33 Best Gifts for Teen Boys Under $50

gifts for teen boys under $50

Teen boy gift guide with the best teenage boy gifts. 

Are you looking for cool gifts for teenage guys under $50? Then take a look at this teen boy gift guide filled with amazon gifts for teen boys. This list of gift ideas for teenage guys is a great place to start looking for gift ideas for teen boys. So take a look and find the best gifts for teen boys under $50!

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1. A Phone Wallet Case

a phone case with built-in wallet - gifts for teen boys under $10

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A high-quality phone case is one of those gifts for teenagers you can’t go wrong with (except if you get the wrong size).  This phone case doesn’t only look really sleek, but it also has a built-in wallet on the back to keep your cards in. It comes in a couple of different colors to choose from and is the perfect phone case for teenage guys. This is one of the more affordable gifts for teen boys on this list and because of its size it’s also a great stocking stuffer for this Christmas.

2. A Scratch-Off World Map

scratch off world map - gift ideas for teen boys

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This stunning scratch-off world map is great for those who dream of traveling the world. On this map, you scratch off a top brown layer once you have visited a place and that place will show up in a fun color on your map. The goal: to uncover the entire world map of course. A gift like this is a great gift idea for teen boys because it’s interactive and decorative. So if you’re looking for inspiring gifts for teen boys under $50, then this is a great idea to check out.

3. A Pizza Throw Blanket for Their Bedroom

 pizza blanket as best gifts for teen boys

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If you’re looking for something slightly ridiculous but that any teen boy would love to get, then this pizza throw blanket that comes in a couple of different sizes and designs is a great gift to get. It’s great for the wintertime and a fun piece of decor for their room. You can be sure that it will be a conversation piece the next time they have friends over or when they bring it along on a camping trip. It’s a fun gift idea that they’ll love to get and that will put a smile on their faces.

4. A Solar Charging Power Bank

solar power bank - cool gifts for teenage guys

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This power bank is a great gift for the teen boy who always forgets to charge his things, because this thing will do it for him. You can take it along on a hike or on vacation and you don’t need to remember to charge your phone or your power bank. Because this power bank charges itself as soon as it’s exposed to the sun. All in all, this makes this a great gift for a teen boy, and what makes it even better is that this gift idea is under $50 and available on amazon.

5. An NFL 100 Book for Football Fans

 nfl 100 book; unusual gifts for teenage guys

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If you’re looking for cool gifts for teen boys who love football, then getting them this book celebrating the last 100 years of football. It tells the history of the game and recaps some of the most important moments in the history of American football. A book like this is perfect for teenage guys who enjoy sports and like a good sports fact. It’s a good book to have around to read through or just leaf through from time to time.

6. A Pair of Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

headphones: cool gifts for teenage guys

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Headphones are always great gifts to give, and especially as gifts for teenage boys. This is because this gift is not only for the teen boy, but also for the people around him. These noise-canceling headphones ensure that he can game in peace and quiet and that the rest of the family isn’t bothered by the noise. So these headphones are basically the perfect gifts for teen boys who love to game or listen to music. And also great for the other people in the house.

7. A Bed-Shaking Alarm Clock for Sleepy Heads

 a bed vibrating alarm clock as an idea on what to buy with $50 dollars teenagerDoes he struggle to get out of bed when his alarm goes off? Well, then this alarm clock is the ultimate solution. It comes with a small disk you place under your mattress and a setting for the alarm to be extra loud to ensure that you will get up in time. This alarm clock also comes with two USB ports to charge your phone and has a lot of simple but useful settings for you to customize your alarm clock. A great gift idea for teen boys who struggle to get up in the morning.

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8. A Multitool to Fix and Create Whatever He Wants

a multitool: gift ideas for teenage guys

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This tool is probably one of the handiest tools around. A multitool includes the majority of the most basic tools. This way, he can fix or create whatever he wants whenever he wants without lugging a toolbox around. A multitool is also great for camping and other outdoor activities. All in all, this is an amazing tool to have and a teenage boy will use it for the rest of his life. So if you’re looking for a gift to give a teenage boy that he’ll use for the rest of his life, then this is a great gift to get.

