22 Brilliant Gifts for Bakers Every Home Baker Will Love

gifts for bakers

Practical and useful baking gifts to give. 

Are you looking for that perfect gift for a baking lover? Then take a look at these useful gifts for bakers that every home baker will want. From rolling pins to stand mixers, you will find the perfect gift idea for bakers on this baking gift guide. Just take a look for yourself and see which gift ideas you like best.

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1. A Marble Pastry Board for Home Bakers

marble pastry board - gifts for bakers

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A pastry board is a very useful thing if you have wooden countertops or another difficult-to-clean countertop. This kind of board makes clean-up loads easier and serves as a perfect surface to roll out dough or pastry on. The marble material keeps the pastry cool and makes sure it doesn’t get sticky. This board comes in a couple of different sizes and colors that all differ in price. So take a look and see for yourself if this is the perfect gift for a home baker.

2. A Rotating Cake Stand

a rotating cake stand as gifts for baking lovers

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This cake stand can serve two purposes: you can use it to display and serve your cake on and you can use it as a turntable to smoothly decorate your cakes with. On top of the practicality, it’s also a very affordable gift idea for bakers. So, if you are looking for a useful and affordable gift, then this is a great idea as a present for home bakers. And to make it even better, it also comes with some handy cake decorating tools.

3. A Set of Measuring Spoons and Cups

a set of measuring cups and spoons (gifts for bakers amazon)

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Every baking lover struggles to decide which spoon in their drawer is actually the perfect tablespoon size. A gift that home bakers will love to get is this set of measuring spoons and cups. A set like this is great to have when you bake a lot and it’s a very affordable gift for bakers. You can even put this together with an apron or oven mitts to make it more of a gift basket for home bakers. This set comes with 8 different sizes and is dishwasher safe. All in all, one of the best gift ideas for bakers.

4. A Baking Cheat Sheet Apron

a baking cheat sheet apron; funny gifts for bakers

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This apron will help you convert all the measurements for you. So put google away and just wear this apron instead. This apron is a fun present to get a home baker because of its usefulness and playfulness. It comes in a couple of different colors and is a handy way to make all recipes ready to go without having to look up how much 100 grams of flour is again in cups. So, if you know they enjoy getting their recipes from a bunch of different sources, then this is a handy apron to have.

5. An Accurate Oven Thermometer

an accurate oven thermometer - quirky baking gifts

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You might not know this, but not all ovens use the right temperature, definitely not older ovens. Now for a lot of recipes, a couple of degrees off isn’t so bad. But for some baking recipes, the temperature needs to be precise. A small baking tool like this can help you find the right temperature in every oven. You just hang the thermometer in your oven and use that to set the temperature correctly. A great baking gadget to give as a present.

6. A KitchenAid Stand Mixer

a kitchenaid stand mixer as top gifts for baker

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If you have the budget for it, then the classic KitchenAid stand mixer is an amazing gift to get a home baker. However, not everyone has that kind of a budget, so a hand mixer is another more affordable gift idea for baking lovers, especially for those with limited counter space. The KitchenAid stand mixer comes in an array of different colors, so be sure to check which one they would love to have because they probably already have a favorite color in mind.

7. A Set of Nesting Bowls

a set of nesting bowls - best gifts for baker

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This set of bowls is really handy for storage and gives you a set of high-quality baking bowls. The set also includes a colander and sieve and measuring spoons. This is a lovely gift for home bakes because of its practical space-saving storage solution and its usefulness while baking. You can get this set in a more vibrant color, or a more muted minty blue-gray version. Either way, this is a great gift to splurge a bit on.

8. An Adjustable Rolling Pin for the Pastry Lover

an adjustable rolling pin; gifts for baking lovers

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A good rolling pin is one of the basics every home baker needs. This one levels up your traditional wooden rolling pin by having a height measuring gadget at the ends of it. This rolling pin by Joseph Joseph is perfect for getting an even pie crust or cookies of the perfect thickness. Again, this comes in two different colors, with one being a lot brighter and the other being more muted. It’s one of the best gifts for bakers that struggle to estimate how thick half an inch is exactly.

9. A Digital Kitchen Scale

a digital kitchen scale to add to a bakers gift basket

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There are so many different types of kitchen scales out there, but this is probably the most practical and best-looking one. This scale is very easy to clean and has a ‘hold’ function to keep a measurement on the scale while taking the weight of the scale. It’s also relatively small, so it won’t take up too much space in your cupboards. And to make it even better, you can quickly switch between grams and ounces with a simple tap of the button.

10. Kitchen Utensils: handy gifts for bakers

Pastel kitchen utensils as baking gifts

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To round this list off, here’s a set of kitchen utensils in a lovely pastel color. In this set, you get all the basics you need from whisks to spatulas and a brush. To top it off, it’s also dishwasher safe (very important) unlike spatulas with wooden handles. And it comes in a couple of different fun colors for you to choose from. A set like this is a lovely gift to give to a baker because it’s so useful and pretty, yet very affordable.

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11. A Set of Fun Baking Prints

baking prints by PaperieArtPrint on Etsy - gift ideas for baking lovers

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If you’re looking for something unique that isn’t a baking tool or gadget, then a fun set of prints like these ones by PaperieArtPrint on Etsy is a great idea. You can get a set of your favorite three or six, or you can get the full set of nine. They are unframed, so you can either get frames yourself or leave that choice up to the baker itself. This is a great piece of baking home decor that any music fan that loves to bake will enjoy.

