20 Great Gifts for New Moms under $50

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What to get a new mother after birth. 

Are you looking for gifts for new moms that they’ll love and that are not for the baby? Well here are a few ideas of what to get her. These range from more practical presents to self-care items for the new mom. So, take a look and tell me what you think of these new mom gift ideas under $50.

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1. A Stylish Diaper Bag

a stylish diaper bag - gifts for new moms under $50

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This diaper bag is great for every new mom that doesn’t want to walk around with a bag that she only has because it is a diaper bag. This is also a great bag for afterward when you don’t need to tote around quite as much but still need a spacious bag. So check out this handy diaper bag that makes for a great gift for a new mom. It also comes in a couple of different colors and is just all in all a great stylish bag option.

2. A Baby Diary and Memory Book

a baby diary and memory book as gift ideas for new moms

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A baby diary is a great and thoughtful gift because those first few months fly by without you realizing it, if you don’t keep a record of sorts to look back on. It’s also fun to look back on when they are older to see if some of their characteristics were already there in the beginning. All in all, a diary like this is a thoughtful gift for new moms. This is perfect for the first couple of years to keep track of all their adventures and growth.

3. A 3-Piece Pyjama Set

a 3-piece pajama set (gifts for new moms that aren't for the baby)

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This pajama set is amazing, you can walk around in it and having visitors without having to be ashamed or uncomfortable because you are in your pajamas. In other words, one of the best gifts for new moms. So, if you want to give the gift of comfort to a new mom, then this is a great idea. The pajama comes with a shirt, pants, and cardigan to really make it an outfit. If you don’t like this color, then there are other color options as well.

4. A Travel Case for Wet Wipes and Diapers

travel case for wet wipes; gifts for new moms after birth

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This small and beautiful case is perfect to stow your wet wipes in. This way you don’t need to carry around the entire package and you don’t run the risk of it opening in your bag and drying out. So this wipes travel case is perfect for sticking in your bag or purse without taking up too much space. It will be useful for years to come, because you’re gonna need a lot of wipes during those first few years. Its handy strap makes it also perfect for hanging on your stroller when you go for a walk.

5. A Boppy Nursing Pillow

A boppy nursing pillow - useful gifts for new moms

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A nursing pillow is a must-have, whether you breastfeed or bottlefeed. This will take the strain off your arm and will provide a comfortable place for the baby’s head to rest on. This is the boppy nursing pillow which has great ratings and has a lot of matching covers available on Amazon, so when you get this pillow, be sure to also get one of the many printed covers out there that she’ll like.

6. A Microfiber Hair Towel

a microfiber towel - luxury gifts for new moms

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This gift idea might sound a bit weird, but hear me out. As a new mom, you might not have a lot of time for yourself and showering might not always be a priority. So, if you can make it easier in any way possible, then you should. And this microfiber will help to dry your hair a lot quicker, and it’s easier to keep on your head than a normal towel. If you agree with this being a good gift for a new mom, then be sure to check out the many design options.

7.  A Handy Nursery Organizer & Caddy

a handy nursery organizer (gifts for first time expectant moms)

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A caddy like this will make it so much easier to get the diapers or to send someone to go and get it and bring back the right things straight away. Because by using a nursery organizer like this, you can have all the essentials in one place and carry it around the house with you to wherever you need it. So no more trying to carry everything at once on top of the baby (not literally, of course), instead, you just have this handy caddy to do it for you. And you can easily take it with you in the car if you’re going somewhere.

8. A Baby Sleeping Bag

a baby sleeping bags (gifts under $50 for mom)

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This type of sleeping bag is great for the first year of a baby’s life. Because we all know how good they are at kicking the covers away, and then waking up because they’re cold. You can simply prevent this from happening by using a sleeping bag like this. And you don’t have to worry about sheets, which can be a danger to newborns. This set comes in two different colors and a couple of different sizes for you to choose from.

9. A Foldable Changing Pad

a foldable changing pad as best baby gifts under $50

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To make it even easier for the new mom on the go, you can also get her a foldable changing pad. This way she can always carry a clean and safe changing pad with her, and is it possible to change the baby’s diaper on pretty much every surface. It’s great to keep in your car or to hang on the stroller. Either way, a great practical new mom gift idea that’s both useful and affordable.

10. An E-Reader: original gifts for new moms

an e-reader (new mom gifts)

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This might not seem like an obvious gift for new moms on the surface, however, it is extremely useful. If she enjoys reading, then she needs one of these, because, unlike traditional books, you only need one hand to hold it and turn a page. So, you can read while you’re nursing or holding your baby. There are a bunch of different e-readers available on Amazon, so take a look to see which one fits in your budget.

