23 Great Eco-Friendly Gifts for Environmentalists

eco-friendly gifts for environmentalists

Find the best sustainable gift ideas for environmentalists. 

Looking for a gift that’s both fun and good for the environment, or at least not harmful to it? Then take a look at this eco-friendly gift guide filled with sustainable gifts for environmentalists. These eco-friendly gifts will all help to reduce the amount of waste you make and ensure that you’re living a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s the perfect place to find ideas if you’re looking for low-waste and reusable gifts that are stylish, fun, and sustainable at the same time, so take a look.

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1. A Set of Eco-Friendly Glass Food Containers

glass food containers as gifts for environmentalists

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This set of twenty-four food containers doesn’t only look great but is also affordable and good for the environment. It is especially sustainable and environmentally friendly because it’s made from glass, which is much more durable and less likely to have to throw out after a couple of years. You’ll also save water by having to do fewer dishes, because the glass containers can be put straight into the oven or microwave. So if you are looking for practical eco-friendly gifts for environmentalists, then this set of food containers is a great idea.

2. A Recycled Dotted Notebook

A recycled planner/notebook: gifts for climate change enthusiasts

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A nice more affordable eco-friendly present is this notebook made from recycled materials. It even comes in a couple of different colors and is dotted inside, so perfect for journaling and planning. A notebook is something everyone can use and this one makes sure that no trees were chopped, just so you could write down a to-do list that you’ll probably never get round to. It’s a simple, but effective gift that they’ll surely love and actually use.

3. Sustainable Produce Bags to Prevent Waste While Shopping

reusable produce bags: gifts for someone who cares about the environment

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Another way of preventing plastic waste is by using these produce bags when you go grocery shopping. They’re made from sustainable cotton and come with a tag that shows you how much the bag weighs. The set is really affordable and a great sustainable gift idea because of its usefulness in everyday life. This is especially a good gift for environmentalist moms and dads. You can buy loads of healthy fruit and veggies without worrying about the packaging.

4. An Easy and Eco-Friendly French Coffee Press

a recyclable coffee press (sustainable gifts)

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A French coffee press in itself is already a very eco-friendly gift to give, because it doesn’t need any electricity and you’re not going to Starbucks. However, this french press takes it even a step further because it has an insulated wall and is pretty much entirely recyclable because it’s made from stainless steel. So, it will keep your coffee warmer for longer and if you ever do decide to get rid of it, the parts are recyclable. If you want a glass one, because they are a bit easier in upkeep and more satisfying to look at, then try to find one that’s double-walled to provide that extra insulation.

5. Reusable Coffee Cup to Stop Using Disposable Cups

collapsibla cup as one of the best gifts for environmentalists 2021

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If you still want to be able to go and get coffee from somewhere, then another solution is to use a sustainable cup like this one that’s made from recycled materials. You can take it along and get it filled at your favorite coffee place. This way, you still get to enjoy your favorite coffee without making unnecessary waste. This cup comes in a bunch of different sizes and colors for you to pick from. The fact that it’s collapsible and can just fit into any bag you have makes an even better sustainable gift idea for environmentalists.

6. A Handy Countertop Compost Bin

a countertop compost bin: gifts that help the environment

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It’s impossible to have no waste in your life, however, you can do your best to recycle as much as possible. A small compost bin like this is one of the best eco-friendly gifts for environmentalists who live in a small apartment. It’ll fit in your kitchen and allows you to properly recycle your food waste. This one comes in four different colors on Amazon, so take a look to see which one you like best. It’s even small enough to fit in most fridges, so if you want to keep your compost from getting smelly during winter, then that’s an option as well with this countertop compost bin.

7. Glass Straws to Reduce Your Plastic Waste

glass straws - great gifts for environmentalists

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Plastic straws are well-known for being terrible for marine life. So if you still want to use straws, then you have the option of using reusable ones. These ones are glass, so they don’t feel as cold as metal ones and it’s easier to see if you properly cleaned them out. You also have plastic options out there that you can wash. I think these straws are really good sustainable gifts for parents with small kids, or people who just like to use straws. They’re also made in the US, so there wasn’t a long shipping history for these straws to be made.