12. Dessert Person Cookbook

dessert person cookbook; gifts for bakers

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If they watch YouTube videos on baking from time to time, then they’ve probably come across Claire Saffitz or the BA test kitchen at some point, of which Claire was one of the most well-known faces for a while. This book is filled with all the basic desserts and in-depth explanations for every single step along the way. If you’re already familiar with some of the techniques, she also includes a cliff-notes version for each recipe for more experienced bakers.

13. Stackable and Collapsible Cooling Racks

stackable baking racks (baked goods gift ideas)

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This may not seem like the prettiest item on this list of baking gifts for home bakers, however, it is one of the most useful. This set of three cooling racks is perfect because you can use them as separates and as one stackable cooling tower to save counter space. On top of that, these fold up really small, so don’t take up a lot of cabinet space. It’s also pretty affordable. So, if you know they make cookies a lot or tiered cakes, then this is probably one of the best gift ideas you can get.

14. A Sesame Street Cookie Mug

a sesame street cookie mug - gifts for home bakers

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Do they love cookies as much as Cookie Monster does? Then they’ll love this mug that’s perfect for dipping cookies in your milk or coffee. This Sesame Street mug with Oscar the Grouch has a separate slot that perfectly fits your favorite cookie. This mug also comes in an Elmo version if you think they’ll like that more. I wish there was also a Cookie Monster version because that would be perfect, but haven’t found one so far.

15. Small and Versatile Pie Pans

small and versatile pie pans: bakers gift basket ideas

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Sometimes you want to make more than one pie flavor, but you don’t want to make a bunch of full-sized pies. Well, these smaller ceramic pie pans are perfect for that. You can make one pie crust and make a bunch of smaller batches of fillings to make a couple of different pies in one go. These pans can be used both in the freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher to make them easy to use. And of course, these pie pans are cute enough to use for a salad or something else as well. So, check out the different fun colors it comes in.

16. A Cute Kitchen Timer

a cute kitchen timer - baker gift ideas

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If you don’t have the budget to get them an actual KitchenAid, but want to give them something small and fun instead. Then this adorable kitchen timer is a great idea. This timer doesn’t need a battery, instead, you wind it up before using it. I think this would make for the perfect stocking stuffer for bakers because it’s fun, small, and affordable at the same time. This will look great as a small piece of decor on their kitchen counter as a small and fun gadget.

17. A Good Grips Cookie Scoop

a good grips cookie scoop (present for a baker)

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This cookie scoop by OXO is the perfect gift idea for bakers who love making cookies. You can pick from three different sizes depending on the size of cookie you want. It’s also dishwasher safe, so don’t worry about it rusting on you, which some ice cream scoops can do if you put them in the dishwasher. The rubber on the side also makes it more comfortable to use, so the perfect cookie scoop if you ask me. This is truly perfect for cookie makers to have.

18. Adorable Cat Paw Oven Mitts

adorable cat paw oven mitts as gift ideas for a baker

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If they’re next to a baking lover also a cat lover, then this pair of oven mitts is the perfect present for them. It comes in a couple of different colors and is just too adorable to resist. And let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as having too many oven mitts, or at least that’s what I think because I keep losing them and can never find some when I need them. Either way, a fun pair of oven mitts is a great gift idea for anyone who loves baking.

19. A Set of 101 Cookie Cutters

101 cookie cutters (great gifts for bakers)

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Do you love making and decorating sugar cookies? Then this box filled with 101 cookie cutters is a great present for the cookie baker. You get an assortment of cookies including numbers and the alphabet as well as your most common holiday shapes. They aren’t metal, which means that kids can easily help in the kitchen without hurting themselves. It’s a great deal to get this many fun shapes in one. You can also get them a smaller set of themed cookie cutters if you think this might be a bit much.

20. A Pastry Baking Mat With Measurements On It

a pastry baking mat - baking lovers gifts

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A silicone mat is a great alternative for parchment paper and this one is perfect for making pies because it comes with a bunch of necessary measurements on it for baking. You get circles in the middle for your pie crusts and inches and such on it to measure the width of cookies and such. It also includes a conversion table for commonly used baking measurements. You can get it in two different sizes depending on the size of your oven and baking sheets.

21. A Personalized Recipe Journal

personalized recipe journal by TotallyWaterproof on Etsy - gift ideas for bakers

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One of the best baking gifts on this gift guide is this personalized recipe journal by TotallyWaterproof on Etsy that allows you to create a custom recipe book for them to fill in. You can pick from a couple of different cover designs and get their name printed on the cover. The best parts are that it’s spiral-bound so you can fold it over and that the pages are waterproof, so no worries about spillage happening while the book is out. Just use a ballpoint pen to fill it in and you’re good to go.

22. A Refillable Butane Torch

a butane torch; present ideas for bakers

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You can use this butane torch to set everything on fire when something fails. Just kidding, it’s mainly meant for merengues and creme-brulees. You need one of these to get the effect you want on top and generally, most bakers don’t own one if they’re not professionals. This is one of those baking gadgets that most people won’t buy for themselves, but would love to have nonetheless. It’s not as expensive as you might think and is a great gadget to finish off anything with some sweet caramelization.

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Now that you have hopefully found the perfect gift or gifts for bakers, the only thing left to do is wrap it up. You can also add in some baked goods to really top it off. You can learn how to wrap baked goods so that you have an amazing gift for the baking lover to give and eat straight away. If you’re not much of a baker yourself, you can also get them all the ingredients for a delicious baked good wrapped up in a pretty gift basket for bakers as an affordable way to give something thoughtful.

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