21 Best Secret Santa Gifts for Women under $50

secret santa gifts for women under $50

Find affordable secret Santa ideas for her on this list. 

Are you looking for great secret Santa gifts for women? Then take a look at this secret Santa gift guide for her. You will find fun and affordable Christmas presents on this list of good secret Santa presents for women that you can get online and are under $50. So whether you’re looking for gift ideas for a family secret Santa or for an office secret Santa party, you will find it on this affordable Christmas gift guide for her.

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1. A Gorgeous Pair of Earrings

a gorgeous pair of earrings - secret santa gifts for women

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This set of earrings are neutral enough to be to everyone’s liking and they don’t cost a lot of money. A pair of earrings like these ones is a great secret Santa gift idea for women because they’re neutral enough that every woman will love them, yet they’re not boring. On top of that, they are really affordable and won’t break the bank, yet still look elegant. If you are looking for a secret Santa gift for a female colleague, for example, then one of these is the perfect gift idea.

2. A Relaxing Facemask

a relaxing face mask (secret santa gifts for her)

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This face mask doesn’t only look great in its packaging but is also highly rated online on Amazon. A face mask or other beauty-related presents such as body scrubs or body butters are a good secret Santa present because of their versatility and usefulness. Every woman loves to take the time to pamper themselves and with this Christmas gift, they can. These face masks by Bella & Bear are even great secret Santa gifts under $10 for her.

3. An Elegant Notepad

an elegant notepad; secret santa gifts under $50

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This notepad comes in a couple of different colors and they are all great gift ideas because they manage to turn a plain old notepad into a luxurious gift. Its exterior and the pen that comes along with it really raise it up to a good secret Santa gift for women. This notepad comes in five different varieties, of which this one is my favorite. Who knew a simple notepad could look this good and could be such a good gift idea.

4. A Colorful Flask

a colorful flask as secret santa gifts for friends

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Are you looking for a more out there and funny secret Santa gift idea for her? Then this colorful flask might just be perfect. Whether you give it as a secret Santa gag gift or because you like the way this looks, it will be a fun gift to give. Because of its small size, it’s perfect for women to fit into their purse or back pocket. The flask itself is a solid color with the cover providing the colorful element whenever you want. All in all, a great and funny gag gift for her.

5. Comfy Fluffy Slippers

comfy fluffy slippers as best secret santa gifts under $20

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A less risky gift idea is this pair of fuzzy slippers. They come in a variety of colors and are just perfectly cozy for this holiday season. A pair of slippers like this is a great Christmas gift for her because of their comfort level and level of fun. Because how can something be so fluffy without being cute? So if you want to give a cozy secret Santa gift to her, then take a look at these fuzzy slippers. The only challenge is to figure out their shoe size.

6. A Trendy Pen Holder

a trendy pen holder; secret santa gifts under $10

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This pen holder comes in a couple of different colors and is great for on your desk or to store your makeup brushes in. These pen holders are really affordable secret Santa gift ideas for her and they are versatile while still looking classy. A way to get to your budget with this pen holder is to get a set of fun pens or markers to fill it with. You can also fill the mug up with some chocolate or some fun pens and there you have the perfect secret Santa gift for women.

7. Luxurious Luggage Tags: secret Santa gifts for women

luxurious luggage tags as secret santa gifts for women

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Luggage tags are great gifts to give to someone who travels a lot. These tags come in a nice set and in a couple of different color variants. They look pretty expensive but aren’t at all. So if you are looking for cheap secret Santa gifts for her that look expensive, then these tags are a great option. You can also go down the personalized route by getting an embossed luggage tag on either Amazon or Etsy. Either way, luggage tags are great secret Santa gifts for female travelers.

8. An Insulated Travel Mug

an insulated travel mug (secret santa gifts for her)

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Another great office secret Santa gift for women that isn’t too expensive is an insulated travel cup like this that will keep your coffee warm and still looks like a normal mug. This mug comes in loads of different colors, so you will find the perfect colored Christmas gift for her on there. A mug like this can be used to keep your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate warm during the holiday season. The fact that it has a handle and a lid also makes it easier to take with you on the road.

9. A Hair and Scalp Massager

a hair and scalp massager - best secret santa gifts under $50

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You might already know what this is or not. It’s basically a shampoo brush and scalp massager in one. It’s a great way to work in your shampoo without running the risk of scratching your head with your nails. It’s particularly great for anyone with curly hair because it can be tricky to get to your scalp when you’re hair is thicker. This brush comes in a bunch of different colors and is a great smaller gift idea under $10.

10. A Coloring Cookbooks for Adults

a coloring book for adults - $50 secret santa gift ideas for women

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A great addition to this list of secret Santa gift ideas for women is this coloring book for adults that also serves as a cookbook. A coloring book for adults in itself is already a great gift idea, though you run the risk of them never actually using it. With this one, even if they don’t use it to color in, they still get 40 fun new recipes to try. It’s a really affordable book and would be great to pair with a set of brush markers or pencils to color with.

