal PopSocket

an opal popsocket (teen girl gifts)

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This little thing will make sure that you are less likely to drop your phone. You just stick it to the back of your phone and it stays collapsed until you need it. It also serves as a handhold to use when you take a selfie and it serves as a stand to keep your phone upright when you want to watch a video on it. So this little thing is pretty handy and with the beautiful gem design on top, it also looks stylish. Of course, pop sockets come in a bunch of different styles and designs, so if this is not really her thing, then have a look around at all the other great options available on Amazon.

7. Ohuhu Brush Markers

ohuhu brush markers as teenage girl gifts

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You might be wondering what makes this set of markers so special that they are on this teen girl gift guide under $50. Well, these markers are perfect for creative people and the brush tip makes it perfect for smooth coloring work. The fact that these are also alcohol markers makes it possible to blend different colors together and it makes sure that you don’t have any streaks from your markers. So, if she loves drawing and art, then this is the best gift for a teenage girl that you can get.

8. A Set of TonyMoly Sheet Masks

a set of sheet masks (gift idea for teenage girl)

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This cute set of sheet masks is perfect for the fickle skin of a teenager. You can pick from a couple of different options and combinations. Just one of these would be great to add to a gift basket or as a smaller gift that she’ll love. You can’t really go wrong with these because every girl enjoys playing around with something like this. And because it isn’t makeup, you’re less likely to get the wrong color or something like that.

9. A Personalized Name Necklace

a personalized name necklace; gifts under 50 for teenage girl

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A great piece of jewelry that any teenage girl would love to get is a name necklace. This one comes in a couple of different styles and colors and you can even pick the length of the chain it hangs on. This is a great affordable personalized gift that she can wear for years to come. It’s something timeless and classic and just a staple in every girl’s jewelry box. So, if you want to get her jewelry but don’t know what she would like, then this is a great neutral and timeless choice.

10. An Instax Mini Camera

an instax mini polaroid camera - gifts for teenage girl under $50

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Wow, this camera is so cute! It creates vintage pictures using modern technology. On top of that, the camera is also available in a bunch of different colors. (I have to say, the light blue one is my favorite.) So, this camera is great for capturing moments and for posting them on Instagram later on as a collage. You can also use them to decorate your room if you like changing things up from time to time. The price of these can fluctuate from time to time, so depending on the year it will be under $50 or just over.

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11. A Guide to Modern Calligraphy

a guide to modern calligraphy; gifts for girls under 50

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Calligraphy is a great new skill to try out and learn. You can use it for a bunch of different things and this book will teach you all the basics and how you can use modern calligraphy to decorate your notebooks or to improve your overall handwriting. This is great for any girl that loves being creative but doesn’t always know what to create. It’s set up as a workbook that you slowly work your way through and practice your skills in. This is probably one of my favorite cheap gifts for teen girls on this list.

12. A Disney Eye Shadow Palette by Colourpop

a colourpop disney eyeshadow palette - gifts for teen girls

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This is a fun palette that reminds us of our favorite Disney princesses. All the color names are based on characters and well-known phrases from the movies. And the cover art is amazing with its gorgeous rendition of the different princesses. On top of the Disney fun, you also get the quality of Colourpop eyeshadows. Altogether this palette makes for a great gift for any teen girl, or even an adult woman that loves Disney.

13. A Pretzel Pool Float

a pretzel pool float - gift ideas for teenage girl

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This pool float is perfect for summer and would even look great in your bedroom. It comes in a couple of different food-related shapes, though the pretzel is definitely one of my favorites. Amazon also offers some great avocado and water melon pool floats if you like the idea but not this particular shape. It’s perfect for any teen girl whose birthday is during the summer months and will spend a lot of time swimming and hanging around the pool with friends.

14. A Compostable Phone Case

a compostable phone case; teen girl gift guide

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A fun phone case is always a great affordable gift idea for teenage girls, but the ones by Pela are especially great because they are also eco-friendly. It comes in a bunch of different colors and different ones depending on the phone you buy it for. All you need to know is what phone she has and you can just get a case like this. This is just one example of the many phone cases you can choose from, and the sustainable side of things makes them such a great choice.

