21 Best Gifts for Travelers to Take On a Trip

best gifts for travelers to take on a trip

Original and useful travel gifts that they’ll actually use. 

Did you know that there are a bunch of travel gadgets to make your trip easier and that most of them are great gifts for travelers or people who plan on going on a trip? Take a look at these travel gadgets that are great gift ideas for traveling. From handy backpacks to tiny wallets to keep your stuff safe on a trip. Find the best traveling gifts for men and women on this gift guide for travelers. Take a look and pick your favorite present for travelers on this travel gift list.

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1. Travel-Friendly Backpack

a travel-friendy backpack: gifts for travelers

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This backpack is the perfect gift for travelers because of its handy features, such as a strap to attach it to your luggage and a built-in USB charging port. And to make it even better, it also has a lock on it to ensure no one gets to steal your stuff while you’re on the road. Take a look at this affordable backpack, it is one of my favorite gifts for travelers. It also comes in a couple of other colors, so if you don’t like the grey, be sure to check those out.

2. A Scratch-Off World Map

a scratch-off world map (travel gifts)

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Keep track of where you’ve been and where you plan on going with this world map that will look great on your walls. This one is a map of the entire world, but you also have other maps for specific continents or the United States, if that’s what you would prefer. So take a look and see how many countries you could already scratch open on this world map and find out for yourself what a fun gift idea for travelers this can be.

3. A Power Bank The Sun Can Recharge

a power bank as gifts for long term travelers

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A power bank is a must if you’re traveling a lot, however, this power bank takes convenience a step further for those who are planning to do a lot of hiking or are going camping. It can actually charge itself using the sun with the fold-out solar panels. It is a lot slower than a regular socket, though a handy feature while off-the-grid. So if you are looking for a gift for hikers or people who aren’t always near a power source when traveling, then this might be the perfect gift to give from this gift guide for travelers.

4. A Foldable Travel Hairdryer

a foldable travel hairdryer; travel friendly gifts

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If you are traveling and have a power source nearby, then this travel hairdryer is a great item to bring along with you if you have long hair or prefer to use your hairdryer to style your hair in the morning. With this fold-up hairdryer, you have one with you wherever you go, which is handy because not everywhere you go there is a hairdryer. This one is already small and then it can still be folded in half when you want to pack it in your luggage. So a great hair tool to bring along with you on a trip.

5. Packing Cubes: travel gifts

packing cubes - good gifts for travelers

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Keep your bag organized and free of too much clutter by using a set of packing cubes. This set, in particular, has a lot of different sizes to play around with and it comes in a vast array of colors. You can choose this plain black and grey one, or one of the more bright and colorful options. Just take a look at the different options and pick your favorite as a set of gifts for travelers. It’s especially handy if you’re going to have to unpack and pack multiple times on a trip.

6. A Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

a kindle ereader (gifts for the traveler)

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A great way to reduce your luggage weight is by leaving behind those books and packing an e-reader instead. It’s a great way of having your favorites books with you wherever you go, yet not having to sacrifice space in your suitcase. This Kindle e-reader is compatible with Amazon, but if you want to use your local library to get your e-books from, then take a look around at which one is perfect for you. It’s great for on a flight because it’s really small and it can be used in whatever lighting or lack thereof there is.

7. A Handy Flexible Tripod

flexible tripod - travel gifts

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If you travel a lot on your own, then it can be hard to take pictures of yourself with the landscape without it being a selfie. Here’s a solution for that. A tripod that you can hook your phone or camera on and control from a distance. This way you get to take great photos with everyone in the picture. A great gift idea for solo travelers or for families that want to take some pictures with all members of the family in it without having to trust a stranger with your phone or camera.

8. A Worldwide Travel Power Adapter

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Traveling around the world comes with one huge disadvantage, namely the sockets, they’re all different. Luckily you can solve this problem by gifting a traveler this compact power adapter that will work in pretty much every country around the world. It also comes in a few other color options, but mostly its size is what makes it so versatile. So, if you know they’re going to be encountering a lot of weird power outlets, then this affordable gift idea is a great option to get.

9. An RFID Blocking Card Wallet

an RFID blocking wallet (best gifts for travelers)

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This wallet is tiny compared to what actually fits in it. With its cardholder holding up to five credit cards and it even has 2 additional card or cash slots. It fits in everyone’s pocket (even in women’s trousers) and comes in a bunch of colors and versions. This is great for anyone who wants to travel light but still wants to keep their credit cards and such protected whenever possible. And because of its size it’s easy to pop in your bag and difficult to steal.

10. Noise Cancelling Headphones

noise cancelling headphones as traveler's gift ideas

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This type of headphones is a great gift idea for travelers because it can block out all the sound when you’re, for example, trying to sleep on a plane or trying to just relax without having to crank up the volume on your phone. There are many different types of noise-canceling headphones in different price ranges, so take a look around and see for yourself which one is in your price class and which one you like best. This one here is probably one of the cheapest ones out there.