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11. A Mini Humidifier

a mini humidifier; secret santa gifts for girls

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This gift idea is a bit of a twofer. You get both a mini humidifier and a cute night light. It’s adorable with its cactus top and a great addition to anyone’s desk or bedroom. This is a great neutral item that would be a great secret Santa gift for a female coworker. It’s a really affordable option and also comes in a version without the night light, though why wouldn’t you pick the one with it since it’s basically the same price?

12. A Colorful AirPods Case

a colorful airpods case (secret santa gift ideas under $50)

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If she owns a pair of AirPods, then a nice case for them is a great small gift idea for Christmas. This one comes in a bunch of pretty pastel colors to choose from and is sure to make her happy. It even comes with a carabiner to attach your AirPods to your keys or bag. All that’s left to figure out is what color she would like best. For ideas, take a look at what color her phone case is. This is also really cheap and one of the best secret Santa gifts under $10 for her.

13. A Rose Gold Wine Tumbler

a rose gold tumbler - best secret santa gifts for women

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Does she love a good glass of wine at the end of her day or at a barbeque? Then this wine tumbler that will keep her wine safe and at the perfect temperature is a great gift idea. The fact that it’s opaque means that you can easily hide the fact that you’re actually drinking a glass of wine at a barbeque or baseball game. This tumbler comes in a bunch of colors and is a great gift idea to pair with a good bottle of wine to finish it off.

14. A Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

a laneige lip sleeping mask; secret santa $50 gift ideas

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Skincare can be pretty tricky to get right as a gift because each person has different needs for their skin. However, a nice lip care product is one of those all-rounders that you can’t go wrong with. This Laneige lip mask is a great example of it. It comes in a pretty package and is very popular for how good it actually works. This one here is berry-flavored, though there are also some other options available on Amazon. All in all, a great gift idea for women.

15. Bath Salts: secret Santa gift ideas for her under $50

calming bath salts as secret santa gift ideas for her

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A great self-care gift idea is this pot of pink bath salts to make a calming bath time with. It would also be a great addition to a secret Santa gift basket for women that’s also filled with other self-care items such as chocolates, a nice candle, and maybe some other beauty-related products. It’s a pretty small pot of bath salts, which is actually quite nice because they won’t be stuck with an entire bottle if they end up not liking the scent. Just make sure to check if she actually has a bath to use them in.

16. A Personalized Keychain

a personalized keychain - secret santa gifts women

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If you really don’t know what to get someone for a secret Santa party, then a personalized keychain is always a good idea. This is one example that you can get engraved with whatever you want, though their name is always a good choice. You can pick from a couple of different colors and even pick the font you would like the writing to be in. If you don’t like the options on Amazon, then be sure to also check out what’s available on Etsy because they offer a lot of other options as well.

17. A Mini Electric Ice Cream Maker

a mini icecream maker (secret santa gifts $50)

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Now, this is probably the most unique gift on this secret Santa gift guide for women under $50. Namely, this is a mini ice cream maker that makes just enough for one to two servings of ice cream or frozen yogurt. All you need to do is put the freezing element in the freezer beforehand and then fill it with your ingredients and turn it all in to churn a small batch of ice cream. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of freezer space but loves ice cream. It also comes in a couple of different colors to choose from.

18. A Briogeo Hair Mask

what to get a woman for secret santa: a nourishing briogeo hair mask

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A nice hair mask is typically something you get done at the hair salon. However, this hair mask by Briogeo is also perfect for at home. Its higher price means that most women won’t buy it for themselves and that’s also why it’s such a good Christmas gift idea for her. It’s a luxury deep-conditioning hair mask that’s great for all hair types, especially those that are colored or bleached and perfect for wintertime when your hair can get quite dry.

19. An Artisan Soap Gift Box

artisan soap gift box by NaturalAmor on Etsy - secret santa for women

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This artisan all-natural gift box of soaps by NaturalAmor are another great addition to this list of secret Santa gifts for her. You can pick from a couple of different options all ranging in price and how many soaps or add-ons are in the gift box. This is a great option if you really don’t know what to get a woman for a secret Santa party. Soaps are one of those things you can’t really go wrong with and these artisan ones are a great luxury option.

20. A 1,000-Piece Cacti Puzzle

a 1,000-piece puzzle as a secret santa gift under $50

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A fun puzzle is another one of those gift ideas for women that most women will like. This one, in particular, doesn’t only look great once made, but the packaging also makes it perfect for a gift (though it might be trickier to wrap). If you don’t like the succulents design, then be sure to check out all the other fun puzzles that the company has to offer. Most of these also come in the unique cylindrical box that makes these puzzles stand out.

21. A Carry On Cocktail Kit

a carry on cocktail kit; secret santa gift for her

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If you’re going to a party with people that love a good cocktail, then this carry-on cocktail kit is a great gift idea for anyone who travels a lot or would like to try a new cocktail on the spot. You can get a bunch of different types of cocktails for these kits and they’re just great gift ideas for anyone who enjoys a good drink. If you get just one, you can easily add it to a fun gift basket or you get multiple different ones to get a secret Santa gift under $50 that’s good to go.

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I hope you now have some ideas on what to get a woman for a secret Santa. You can find even more affordable secret Santa gifts on this list of DIY secret Santa ideas. Whether you make something yourself or get something from this list of secret Santa gifts for women under $50, you’re sure to have an original Christmas present to give.

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