9. A Survival Kit for Outdoorsy Teens

 survival kit as one of the best gift ideas for teen boys

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If he loves a good adventure and enjoys going camping from time to time, then a small kit full of survival essentials is a fun gift to give. This set contains everything you need from a compass to a fire starter to survive in the wild. It’s a fun kit to give as a gift, just be sure that they’re old enough to have knives and handle them responsibly, though most teen boys are. This set contains 18 different tools and comes in a compact waterproof box.

10. A Portable Table Tennis Set

 A ping pong table set (best gifts for teen boys)

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Wouldn’t you love to be able to play table tennis wherever you want? Even if you don’t have the room for a full-fledged table tennis table, you can still play table tennis with this handy kit. It includes a net you can attach to any normal table, two bats, and three ping pong balls. This way you can even bring it along on holiday or over to a friend’s house. On top of that, it’s way more affordable than an actual ping pong table. So if you’re looking for an affordable gift for teen boys, this table tennis set is a great option.

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11. An Affordable Drone

a drone set - tech gifts for teenage guys

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A drone is not as expensive anymore as it once was. This one for example is a good gift idea under $50 for teenagers since it uses a simple controller and an app on your phone to control the drone. It’s a fun gift to play with during the summer months, so perfect for a spring or summer birthday. This isn’t the best Christmas gift for teen boys, since you can’t really use it during bad weather or rain. All in all, a fun addition to this list of gifts for teen boys.

12. A Handy PopSocket for your Phone

 a popsocket for boys; the best stocking stuffers for teenage boys

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This little thing can do more than you think. It serves as a more secure way to hold your phone, an easy grip for when you take selfies, and to top it off a stand so that you can prop up your phone wherever you want. All in all, one of the most affordable and most practical gifts for teen boys on this gift guide. This tiny thing can be easily collapsed and stays on the back of your phone when you don’t need it. So a tiny, but very practical gift idea every teen boy will love to get.

13. A Multi-Purpose Water Bottle

insulated water bottles as teen boy gift ideas

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It might sound a bit strange to say that a water bottle has multiple purposes, but this one does because of the different lids it comes with. Depending on what you’re doing and where you need to take your bottle with you to, this bottle is the perfect solution. It comes in a couple of different sizes and colors to choose from and is a great practical gift that a teen boy will actually use. This insulated bottle is a great affordable present for teenage guys that they’ll love

14. A USB Keychain for Your Phone and Laptop

 a USB and USB-C keychain - cool stuff for teenage guys

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This 32 GB USB keychain is great for the teenage school goer. You can pop it onto your keychain and you’re ready to go. This USB stick is special because you can plug it into your computer and into most phones. This makes one of the top gifts for teen boys on this list. And perhaps this can also serve as a great gift idea for college students. So, if you’re looking for a tech gift idea that’s also incredibly practical, then consider getting this USB stick that’s also a great stocking stuffer idea for teenage guys.

15. A Stylish Retro Casio Watch

 a retro watch by Casio: birthday presents for teen boys

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A good watch is always a good gift to give and this one is really affordable as well. This classic Casio watch has that perfect retro on-trend look and is elevated because of the gold design. You can also get these in a lot of other colors and combinations, though this gold one is probably the best option out there. It’s a great stylish watch that any teen boy will love to get and it’s a gift idea way under the $50 watch, so a great affordable gift to give.

16. A Repair Kit for Phones, Tablets, and Gaming Consoles

 fun gifts for teenage guys: phone repair kit

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This repair kit contains all the tools you may need to fix or repair your phone, tablet, or gaming console. It is a handy thing to have, because teen boys are really good at breaking things from time to time. If you give them this, they will know how to repair it and they might find a new hobby. So, give them a gift like this and they’ll learn to fix things on their own without wasting a fortune. This is not only an affordable gift because it’s under $50, but also because it might save you from unnecessary repair costs in the future. So if you know he’s great at breaking is things, but also enjoys tinkering, then be sure to check out this set of gifts for teen boys on Amazon.

17. A Pop-Up Wallet: One of the Best Gifts for Teen Boys

A pop-up wallet for boys as great christmas gifts for teen guys

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You don’t need a bulky wallet nowadays to carry all your cards and stuff with you nowadays. These card holder wallets are the perfect solution, they’re easy to fit into a pants pocket and are RFID protected to keep your cards safe. This gift idea for teen boys comes in a couple of different finishes and colors to choose from and is just a great practical item to give. It’s one of the best practical gifts for teenage guys on this list.

