18 Warm & Cozy Gifts for the Rainy Days

cozy gifts for the rainy days

A list of warm and comfy gift ideas for when it rains.

When the weather isn’t great it’s the perfect moment to stay inside and enjoy a nice day in. Keep yourself entertained and comfy with thes great cozy gifts for anyone who enjoys a good rainy day. So, scroll down and check out these comfy and warm gift ideas that are perfect to keep you busy during the bad-weather days.

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1. A Set of Tasty Hot Chocolate Spoons

a set of hot chocolate spoons: rain gifts

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Stay inside and use the rainy weather to enjoy a nice and luxurious cup of hot chocolate. You can use this kit to make hot chocolate in a fun and original way. These are also great small gifts to add to a gift basket or to put into stockings for Christmas. So, if you’re looking for cozy gift ideas that are both delicious and fun at the same time, then this is the thing to get. These hot chocolate spoons also contain tiny marshmallows to truly finish it off.

2. Ticket to Ride Board Game

ticket to ride board game - cozy gifts for the family

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Get together and enjoy this great board game that is both entertaining, educational, and fun. Ticket to Ride is a great board game for big families and for smaller groups with people of every age being able to join in. This is just one of the many great board games out there that are great for cozy winter days to stay inside and enjoy. Another great one is Catan, which is a completely different game, but most people that enjoy one of these two games also enjoy the other.

3. Fun and Colorful Rain Boots

fun and colorful rain boots (rainy gift idea)

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Go outside and have fun in the rain with these fun and quirky rain boots. They even have whales on them, so they should be perfect for playing with water. If you don’t like this design, then take a look at all the other fun options available. Some are a bit more neutral and others are even more playful than these ones. So, if you’re planning to go for a walk even when the weather isn’t great, then a pair of wellies like these is a great thing to have.

4. A Good Novel to Keep You Entertained

a novel: the wall of winnipeg and me - cozy gifts for girlfriend

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The Wall of Winnipeg and Meis a great read that I really enjoyed myself and cannot recommend enough. If you like a romance that is a slow burn and really builds up the relationship and has a strong backstory, then this is the book for you. I also recommend other books from Mariana Zapata, she’s just an amazing writer for books that you can enjoy over a longer period of time, without it being a love at first sight romance novel, which can be a bit unrealistic.

5. A Fun Embroidery Kit for Beginners

a fun embroidery kit for beginners (cozy things to do on a rainy day)

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Keeping yourself entertained when you’re stuck inside can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you don’t want to get out your phone or computer. Instead, you can get started with a fun new hobby like embroidery. This is a great hobby to start even when you’ve never done it before and a kit like this has everything you need to get started immediately. So, if they enjoy being creative, then these embroidery pieces are great cozy gifts to give for the bad weather days.

6. A Fluffy Blanket to Keep You Warm

a fluffy blanket to keep your warm as comfort gifts

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Get cozy in front of the fire and snuggle under this blanket to keep yourself warm when it’s cold outside. This blanket will keep you warm and it is really soft and ‘snuggly’ (if that’s a word). You can pick from a couple of different colors and sizes, though the biggest size is almost always the best choice no matter its purpose. So, if you’re looking for something to make your home more cozy and comfortable, then this is a great gift idea. It’s also a great Christmas gift to give someone else.

7. A Set of Scented Candles to Set the Mood

a set of scented candles - cozy gift ideas for mom

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Make your home smell amazing using these candles during the rainy days of fall and winter. On top of a heavenly scent, they will also provide some mood lighting with their soft candlelight. Once these are burned out, you can use the holders by simply dropping a tea light in them to get more use out of them. So, if you’re looking for something small for your home, then these scented candles are great rain gifts to bring some coziness to your house.

8. A Fun Movie to Watch

a fun movie such as Anastasia (comfort gift ideas for her)

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The movie Anastasia is old, but gold. There is a good chance that your child hasn’t seen this one yet, so give it a try. (Maybe you haven’t even seen it). Even though it isn’t a Disney film, it still pretty amazing and if you have Disney+ it’s actually on there now, so you can watch it there. A nice movie is great to give kids as a rainy day gift to keep them busy and quiet while you get to do what you want, whether that’s chores around the house or a relaxing moment for yourself.

9. What’s a Movie Without Popcorn?

a popcorn maker - comfy gifts for him

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You can’t watch a movie without wanting popcorn to get the full movie theater experience at home. So here’s a collapsible popcorn bowl that you can use to microwave and serve your popcorn in. It comes in more colors than just the blue one if you don’t like this color. It’s a simple way to make your own popcorn and customize it with butter or salt if you want. And you can collapse it, so it won’t take up a bunch of space in your kitchen cupboards.