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11. A Comfy Pair of Slippers

comfy slippers as gifts for a new mom

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When you have a newborn you’ll be spending a lot of time walking around your house, whether it’s to calm the baby or getting stuff to take care of the baby. And one of the things any mom can use is a nice pair of slippers. These ones here are perfect for wintertime since they’re nice and fluffy. However, if they have a spring baby, then maybe take a look at more summery slipper options.

12. A Warm Water Bottle

a warm water bottle (new mom gifts under $50)

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Another great practical gift idea for new moms and for their babies is a nice water bottle. It’s great to have as a new mom to help some cramps and pain be a bit more bearable. On top of that, it is also a simple way to heat up the baby’s crib before putting the baby down for a nap. This one even comes with a comfy cover that you can take off to wash and makes it really comfortable to use.

13. A MAMA Necklace

a MAMA necklace - gift for new mom

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This affordable necklace that comes in a couple of different colors is a great example of affordable push presents for new moms. It’s a pretty necklace that is perfect for any new mom and will last them for years to come. You can also go with something more custom, for example with their name, though this one is just perfect for mamas. If you want to give something small and meaningful, this is a great choice.

14. A Digital Photo Frame

a digital photo frame; gifts for new mom

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This gift idea for new moms is especially great if they are going to get a lot of visitors who will want to see photos of the baby. So, instead of giving your phone to them, you can simply put up this frame as a handy way to show off the photos you want them to see. And on top of that, it’s also a great way to display family photos without having to go and get them printed out somewhere.

15. Pregnancy Flakes Bath Salts

pregnancy flakes bath salts (mommy to be gifts)

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This item on this gift guide for new moms is both for during the pregnancy and during the post-partum period. It’s a bag of bath salts that come in a couple of different scents, including an unscented version, and will help to relieve your muscle ache and other problems. It’s a great self-care item they can use whenever they need some time for themselves and can take a bath. Just make sure not to give it to someone who just had a c-section since it’s better for them to not take a soaking bath for a couple of weeks.

16. A Silk Sleeping Mask

a silk sleeping mask - gifts for mom to be

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You know that many people advise women to sleep when their baby sleeps, but that can be pretty challenging, especially in the middle of the day. You can maybe help them get in those extra hours of sleep with this handy silk sleeping mask that will make it seem like it’s night instead of the middle of the day. Of course, black-out curtains would work even better, but are a lot trickier to take with you on trips and such.

17.  Herbivore Coco Rose Skincare Set

herbivore skincare gift set - mommy to be gift ideas

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Skincare or self-care gifts are something you can’t really go wrong with and this skincare gift set is a great example of that. You get a body polish scrub, a hydrating lip mask, and a hydrating face mist. Depending on the year and their usual skin type they might need some hydration or something to keep the oil away, so be sure to know that before getting anything that wouldn’t work for a certain skin type.

18. A Tracker Water Bottle

a tracking water bottle (moms to be gifts)

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Staying hydrated is super important while you’re recovering from labor or breastfeeding. And this water bottle is a great way to make sure that you’re drinking enough water without having to really think about it. It fills up to 128 oz. of water which is equal to the recommended amount of water to drink as a new mom. It comes in a bunch of different colors and all you need to do is to fill it daily all the way to the top.

19. A Wake-Up Light

a wake-up light; best gift ideas for new mom

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This might seem like another unexpected addition to this new mom gift guide, however, it’s really useful for babies that really don’t wanna stick to a sleeping schedule. This can help to get them used to waking up when you want because most babies tend to rise with the sun, which can be pretty early during summertime. It can also help them wake up in time from naps or in the middle of the night for a feeding in time, instead of an unplanned and unexpected one.

20. A LightWeight Bathrobe

a lightweight robe: gift ideas for new moms under $50

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A nice robe is another great thing to get a new mom after birth because it’s easy to throw on, easy to wash and comfortable to boot. This one is lightweight, which means she won’t be too warm in it while also providing some coverage and comfort. It comes in a couple of different colors and sizes, if you don’t know what size to get, then size up because there’s no such thing as a robe that’s too big.

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I hope you found what you were looking for and are going to make one new mom very happy with a nice congratulatory present. Hopefully, these gifts for new moms answered the question of what the best gift is for a new mother that is both affordable and useful. If you want to make something from scratch yourself, then be sure to check out these handmade gift ideas, though be sure to start in time so that it’s ready by the time the baby arrives.

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