18. A Bluetooth Mini Speaker: The Gift That Fits in Your Pocket

 mini bluetooth speaker: best small gift idea for teen boys

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This tiny Bluetooth speaker is great for on the go and taking with you while traveling. Because you can put it in your pocket or put it on your keychain, you can always have it with you wherever you’re going. All of this makes a tiny wireless speaker like this one a great gift for teen boys who love music. So if you’re looking for a small, but fun gift idea for a teenage boy, then maybe consider getting him this tiny Bluetooth speaker.

19. A Hardwood Swiss Army Knife

 a swiss army knife - cool things to buy teenage guys

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Another great addition to this gift guide for teen boys is this wooden Swiss army knife by Victorinox. It is on the higher end of our budget, but is a great long-lasting gift they’ll use for years to come. This little gadget has everything you need while hiking or on the road and is a great thing to carry with you wherever you go. These Swiss army knives typically come in a couple of different colors, though the wooden finish is a classic you can’t really go wrong with.

20. A Funny T-Shirt: The Best Fool-Proof Gift

a funny gamer T-shirt - best birthday gifts teenage guys

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And last but not least, a T-shirt that is one of the top 10 gifts for teen boys on this gift guide. This is a great gift for a teen boy who loves gaming above all else (so, great a great gift for most teenage boys). This shirt is fun and comfy, so even if they just wear it around the house or as pajamas, they will like it either way.

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21. A Sneaker Cleaning Kit

A sneaker cleaning kit; birthday gifts for teens boys

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This might sound like a weird gift idea for someone who isn’t obsessed with sneakers. Some teen boys just love their sneakers and are even called ‘sneakerheads’ for it and to make sure their shoes stay looking good and smelling good. It’s a fun shoe care kit for them to clean their own shoes and to keep your sneakers looking good for longer. All in all, a pretty great gift idea under $50 for teen boys who love sneakers and want to keep them looking brand new for as long as possible.

22. LED Color Changing Strip Lights

things to buy for teenage boys: LED string lights

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If you’re looking for a cool gift for teenage guys who enjoy gaming in their room, then getting them a set of LED strip lights like this is a great idea. You can attach them to any surface you want and control them with a remote or your phone to make your room look just that much cooler while you’re playing your favorite games. It’s a great way to make their bedroom a bit more grownup without a lot of effort and is just a fun way to make their gaming space more fun.

23. A Wooden Yo-Yo

 A wooden yo-yo: fun gifts for teen boys

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This is probably the most unexpected item on this gift guide for teen boys that you didn’t see coming. Yet, yo-yo’s have grown in popularity recently and are now seen as a fun (and traditional) fidget spinner with limitless possibilities. It’s a great small gift that’s also really cheap. So, it would work great as a stocking stuffer for a teen boy if you’re looking for a small and fun gift idea that they can actually play with. All they need are to look at some YouTube videos to learn how to do some tricks and they’re off to have some fun times.

24. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses as gifts for teenage guys

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If you don’t know what these are, then let me explain. These glasses block out all the blue light coming from your screens such as your computer, tv, and cell phone. This blue light is the one that causes the most headaches and keeps you really awake. So, if you play a lot of games at night, you’ll probably struggle to fall asleep since the blue light is indicating that it’s still daytime. These ones are just an example, there are also options out there that don’t have colored glasses and look just like normal glasses. All in all, perfect to make your teen go to bed at a more reasonable time.

25. A Fairwin Tactical Belt

 A tactical belt as cool gifts for teenage boys

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A traditional belt can be a pretty boring present to get, so why not make it a bit more interesting? These belts are just fun to wear with the quick release system and the added strength. And besides being really cool gifts for teen boys they also look good and are a fun gift to give. These belts come in a couple of different colors to choose from and are just fun things to have that he’ll actually use, since most men’s trousers need a belt so they stay up.

26. A Non-Slip Wireless Charger

a wireless charger; christmas gifts for teen boys

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Has he recently gotten a new phone, then there’s a good chance it can be charged wirelessly? So, if he has a phone that can do this, then getting him a nice-looking wireless charger pad that is also non-slip can be a good gift to get. This one comes in a few different colors and will look great in any teen boy’s room. The fact that it’s non-slip is probably one of its most important features, since most charging pads are pretty sleek, which makes it really easy for the phone to slip off of.