10. A Set of Bath Bombs as Cozy Gifts

a set of bath bombs as cozy themed gifts

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And while the kids are busy watching a movie with some popcorn, it’s the perfect time for mom to take a relaxing bath and recover from the day staying indoors with the kids. This set of bath bombs will give you the perfect relaxation at the end of a busy day of hard work. You get a bunch of different bath bombs, so it’s not just a one-time thing, you can take quite a couple of baths with this set. So, if you can use some relaxation, be sure to check these out.

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11. Thick Alpaca Woolen Socks

thick alpaca woolen socks as the best warm gifts for men and women

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Nothing is better on a cold-weather day than a nice pair of woolen socks to keep your feet nice and toasty. These ones are made from alpaca wool and come in a couple of different colors and combinations. So, if you know they would love to have some nice high-quality socks, then this is probably one of the coziest gift ideas you can get. You can also go for woolen slippers or slipper socks if they prefer that over actual socks.

12. A Belgian Waffle Maker

a belgian waffle maker as cozy birthday gifts

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Belgium is a country know for how often it rains and that’s probably why they’re so good at making hearty foods such as chocolate, fries, stews, and waffles. And that’s also why a Belgian waffle maker is added to this cozy gift guide for rainy days. This one flips and makes the perfect waffles really quickly without a lot of mess. Afterward, you can put the grill parts in the dishwasher to make cleanup super easy (which is always the most annoying part of cooking and baking).

13. An Ember Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

an ember temperature control mug - warm gift ideas

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Everyone who loves a good cup of coffee tends to like it hot, yet coffee tends to cool down pretty quickly, especially on colder days. This mug will keep your cup of coffee or tea warmer for a lot longer at whatever temperature you want. You can set the temperature using your phone or use the default settings that it is already programmed with. You do need to charge the mug using the coaster that comes with it. It can’t heat up your hot drink, but it will keep it at temperature for longer.

14. A Heatable Plushie as a Rain Gift Idea

a heatable plushie (cozy gift ideas for kids)

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A nice heat pad is great for colder days and for snuggling up on the couch or your bed. And this is so much better than a normal heating pad or warm water bottle because not only is it comfy, it’s also adorable. There are a lot of different animal versions out there on Amazon, though this dog one is pretty adorable. It comes in an unscented and scented version depending on your preference and can be heated up in the microwave to keep you warm.

15. A Luxury Skincare Gift Set

a luxury skincare set as a self-care gift idea for women

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When the weather gets worse, your skin tends to need some care as well. You can give your skin some extra care with this nice skincare gift set that has everything to take good care of your skin. They offer a different set for each skin type, so be sure to check out which set is better for you. This is a great way to give someone some self-care by getting them skincare to make them take a moment for themselves. Especially if they have kids, that moment for yourself is more important than ever.

16. A Nice and Comfy Pajama Set

a nice and comfy pajama set for the cold weather days

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Nothing is better than lounging around in your pajamas for an entire day if you can. This set has everything you need to do exactly that and comes in a bunch of different colors and designs to choose from. This is probably the most complete pajama set out there that is both great for winter, summer, and the seasons in between. So, if you know they enjoy a good pajama day, then this is probably one of the best cozy gifts you can get.

17. A Set of Cute Loose Leaf Tea Infusers

a set of cute tea diffusers as rain gifts for tea lovers

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A nice cup of tea is great to relax with after a walk in cold weather or just to warm up during a cold day. You can add some cuteness to your tea with one of these loose leaf tea infusers. You get an entire set that’s pretty affordable that you can give as a gift as a whole or give one to different people in your family or friend group as a small Christmas gift. So, if you know they love some loose leaf tea, then an adorable infuser is a fun small gift to get.

18. A Comfy Oversized Hoodie/Blanket

a comfy oversized hoodie as the perfect cozy present

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Always wanted to just wear your blanket instead of just lying under it? Well, now you can with one of these. The Comfy comes in a bunch of different colors and some different sizes, though the largest size is probably the best option for everyone. So, if you know they love a good blanket and like wearing oversized hoodies, then this is the best gift you can get them. It isn’t super expensive, though not cheap either, so be sure they’ll actually use it.

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I hope this list of cozy gifts for the rainy days has helped you find some great things to do when the weather isn’t great and you just want to stay indoors where it’s warm and comfortable. You can also check out this list of activities for bad-weather days to keep you busy while you’re nice and cozy inside. So, use those days to have some fun and enjoy the comfort of your home.

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