15. Chunky Hoop Earrings as Gifts for Teen Girls

chunky open hoop earrings - gift ideas for teen girl

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These earrings are also great as teen girl gifts. They come in a couple of different sizes and different colors, including gold, silver and rose gold. Earrings like this are really popular and on-trend right now, though if she’s not really into chunky jewelry, then maybe have a look at the other more delicate hoops or minimalist stud earrings. All you need to know is that she has pierced ears and then this is a great gift idea. These are also way below budget, so they also serve as great small gifts to give.

16. Glossier Balm Dot Com

what to get a teenage girl: glossier balm dot com

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If you want to give her something fun that’s also a great skincare item that any girl can use, then this set of lip balms is a great choice. This set contains three different flavors and is just a great gift set that any teen girl would love to get. Lip products such as lip glosses and balms are always great choices, because everyone struggles with chapped lips and the added color that some balms and glosses offer is just a handy way to kill two birds with one stone.

17. A Cute AirPods Case

a cute airpods case as teen girl gift ideas

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A pair of AirPods is a pretty expensive gift and probably out of your budget. However, if they own a pair or someone else is giving them one, you can get them a cute case like this. It’s a really cheap and small gift for teenage girls that comes in so many different options. This one is a great example of the many different designs out there. There are also more plain options and animal or fruit designs. In other words, you’re sure to find one she’ll like.

18. A Geode Bath Bomb

A geode bathbomb by ShopSimplyAC on Etsy - teenage girl gift ideas

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This bath bomb by S

19. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

noise-cancelling headphones (best teen girl gifts)

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One of the best gift ideas for teenagers no matter their gender is a pair of noise-canceling headphones. It’s perfect for when you want to focus on your homework in a busy home and it will protect their hearing by the lack of necessity to turn up the music to hear it. This one is pretty affordable and comes in a couple of different colors, though standard black is always a great neutral color. So, if you want to give them something practical for school and other stuff, this is the gift to get.

20. A Personalized Journal

personalized journal by DecoratedBliss on Etsy; good gift for teenage girl

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This journal or notebook by DecoratedBliss on Etsy is a great personalized gift idea for teenage girls. You can pick from a couple of different designs that are all very on-trend and fun. This is a great gift for anyone who keeps a diary or journal or likes to write stories. I think this is probably one of the most unique gifts while also being the most versatile one since pretty much all teenage girls would love to have a notebook like this.

21. A Gel Nail Polish Kit

gel nail polish kit as best gifts for teen girls

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Does she love getting her nails done or enjoys doing nail art? Then this gel nail polish kit is a great way to do your own nails and make sure that they last. You get everything you need to get started including a UV light to cure or set the polish. You also get a set of basic nail polishes with the pastel set being perfect for teen girls. You can also pick one of the many other color combinations, though it’s mostly the rest of the set that counts.

22. A Set of Fairy Lights

fairy lights as gifts under $50 for teenage girl

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Fairy lights are a great way to decorate your room without doing any permanent damage. On top of that, this set also has clips included that make it easy to hang up photos and pictures to the fairy lights. It’s a great way to add some coziness to your room while also providing the perfect spot to hang your favorite polaroids. Just make sure she doesn’t already have a set and you’re ready to go. This is a really cheap way to decorate your entire wall.

23. An Amazon Gift Card

an amazon gift card: gifts for teen girl

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Last but not least on this teen girl gift guide is a simple gift card. Teenagers are just difficult to shop for and if you still don’t know what to get them, then a gift card is an option that any teen girl will appreciate getting. Just make sure it’s for a shop or place that they actually visit. For example, an Amazon gift card is a great all-rounder that you can’t go wrong with because they truly offer anything that you might think of.

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I hope you found what you were looking for and are going to make one teen girl very happy with her gift! This gift guide for teenage girls showed you some original gift ideas ranging in price and size, though all within a reasonable budget. If you want to make it truly cheap and special, then you can always make something from scratch. This list of homemade gifts can help you come up with some fun DIY’s. However, I would pair those gift ideas for teenage girls with a gift card or some money, because you can’t really go wrong with that.

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