18 Cute Easter Gifts for Your Girlfriend

easter gifts for your girlfriend

Original Easter gifts for women. 

Are you looking for the best Easter gifts for your girlfriend? Then check out this Easter gift guide for her filled with cute gift ideas that your girlfriend will love. These are all Easter-themed gifts that are also great Easter basket ideas for your girlfriend to use to fill an Easter basket with. So take a look and find the perfect cute Easter gift ideas for your girlfriend.

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1. Small Easter Soaps

a set of cute Easter bunny soaps: easter gifts for girlfriend

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The first gift idea on this Easter gift guide is great to give your girlfriend as is, or to add them to an Easter basket for your girlfriend. These easter-themed soaps are both cute and affordable. You can get this set of four handmade easter bunnies in pretty pastel colors from Amazon. These small soap pieces are great gift ideas for easter because of their shape (obviously), but also because of their lovely pastel colors. They’re just the perfect small Easter gifts for a girlfriend.

2. A Pair of Bunny-Shaped Earrings

a pair of bunny shaped earrings (easter basket ideas for girlfriend)

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A set of cute earrings is always a great gift idea for a girlfriend. This set is especially great because of its relatively subtle Easter theme. These bunny earrings are sterling silver and too cute to resist. So if you’re looking for a small but gorgeous easter gift idea for your girlfriend, then these earrings are a great affordable option. They’re tiny studs and just so adorable and she can wear them even when it’s not Easter because they’re so subtle.

3. A Fun Picnic Basket for An Easter Date

a fun picnic basket for spring: easter basket for girlfriend

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Easter is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy the spring weather by having a lovely picnic, and you can turn that activity into a gift and date all in one. A pretty wicker picnic basket just has that touch of whimsey that’s perfect for Easter and they’re practical to have if you live near a park or somewhere perfect to have the occasional picnic. Just make sure to fill the basket or bag beforehand with everything you’ll need from chocolate to cake or croissants to make sure that this is the perfect Easter date.

4. A Cute Hidden Bunny Mug

a cute hidden bunny mug - easter ideas for girlfriend

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Are you looking for an affordable and cute easter gift idea for your girlfriend? Then this mug with an adorable hidden bunny at the bottom might just be the perfect gift to give. These kinds of mugs are so cute to get, but are also really practical, because everyone can use a good mug. This mug is a pretty big size, so perfect for tea drinkers or coffee addicts. No matter what their drink of choice is, your girlfriend will love this mug. Pair it with her favorite tea or hot chocolate and you have a great gift to give.

5. Pastel Gel Nail Polishes for Spring

A set of pastel nail polishes as easter gift ideas for girlfriend

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This easter present for your girlfriend is another great one to include in an easter basket. This set of neutral and pastelly gel nail polishes is really affordable and includes a lot of great colors for spring. All in all, great easter basket ideas for girlfriends. This set comes in a couple of color combinations from more vibrant colors to more blues and purples, so if this pastel set isn’t for you, then be sure to take a look at the other options offered. You can also choose to get this set as a set of easter gifts for your girlfriend as it is. So either way, this is a great gift idea that she’ll surely love and use. Just make sure that she already uses gel polish and has the equipment to cure or set them.

6. Easter Cookie Cutters

a set of cute Easter cookie cutters: easter gift for girlfriend

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Another great Easter present on this list of Easter gifts for your girlfriend is this set of cookie cutters. These cookie cutters are alls perfectly shaped for Easter cookies. The shapes range from different bunny shapes, easter eggs, and flowers. Add some pastel-colored icing and you have the perfect cookies for Easter. So if your girlfriend likes to bake cookies, especially sugar cookies, then she’ll love this gift. You can also use them to make cookies for her, though you need some skill to get them as pretty as in the picture above, but she’ll love that you tried. Or you can get stuck in together of course, which is probably the best option.

7. A Stuffed Easter Bunny Heating Pad

a stuffed bunny heating pad - what to get your girlfriend for easter

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I know, you might think that getting your girlfriend a stuffed animal isn’t the most original gift idea. However, this bunny also serves as a heating pad that you can warm up in the microwave. This is a great combination of cuteness and usefulness. So if you’re looking for a cute Easter gift idea for your girlfriend, then this bunny is a great idea. She can simply put it in the microwave to heat up and is the perfect heating pad to snuggle up with, because it’s so adorable.

8. A Cute Bunny Jewelry Holder

a cute bunny ring holder (easter gifts for women)

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If you thought there weren’t enough bunny-shaped things on this Easter gift guide for her, then think again, because here’s another one. This jewelry holder looks great as a fun Easter decor item even when there’s no jewelry on it. Once again, a cute and pretty gift, that’s also useful. So if your girlfriend loves Easter or bunnies, then get her this little adorable ring holder. And it’s not overly themed that she can’t use it year-round to hold her rings.

9. Fluffy Bunny Slippers: Easter gifts for girlfriend

cozy and fluffy bunny slippers - easter presents for girlfriend

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If you’re looking for more cozy Easter gifts for your girlfriend, then you’ll love these fluffy bunny slippers. These are perfect to have around when you live somewhere where Spring can still be pretty chilly. So if you’re looking for a comfortable and cozy Easter gift idea, then a pair of slippers like this is a great option. It comes in a bunch of different colors, so if she doesn’t love pink, then there are some other colors to choose from. Though, the pastel pink is probably my personal favorite.