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11. 100 Hikes of a Lifetime

100 hikes of a lifetime - travelers gift ideas

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Hiking can be a great way to explore new places and seeing the beauty of nature without having to spend a lot of money. This book is filled with a hundred hikes from around the world that will show you some of the earth’s most beautiful areas and panoramas. So, if you know they enjoy going on hikes and being overall outdoorsy people while on a trip, then this is a great idea to add to your travel gift ideas. If you know where they’re going, then you can also get them a specific book for that area.

12. A Set of Fun Luggage Tags

a set of luggage tags as one of the best travel gifts

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A fun set of luggage tags is one of those gifts for travelers you can’t really go wrong with. This set comes in a couple of different options and styles for you to pick from. Another option is to get personalized tags, though they can get quite expensive if you know they carry more than one bag with them. This is one of those travel gift ideas that’s both fun, affordable, and practical. The fact that’s it’s a pretty small idea also makes them great stocking stuffers for Christmas.

13. A Travel Wrap and Scarf in One

a travel wrap and scarf in one (travellers gifts ideas)

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One of the best travel gifts for women is one of these scarves that are big enough to also use as a small blanket. This is perfect for taking with you on flights or to take with you on a train or bus. A scarf is easy to carry and because it’s so big you can use it as a wrap, a small blanket, or if bunched up as a pillow. This one comes in a couple of different colors and is great if you’re looking for something affordable. If you have the budget, then getting a cashmere one is a great option too.

14. A Portable Mini Espresso Maker

portable mini espresso maker - travelling gift ideas

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If you love your shot of espresso or coffee but also like to go camping or traveling off-the-grid, then this mini espresso maker is for you. There are a couple of different versions with this one being compatible with Nespresso cups, which are easy to take with you and pretty much available in all countries around the world. All you need is to pump it up to get it flowing, so no need to charge this thing in any way and you’ll still have your shot of caffeine.

15. A Portable Luggage Scale

a portable luggage scale; travelling gifts ideas

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If you travel a lot by plane and have to check in your baggage, then you probably know how much of a guessing game the weight of your bag can be. On the way to your destination you can use your scale at home, though once there and maybe having bought some stuff, you really have no idea. This small luggage scale is the perfect solution to that. So, pop it in your bag and you’re sure you won’t have to start unpacking your bags in the middle of the airport.

16. A Silk Sleeping Mask

a silk sleeping mask - gift ideas for a traveler

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Nothing is worse than being on a plane or on a trip and not being able to sleep because of the light. With this sleeping mask that’s soft and light-blocking, you won’t have that problem anymore. It’s super cheap and small to take with you and even comes in a couple of different colors, though the black one is probably the best option. Of course, only get this for people who can actually use it, as there are people who can’t stand the feeling of one of these.

17. A Handy Travel Toiletry Bag

a makeup and toiletry bag (gifts for the traveler woman)

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This toiletry or makeup bag is perfect for traveling, because it’s made to function as a cabinet when folded out and hung on a hook and will also function and look great when folded shut. It comes in a couple of different colors and sizes for you to choose from. This one here is one of the best travel gift ideas for her, though similar concept bags are also out there for men, of course. So, be sure to take a look to find out more about this handy makeup bag.

18. A Set of Travel Cocktail Kits

a set of cocktail kits as gifts for the traveler man

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Improve your drinks with these fun cocktail kits for on the go. Each kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your drink for your favorite cocktail. It’s a great gift for travelers who enjoy a good cocktail but don’t want to pay the ridiculous prices you sometimes have to pay for them abroad or in the airport. This set comes with four classic cocktails, though you can also get a bigger set or get separates and make the perfect combo for them.

19. On-The-Go Cutlery

on-the-go cutlery (best gifts for travellers)

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This is great for anyone who enjoys camping or just hates using cheap cutlery while on a trip. This set has everything you may possibly need and comes with a handy carrying case. It’s also great to take with you to work if you like. You can pick from a couple of different colors, including traditional silver and some more fun color options. Just keep in mind that they can take it with them in their carry-on luggage because of the whole knife situation.

20. A Water-Resistant Laptop Sleeve

a water-resistant laptop sleeve (gift ideas for travelers)

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A well-padded laptop sleeve is a must-have for any traveler. This one has some more great features which make these sleeves one of the best gifts for travelers who plan to take their laptop with them. The sleeve is water-resistant, so don’t worry if something spills a bit in your bag or on the plane. Another handy feature is its handle at the top which makes it a lot easier to take with you on its own. This one comes in a bunch of different sizes and colors so pick the one you think they will like best.

21. A Versatile Travel Pillow

a versatile travel pillow: one of the best travel gifts

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Travel pillows in general are just great travel gifts for men in women. However, most of them can be pretty big and unwieldy and can only be used in one position. This one, however, is easier to carry because of its shape and is much more versatile. It also comes in a couple of different colors and is great to make sleeping while on the road that bit more comfortable. So, if you’re planning on sleeping on a plane, bus, or train, this is a must-have.

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After scrolling through this travel gift guide, I hope you’ve found some great gift ideas for travelers that they can take with them on their next trip. If you want to make it even more personal, then check out these fun travel DIY’s that are perfect for someone who is planning to travel a lot or has already done so.

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