21 Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids & Toddlers

valentine's day gifts for kids & toddlers

Affordable and cheap Valentine gifts for toddlers and children. 

Are you looking for fun Valentine’s day gifts for kids, then take a look at this Valentine’s gift guide for kids and toddlers. Here you’ll find affordable and cheap Valentine’s gifts for toddlers and kids that any child would love to get. So take a look and find fun valentines on this affordable Valentine’s day gift guide for kids. (Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links for which I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase)

1. A Unicorn Baking Set

a unicorn baking set - valentines day gifts for kids

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This baking set comes with all the essentials needed to make unicorn-themed cookies and unicorn cupcakes. This set is a great Valentine’s day gift for kids who love to mess around in the kitchen and love unicorns (and who doesn’t?) Just make sure that there is someone to help them in the kitchen and you’re ready to make the most magical sweets for Valentine’s day or any other day. If you’re more into mermaids, then you can even get this set in that theme as well.

2. An Adorable Donut Puzzle

adorable donut puzzle (valentine gifts for toddlers)

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This donut puzzle is a great Valentine’s day gift for kids because even though it has 300 pieces, it’s relatively easy. Just think of each donut as a different puzzle on its own. None of the donut colors and patterns match which makes the puzzle so doable. It’s not only a fun activity, but the end result will also look great in a frame on the wall. You could even do it with a toddler if you help and let them match the colors. So, if they love puzzles, this is a great option.

3. An Animal Bathrobe to Snuggle In

an animal bathrobe; toddler valentines gifts

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Another great addition to this list of Valentine’s day gifts for toddlers and kids is one of these animal bathrobes that are just soo soft and cute. They come in a couple of different animal versions and a bunch of different sizes. Even if you’re not too tall yourself, you could get one for yourself if you think they’re too cute to resist. These bathrobes are a great present for kids during the winter times when it can get pretty cold after a bath.

4. Cute Squishy Slime

cute squishy slime as valentine's gifts for grandchildren

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Slime is a popular thing to give to kids, and this slime is also cute on top of that. It comes with sprinkles you can add and in a fun color and container that turns a pot of slime into a great gift idea. There are a couple of different variations of this slime on amazon, so take a look around if you don’t like this color. This is a great easy activity to keep kids or toddlers entertained for a bit while also having a pretty gift for valentine’s day to give them.

5. A Llama Heating Pad

a llama heating pad - amazon valentine gifts for toddlers

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Can you imagine being sick, and instead of getting a warm water bottle or a heating pad getting a stuffed animal instead? Because that’s what this is, you can get a stuffed animal that also functions as a heating pad as a great gift idea for kids and toddlers. You can heat it up in the microwave and will bring that extra level of comfort to a sick child. It’s also great to heat up the bed ahead of bedtime during the cold winter months. All of this makes this stuffed animal one of the best Valentine’s gifts for toddlers.

6. A Funny & Charming Coin Purse

a funny coin purse - valentines day gifts for kids

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Are you looking for a funny Valentine’s gift for kids that is the perfect kind of humor for that age? Then take a look at this adorable coin purse that will make any kid smile on Valentine’s day. It’s a relatively cheap valentine’s day gift for kids, so you can even add in some candy to turn this into the most adorable Valentine’s day gift ever. So, take a look and pick the version you like best. Just make sure that their parents will also find it funny.

7. A Play-Doh Party Bag

a play-doh party bag as preschool valentine gift ideas

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Do they love playing with Play-Doh? Then giving them this party bag filled with a bunch of different colors in smaller tins will be a great way to add some new colors to their collection or a great gift to take with them on holiday or trips. Different pots of Play-Doh is one of the best toddler Valentine gifts that any kindergartener will love to get. So, take a look around on Amazon a the many different Play-Doh kits and sets.

8. A Delicious Sushi Card Game

a sushi card game (toddler valentines gifts)

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This card game is a great Valentine’s day gift idea for kids who are a bit older. It’s a card game from the age of 8 and up and is a great game to play together or bring along with you on a trip. On top of the fun, it also looks adorable and can serve as a more gender-neutral valentine to give a child. So, if you’re looking for a fun and affordable gift for valentine’s day, then this is a great option. Fun card games are always great gift ideas for kids.

9. A Cute Pompom Hat

a cute pompom hat; valentine's day gifts for kids

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Another Valentine gift for toddlers is this adorable pompom hat. It comes in a couple of different sizes and is just too cute to resist. It’ll keep your toddler’s ears warm during the winter months and makes them look even more adorable than they already do. A hat for the cold or a nice scarf is always a great and cheap valentine for kids because it’s so practical and generally a very affordable gift idea. This hat also comes in a bunch of other colors if the pink isn’t really your thing.

10. A Set of Adorable Animal Socks

a set of adorable animal socks as valentines gifts for toddler

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One of the most traditional gifts to get anyone for Valentine’s day is a set of socks, and to make it even better, these are adorable animal socks. This set of socks comes in a couple of different versions, but this one is great as a Valentine’s day gift for a girl. It’s also a very affordable and cheap Valentine’s gift for kids, so be sure to take a look. It also comes in some other colors and designs, including some brighter options if you like those more.

