18 Best Gifts for Shoe Lovers & Sneakerheads under $20

Gifts for Shoe Lovers & Sneakerheads

Great shoe lover gifts for sneakerheads and shoe lovers. 

Looking for the perfect gifts for shoe lovers? Then take a look at this shoe lover gift guide filled with fun, original and affordable gifts for sneakerheads and shoe lovers. From novelty items to more practical presents, you will have some great ideas of what to get a sneaker lover or shoe lover as a gift. So check out this sneakerhead gift guide and find the perfect gift to give!

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1. A Page-A-Day Calendar

a page-a-day calendar: gifts for shoe lovers

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If you’re looking for an original gift idea for a shoe lover that loves heels, then this page-a-day calendar is a great gift to give. It includes a page for every day of the year with a gorgeous picture and some info on it about the shoe, design, and history behind it. Be sure to check and see if the year of the calendar is the most recent one when you decide to get this gift. This isn’t really a gift for sneakerhead because the shoes are primarily high heels.

2. Nike Air Jordan AirPods Case

Nike Air Jordan Airpods Case by JDMTuning on Etsy - gifts for shoe lovers guys

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One of the best gifts for sneakerheads is one of these AirPods cases by JDMTuning on Etsy if they own a pair of AirPods. It’s a fun and affordable gift idea that’s perfect for anyone who loves sneakers and is really into the Nike Air Jordans. So, if you’re looking for something to give a sneaker lover, then this is a great idea. And to make it even better, you get to pick one of the colors they offer that you think they will like best, with the grey one being a great neutral option.

3. A Piggy Bank for Your Shoe Fund

a shoe piggy bank as shoe lover gifts

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A fun and cheeky gift idea for shoe lovers is a piggy bank to serve as their place to build up their shoe fund for the next pair. This one, in particular, is great to have on a dresser or in your wardrobe. It isn’t too flashy, yet also gets the message of its purpose across. There are a couple of different versions of this piggy bank available on Amazon, so if you don’t like this one, be sure to take a look around at the other options for gifts for shoe lovers.

4. A Shoe and Sneaker Care Kit

a shoe and sneaker care kit (sneaker lover gifts)

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A good care kit for your shoes and sneakers is a must-have to prolong the life of your favorite shoes. This set comes with all the essentials you need to polish and maintain different types of shoes. This set is a great gift idea for male as well as female shoe lovers because it focuses mostly on the material of the shoes, which is the same across the genders. You can actually pick from a couple of different sets with each having a different combination of shoe care products.

5. Foam Boot Shapers

foam boot shapers - shoe lover gifts

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If you love a good boot, then you know how tricky it can be to keep the shafts from creasing when you store them. This problem is easily solved with these adjustable foam boot shapers. You get a set of several ones in different colors, that you can cut down to size. And if you don’t like this colorful set, don’t worry there is also a set of purely black shapers. This set is great because you can also store them easily while they’re not in an actual boot.

6. Odor-Killing Charcoal Bags

odor-killing charcoal bags; gifts for shoe lovers guys

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No one likes smelly shoes, no matter if they’re sneakers or pumps, it’s one of those unavoidable things that’ll happen. Luckily you can eliminate the worst of the smell with these handy charcoal bags, put them in your sneakers, boots, or pumps and the smell will be taken away. Another tip is to hang them in your shoe storage, to keep the area from getting smelly. All of this makes this one of the best gifts for sneakerheads and shoe lovers and if you want you can even try to make them yourself, though if they’re cheaper that way isn’t sure.

7. A Converse Sneaker Key Chain

a converse sneaker keychain (gifts for sneakerheads)

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This converse sneaker key chain is just one of the many shoe-themed keychains out there that are all great shoe gifts for sneaker lovers and shoe lovers in general. I mean, there are even crocs keychains, though let’s pretend they don’t exist for now. This keychain here is perfect for anyone who loved these iconic shoes and is a great small cheap gift to possibly add to a nice gift basket or as just a small gift idea. It even comes in a bunch of different colors.

8. A Shoe Coffee Table Book

vogue shoe coffee table book; gifts for shoe lovers

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If you love a good pair of heels and are interested in finding out more about the fashion of the past couple of decades when it comes to your footwear, then this book is a great gift to get. This is a gorgeous hardcover book filled with pictures and background info about iconic pairs of heals. It’s a great book to thumb through and will look great in your interior. This coffee table book is a great gift idea for shoe lovers, though not necessarily for sneakerheads.

9. Clear Shoe Boxes: shoe lover gifts

clear shoe boxes as sneaker lover gifts

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Want to find an affordable way to keep your shoes organized? Then check out these stackable shoe boxes. They are great because of their price and practicality and when you don’t use them, they can be folded down flat to be easily packed away. All in all, these shoe storage boxes are great affordable gifts for shoe lovers who have a lot of shoes to organize. The fact that they’re clear makes them perfect and nice to look at. They come in a couple of different versions depending on your shoe size and shoe type.