27. A 22.5″ Retro Skateboard

 a small skateboard - christmas gifts for teens

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These small skateboards are great gifts for teens under $50 because they can actually fit in your locker or even in your backpack. It’s easy to take with you wherever you’re going and also is a lot of fun. This one comes in a couple of different colors, including a plain black option for the teenage guy who isn’t into any color at all. It’s a great gift for sporty guys who would enjoy playing around with a small skateboard like this. And the size is just perfect for taking along with you to school or other places.

28. LEGO Brick Mug

 A lego mug (best gifts for teens)

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Did he love playing with LEGOs as a kid or does secretly still enjoy building things with it, then he’ll love this fun gift idea for teen boys under $50. This mug is about as customizable as it gets with most building blocks such as LEGOs fitting onto it. It comes in a couple of different colors and is just a really fun gadgety item to get. It’s great for a small Christmas gift for a teen boy who used to be obsessed with LEGOs. I don’t think it’ll be that comfortable to drink from, but it is a fun product.

29. A Clip-On Phone Lens for Better Photos

 clip-on photo lenses as teen boy gifts

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This pack of phone lenses you can clip onto your phone to improve your photography skills on your phone is a great present for teenage guys who are into photography. Instead of getting an expensive camera straight away, they can start out by experimenting with these lenses that offer some great improvements for your phone camera. Do make sure the lenses are compatible with his phone to ensure that he can actually use this gift idea. You can find this info on the amazon.com listing.

30. A Fun and Unexpectedly Intense Card Game

 taco cat goat cheese pizza card game: cool presents for teenage guys

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A good card game to play is a great example of a good stocking stuffer for teen boys that’s pretty cheap and small enough to fit in an actual stocking. This card game looks really cute and fun and can be played with different numbers of people and is a quick game that’s both intense and fun. So, if you’re looking for a small gift idea for a teenage boy, then this is a good idea. There are other board games out there such as Settlers of Catan that would also make for a good gift to give.

31. A Sturdy Herschel Backpack

 cool gifts for teens: a nice herschell backpack

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A good-quality backpack is something every teenager can use, whether they use it for school or one of their hobbies. This backpack is a great medium-sized backpack that comes in loads of different colors to choose from with this tan one being my personal favorite. It’s a simple gift for teenage guys that they’ll surely use and probably use for years to come. It comes in different sizes, though the biggest size is probably the best options, since it can fit most laptops in it.

32. A Record Player with Bluetooth Speakers

 A bluetooth record player suitcase - christmas gift ideas for teens

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A record player is a great piece of home decor for a teenage bedroom, and this one looks amazing and has built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can also play music from your phone on it. This is the perfect gift idea for teenage guys who are into music. It comes in a bunch of different colors and finishes, though some versions cost a tad bit more. I think this is a great gift to give for a music lover and it stays within the budget for finding a gift under $50.

33. A Pair of Socks with Llamas on Them

 funny llama socks as presents for teen boys

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The last item on this list of gifts for teen boys under $50 is this pair of llama socks. They’re the best gag gifts for teenage guys that don’t cost a lot and that are just simply ridiculous. It’s a great small gift to go along with an envelope filled with some cash if you really don’t know what to get him. They’re both cute and comfortable and there will be a day that he’ll wear them, so no money wasted, because a good pair of socks is something you can always use more of.

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I hope you found what you were looking for and are going to make one teenage boy very happy about his gift! If you are looking for more gift ideas for teen boys, then these DIY gifts for teen boys might be an idea to find some inspiration. All in all, I hope you now have a list of gifts for teen boys under $50 that you know he’ll love.

If you still don’t have a clue what to buy with 50 dollars for a teenager, it’s time to call in enforcement. Perhaps ask some of his friends or siblings if they have an idea of what he’d like to get. Most of the time family and friends will have a clue of what kind of gifts a teen boy might want. And otherwise, they’re sure to prove you with some inspiration on what he’s interested in. So ask around and come back once you have some more info and you’re sure to find the best gifts either on this list of amazon gifts for teen boys under $50 or somewhere else. There are some other great gift guides for teen boys out there to check out as well.

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