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11. A Precious Picture Book About Coming Home

I'll love you till the cows come home (book) - valentines gift ideas for kids

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If you’re looking for one of the best Valentine’s day gifts for kids that will last for years, then a picture book is a great gift to give. This book, in particular, is all about coming home and family, which is also a type of love to center during Valentine’s day. It’s a great story about love and perfect for any kid to listen to. So be sure to check this book out on amazon.com. Of course, there are also a bunch of other sweet books that would be perfect for the holiday as well.

12. Wooden Heart Magnets Craft Kit

a wooden heart magnets craft kit (valentines day gift ideas for kids)

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If you’re looking for fun Valentine’s day crafts for kids or toddlers, then this kit to decorate your own wooden heart-shaped magnets is a great gift to get. You get everything you need to decorate them from scratch, but if you want you can also use other crafting supplies you have at home. This is a great example of a fun and easy Valentine’s day craft kit for kids that isn’t too difficult or expensive and also results in a fun set of magnets.

13. Adorable Hearts Pajamas for Kids and Toddlers

adorable pajamas set - valentine gift ideas for toddlers

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This two-set pajamas set is so adorable because it has a matching set for their doll. It comes in a couple of different colors and designs with the hearts ones being perfect for Valentine’s. It has a really wide size range, so you can use these pajamas as Valentine’s gifts for kids and toddlers. This gift idea is particularly great for girls who love playing with their dolls, as they can now wear the same outfit to go to sleep.

14. A Heart-Shaped Throw Pillow

a heart-shaped pillow: valentines gifts for kids

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A cute heart-shaped throw pillow is another great addition to this Valentine’s day gift guide for kids. It’s a great addition to any little girl’s bedroom whether you use it as a piece of decor on a shelf or chair or as an extra pillow to keep in their bed. There are a bunch of fun-shaped pillows out there on Amazon with the heart ones being an obvious choice for the holiday. Make sure to check out how to wash it before giving it to a really small child.

15. A Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle

a personalized name puzzle as one of the best valentines day gifts for toddlers

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This is probably one of my favorite Valentine gifts for toddlers on this list. You can get a custom puzzle of their name and with this one, you can even pick the color scheme. You can pick between eight different color schemes from bright colors to pretty pink pastels. Either way, whether it’s a gift for your son or daughter, this is a great idea. And depending on the length of the name, the price will be different, so you’re lucky if they have a shorter name.

16. Heart Sunglasses: Valentine’s day gifts for kids

hearts sunglasses - valentines gifts for toddlers

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If you’re looking for something adorable for a kids valentine’s day gifts, then these sunglasses are a great choice. They come in a couple of different colors, with some having a slightly different design. Though, all of them are the iconic heart shape that is what makes these such perfect presents. So, take a look and see if her favorite color is available. Personally, the pastel pink and mint green ones are my favorite options that are also perfect for spring.

17. Little Blue Truck’s Valentine

Little Blue Trucks's Valentine book; valentine's day gift ideas for kids

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Don’t know what to get your son for Valentine’s day? Well, this book is perfect for boys and girls who are more into trucks than into the more stereotypically girly things that you tend to find for Valentine’s day. It’s a fun picture book that’s a great nighttime story to read and is all about a little blue truck that delivers Valentine’s day cards to all his animal friends on the farm. It’s a colorful book that’s both adorable and fun for little boys and girls.

18. Teddy Bear Crayons

Teddy Bear crayons (valentine's day gifts for children)

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These adorable teddy bear crayons are still on theme for Valentine’s day, but they’re not the predictable heart shape that most boys wouldn’t like at a certain age. You get a set of ten different colored crayons to play and draw with. They’re especially great for toddlers because they’re a bit bigger and chubbier than normal crayons and the shape makes it easier to hold them. So, these ones are pretty great gift ideas for toddlers for Valentine’s day.

19. An Adorable Apron Set

an adorable apron set - valentine gift ideas for kids

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Does your little one love to help you in the kitchen? Then this adorable apron and chef’s hat set is a great and fun gift idea for Valentine to get. It comes in a couple of different colors and designs for you to choose from, so you can get something that they’ll surely like. Of course, the red strawberry one is perfect for Valentine’s day because the strawberries look a bit like hearts and the color is just perfect. So, if you like this idea, be sure to check out the fun option.

20. On-Theme Rain Boots

on-theme rain boots as valentine gifts for kids

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In most parts of the world, spring doesn’t only bring sunshine but it also brings a lot of rain. This pair of boots is perfect for toddlers and small kids and the heart print makes them great gifts for Valentine for young children. The loops at the top also make it a lot easier for kids to put them on themselves and make it possible to hang them up somewhere to dry. If you don’t like the hearts, then be sure to check out the many other designs it comes in.

21. A Cuddly Care Bear

a cuddly care bear - kids valentine's day gifts

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This final addition to this list of Valentine’s day gifts for kids and toddlers is an adorable Care Bear. It comes in a couple of different versions, with the Tenderheart being the obvious choice for the holiday. On Amazon, there are also some different-sized bears out there, so take a look around and find the perfect Carebear for your son or daughter. All in all, these are great timeless kids gifts for Valentine’s day.

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Now you’ve hopefully found the perfect Valentine’s day gifts for kids. All of these gift ideas are relatively affordable and some are just really cheap valentines for kids & toddlers. If you’re looking for even more Valentine’s day gifts for toddlers and children, then maybe checking out this post of DIY Valentine gifts for kids is a great place to start. Either way, I hope you now have some great Valentine’s gift ideas for kids in mind for this year.

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