10. Swiss Easter Chocolate: a classic Easter gift

swiss Easter chocolate (easter gift ideas for her)

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Of course, the one present that couldn’t be left off of this Easter gift guide for her, is chocolate. And not just any chocolate, no actual swiss chocolate by Lindt. This set of milk chocolate Easter figures is a great gift to give. In general, chocolate eggs are the one thing that should be present at any Easter. So if you really have no idea what to get your girlfriend for Easter, then just give her some nice chocolate. You can’t go wrong with some good quality chocolate.

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11. A Pretty Pastel Travel Mug

a pretty pastel travel mug: easter baskets for girlfriend

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A pretty tumbler in fun pastel colors is another great addition to this Easter gift guide for her. Of course, you can also get a travel mug in one of the many pastel colors out there, but this one mixes them all together. The pretty design is subtle and perfect for spring and summer. It’s a great gift idea for your girlfriend if she loves her coffee and could use a good travel mug, but you don’t want to give her an ugly one. This is a simple and very practical present, that she’ll love because it’s pretty too.

12. A Perfect for Spring Apron

a spring apron - easter gifts for her

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This apron comes in a bunch of different pretty floral designs, of which most are perfect for spring. An apron is a fun and pretty addition to any gift basket and one of the best easter basket ideas for girlfriends. So, if she loves baking and cooking and would love something floral and dainty like this apron, then be sure to check out the options. They also have oven mitts and kitchen towels in the same designs if you want to get it as a set, or if you prefer to get one of those other options in these designs instead of an apron.

13. A Pack of Mini Easter Cookies

mini easter cookies by TSCookies on Etsy - cute easter gifts for girlfriend

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This pack of 12 mini Easter cookies by TSCookies on Etsy is a great gift to give if you want to get them something small and sweet for Easter. You can order a set of 12 bite-sized cookies in six different designs. You can get them in a simple box or the cute egg box you see above. You can even order in advance and set the date for when you want to receive them. Just make sure to order them in time and you’ll have the perfect Easter gifts for her. I think this is a great alternative for a bunch of flowers, because it’s also a perishable item and just fun to get.

14. A Pretty Mug; Easter gift ideas for her

a pretty bunny mug - cute easter ideas

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If you’re looking for something pretty and classy, then this gorgeous gold-foil bunny mug is a great option. It has a pretty line-art design on it in gold foil and is just a really pretty mug as is with a subtle Easter design. Do keep in mind that you can’t put it in the microwave because of the gold-foil, so if she uses the microwave a lot to warm up her coffee or hot chocolate, then maybe this isn’t the best choice. Otherwise, it’s just a really beautiful and classy mug.

15. Pretty Floral Spring Coasters

a set of floral spring coasters: cute easter gifts

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These pretty floral ceramic coasters are great Easter gifts for girlfriends. Really anything spring-themed or floral is a pretty good choice. This set of six coasters comes with a variety of flowers and blossoms on them and is a great piece of house decor for Easter and really spring in general. It’s particularly great if they love flowers and gardening, because it brings some of the outside colors into your house. All in all, a great neutral choice for Easter presents for her.

16. The Perfect Easter Cakestand

the perfect Easter cake stand; easter present ideas

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This fun cakestand is perfect to serve your Easter cake, cupcakes, or cookies on. It’s just too funny and adorable not to enjoy. So, if she enjoys baking or just likes having a nice table setting, then this cake stand is the perfect Easter gift for her. Of course, you can use it for other things. For example, it would also be a fun plant stand or to put a vase with flowers on it. The fact that it’s white and not brightly colored makes sure it will fit in any household and it’s just a great Easter gift to give.

17. A Custom Namebar Bracelet

stamped bracelet by junghwa on Etsy (easter gift for wife)

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This lovely custom bracelet by junghwa on Etsy is a great neutral piece of jewelry that is perfect for Easter and other occasions. You can get it stamped with whatever you want, though their name is probably your best choice. It’s one of the more expensive gifts on this Easter gift list for her, though not ridiculously so either. So, if you want something that’s small, dainty, and that she’ll love, then this is a great choice to get her or to add to an Easter gift basket.

18. Cute Bunny Pajama Set

pajamas as easter gifts women

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Summer pajamas are great as gift ideas for Spring and Easter as they’re about to start wearing them. This pair with cute bunnies on it is a great example. It even comes with a sleeping mask. So, take a look around and get something she’ll love by design, with the bunny being the cliche option. The other fun prints are also great options. A cute nightgown is also a great option to add to this list of Easter gift ideas for your girlfriend.

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Now you’ve hopefully found the perfect Easter gifts for your girlfriend. Or at least you’ll have some fun and cute gift ideas for her in mind. All that’s left to do is wrap it up nicely. Check out these Easter gift basket wrapping ideas to get inspired. Add in some chocolate to finish it off. And there you have the perfect Easter gift for your girlfriend.

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