10. A Shoe Lover Mug

shoe mug; gift ideas for shoe lovers

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A novelty mug is always a fun gift to give. You can fill it with some candy or chocolate and you have a great original gift to give a shoe lover. This mug has a fun quote on it to remind people about your priorities in life and how shoes are also something important if you love them. So, if you’re looking for something funny and slightly ridiculous, then this mug is a great choice. If they’re more into sneakers, then check out the other mugs on Amazon.

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11. Travel Bags for Your Shoes

shoe travel bags - shoe gifts

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Are you looking for a gift idea for a shoe lover who travels a lot? Then this set of shoe bags are the perfect option. These bags are waterproof and will protect your shoes and sneakers as well as protect your clothes from your shoes. Keep your favorite sneakers and shoes with you wherever you go with these shoe bags. All in all, these shoe travel bags are great gifts for sneakerheads and shoe lovers in general.

12. A Set of Shoehorns: A shoo-in for a sneakerhead gift

a set of shoe horns as gifts for sneaker lovers

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A great affordable addition to this list of gift ideas for shoe lovers is a set of shoehorns. Yes, it’s a pretty basic item, but great to have when you have several different shoes. This set comes with shoehorns in a couple of different sizes, with the small one being perfect to take with you wherever you go. So, yes this is a basic and more practical gift, but a great gift idea for shoe lovers nonetheless. And especially people who wear a lot of sneakers will appreciate this to protect the back of their shoes.

13. A Bunch of Vinyl Sneaker Stickers

vinyl sneaker stickers (gifts for sneakerheads)

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Another smaller gift idea for sneakerheads is this pack of vinyl waterproof stickers of a bunch of different sneakers. These are great to put on a water bottle, suitcase, or laptop to add some fun to them. You get about fifty different stickers of some of the most iconic sneakers out there. So, you can even pick which sneakers you like best and use those stickers. This is especially great for teens who love their sneakers to decorate their stuff with.

14. Personalized Metal Shoelace Tags

Personalized metal shoe tags by OakdeneDesigns on Etsy - best gift for sneakerhead

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If you’re looking for something custom, then these personalized metal shoelace tags by OakdeneDesigns on Etsy are a great option. You simply thread your shoelace through them before lacing up your shoe. It’s a fun and subtle way to personalize your shoes without doing any permanent damage to the shoe. You can get it engraved with whatever you want as long as it’s under 15 characters. You can even get two different ones if you like.

15. Nike Air Jordan Patent Prints

Nike Air Jordan patent prints as gifts for male shoe lovers

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One of the best gifts for sneakerheads is this set of patents prints of Nike Air Jordans. It’s a more subtle way to express your love for sneakers while also adding a personal touch to your home. This is perfect for anyone who loves these Jordan sneakers and would love to own a pair or maybe even do. This is a pretty affordable gift that you can make even cheaper if you have the time to find the print itself online and print it out on the paper of your choice, though that will be a bit more work.

16. A Set of High Heel Magnets

high heel magnets - christmas gifts for shoe lovers

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Are you looking for something small and cute to give a high-heel lover? Then this set of pump-shaped magnets are a great choice. They’re tiny red shoes you can use on your fridge or on a whiteboard and would look great in anyone’s office to add a pop of color and personalization without having to change all that much. So, if you think she’d like this, then be sure to check out this shoe lover gift idea on Amazon that is pretty cheap.

17. Sneaker Freaker: Book for sneakerheads

sneaker freaker book; shoe gift ideas

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Now if you’re looking for an amazing gift idea for a sneakerhead, then a book all about sneakers is a great place to start. This book is filled with iconic sneakers and information about the history of some of them. This book is a lot of fun to leaf through because of the many pictures while also being an interesting read because of the plethora of information you can find in it. The hardcover version is probably the best to get, though it is a bit more expensive.

18. A Pack of Sneaker Wipes

a pack of sneaker wipes (best gifts for sneakerheads)

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One of the biggest struggles for shoe lovers and sneakerheads is to keep your shoes clean and looking pristine. These sneaker wipes are a great way to make that struggle a bit easier and are therefore on this sneakerhead gift guide. You can easily pack them in your bag or keep them in your car for on the go while also providing a simple and quick way to fix a small smudge on your shoes. They’re great for sneakers as long as they’re not made from suede leather.

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Now you hopefully have a great gift idea in mind and know what to get the shoe lover or sneaker lover as a gift. These are all really affordable shoe gifts for sneakerheads and shoe lovers that are sure to make them very happy. Another great idea is to get them a gift card for their favorite shoe store as an alternative if you don’t know what to get.

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