8. Comfy & Sustainable Toms Slippers

A pair of Toms slippers (best gifts for environmentalists)

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Toms is a brand that’s pretty well-known for its efforts towards sustainability and charity work. This pair of slip-on slippers is a great gift on this list of sustainable and eco-friendly gifts for environmentalists. If you don’t like these ones, there are so many other versions of Tom’s shoes and slippers available on Amazon, so take a look around. Even these ones come in a bunch of different colors and sizes, so find the one that you think they’ll like best.

9. A Set of Reusable Zip Lock Bags

a set of reusable ziplock bags; gift ideas for environmentalists

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Everyone knows how handy zip lock bags are in the kitchen or to store snacks in for your kids. However, they are also very clearly not great for the environment. Luckily, there’s an alternative out there. These zip lock bags are reusable and made out of durable plastic. So just rinse them out after using and they’re ready to go again. A set of these is a great and affordable gift for people who like to freeze meals ahead, but don’t have loads of space. I think this is probably one of the most practical and useful eco-friendly gifts on this sustainable gift guide.

10. A Practical and Durable Bento Boxa durable bento box - gifts for environmentalist

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Bento boxes are great for meal prepping, and meal prepping is better for the environment by reducing food waste. And on top of the meal-prepping advantage, you’re also not using plastic bags for your sandwiches or meals. So if you’re looking for a sustainable gift, then a bento box, or other lunch box is a great sustainable gift idea to get. You can get them in different sizes and colors, depending on the person it is for. So, be sure to check out all the options available on Amazon.

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11. Eco-Friendly Makeup Remover Pads

gifts for the environmentalist: reusable cotton rounds

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If you want to find a sustainable gift for an environmentalist who loves makeup, then these cotton wipes pads might just be the perfect gift idea. They are made out of sustainable cotton and can be washed again and again. So no more throwing away cotton pads after one use. I think these reusable makeup removers are a great gift idea for environmentalists who love makeup but not the amount of waste that comes with it. I use these, and they’re actually better at removing makeup than your average cotton round.

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12. A Market Basket and Backpack

A palm leaf basket and backpack - best eco friendly gifts

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A great basket to take with you to the farmer’s market is already a great gift for environmentalists. However, this basket also transforms into a backpack. The loops allow you to keep it closed and to wear it on your back when the produce gets heavy. It’s one of my favorite eco-friendly gifts, because it’s pretty practical and handmade. It comes in two different colors and just looks amazing, especially when it’s filled up with fresh fruit and veg.

13. A Human+Kind Body Wash Gift Set

what to buy an environmentalist? Human+Kind sustainable skin care

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Human+Kind is a skincare company that’s available on Amazon and offers products that are ethically sourced and use sustainable ingredients. This gift set has three different products from them to try out and you can be sure that the products aren’t made by people who are exploited in different countries and that the sourcing of the ingredients is actually sustainable. So, if you want to introduce your environmentalist friend to this brand, then be sure to check them out.

14. A Pretty Bee House to Save the Bees

a pretty bee house: eco-friendly housewarming gifts

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I think everyone knows by now how important bees are for the environment and that their numbers are decreasing because of urbanization. This bee box is thus a great eco-friendly gift to help you do your bit for the bees. You can put it somewhere in your garden to give bees a ready-to-go hive they can nest in. There are lots of bee houses out there, but some don’t have the right size or material for bees to actually survive in. So, if you like a different model better, be sure to check what bees actually need in a bee house.

15. A Bio-Degradable Phone Case

a bio-degradable phone case: eco friendly gifts amazon

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A bio-degradable phone case like this is another great addition to this sustainable gift guide for environmentalists. It comes in a bunch of different colors and designs, so pick the one you think they’ll like best. It’s made from plants and is actually compostable once you don’t use it anymore. There are some other brands out there that offer these kinds of cases, though this one is great because their packaging is also eco-friendly. Unlike some other brands that package their cases in plastic and styrophome.

16. The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide

the sustainable living guide (environmentally friendly gifts)

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Have they become environmentalists relatively recent, then this book on how to make small changes to your life to make it more sustainable is a great gift idea. Its more than 300 pages are filled with advice and tips you can slowly incorporate into your life. It’s also practical enough to know that just a couple of changes is already a great place to start, because for some of us a truly sustainable life isn’t necessarily achievable, definitely not when you’re on a budget. All in all, a great guide for a more sustainable life.

17. A Set of Fun and Eco-Friendly Soaps

a set of fun soaps (environmentalist gifts)

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With this set of pretty soaps, it’s not just the soaps that are eco-friendly the box and bio-degradable film make sure that even the packaging is sustainable. Most eco-friendly soaps aren’t always that pretty, this brand offers a bunch of fun themed soaps. So, whether you’re looking for eco-friendly gifts for her or him, a set of their soaps sure to be a good plan. For example, they also offer a pizza-shaped soap. So, these are just great gifts for environmentalists.

18. A Set of Socks Made from Plastic Bottles

socks made from recycled bottles: green gifts under 10

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A set of socks is one of those gifts you can’t really go wrong with. And these are actually made from recycled bottles. They come in a bunch of different colors and styles, so be sure to check out these sustainable gifts on Amazon. It’s a simple gift that’s perfect for under the Christmas tree or to stuff into a stocking. Because that would be the ultimate inception: a sock in what’s basically another sock. This set has two pairs of socks and you can pick from a couple of different colors, so check them out if you like this present.

19. A Set of Handmade Recycled Coasters

recycled newspaper coasters ByAmberAndRose on Etsy - gifts for environmentalists

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You can get one of these sets of coasters made from recycled coasters from ByAmberAndRose on Etsy. You can pick from a couple of different color palettes and they come with a matching coaster, also made from recycled materials. These coasters are great eco-friendly housewarming gifts to give an environmentalist. Just make sure to order them in time, since the shipping can take a bit longer than normal, because they ship from the UK.

20. A Reusable Water Bottle Using Recycled Plastic

a recycled and recyclable water bottle as one of the best eco friendly gifts on Amazon

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Drinking tap water and getting rid of one-use water bottles is an easy way to do your part. This bottle will not only help you with that, but the fabrication of it is also eco-friendly, using recycled plastic for the outside insular layer. The inside is stainless steel and it will keep your drink hot or cold for a good long while. It is a bit more expensive, but the fact that it doesn’t use any ‘first-time’ plastic is a big plus. On top of that, the bottle is made in such a way, that you can recycle the entire bottle at the end of its life. So, a great sustainable option for environmentalists.

21. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

an indoor herb garden - gifts for environmentalist

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If they don’t have the space for a veggie patch, but would love to grow their own food, then getting them this indoor herb garden gift box is a great gift to get them started. It comes with everything you need to grow some basic herbs without the need of any outside space. It’s one of the best gifts for environmentalists who live in an apartment or in the city, where there’s not exactly a lot of space to grow your own herbs or vegetables. And herbs are a great type of plant to get started with.

22. A Set of Recycled Drinking Glasses

recycled water glasses: eco friendly housewarming gifts

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You can probably guess what these glasses are made from. They’re cut-offs of wine bottles and are just a great gift set. You can pick between two sizes and you’ll get a different unpredictable combination of colors each time. It’s a great eco-friendly gift that they’ll love, and the packaging is just so much fun as well. So, if you’re looking for something that’s pretty and useful at the same time, then this is a great option, even someone who isn’t super eco-friendly would love to get these glasses.

23. A Handy Canvas Tote Bag

a canvas tote (environmentally friendly gifts)

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The one thing that of course couldn’t be missing from this eco-friendly gift guide is a fun canvas tote bag. This one comes in a bunch of different fun designs to choose from and is a great gift idea for environmentalists, because you can never have too many reusable grocery bags. I mean, you want to stuff one in all the bags you have to make sure you never have to use single-use bags in the store. So, be sure to take a look at the fun designs available on Amazon to see which one they would like best.

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I hope you found some fun and original sustainable presents on this list of eco-friendly gifts for environmentalists. All that’s left is to wrap it up. To properly finish your gift off, it’s also important to make sure the wrapping or packaging is sustainable, take a look at these tips for sustainable gift wrapping.

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