21 Best Secret Santa Gifts for Men under $25

Best secret santa gifts for men under $25

A secret Santa gift guide for him under $25. 

Secret Santa gifts for men can be difficult to find. So to help you out, here’s a secret Santa gift guide for men filled with Christmas gift ideas under $25 that he’ll like. All of these gifts are within a budget of $25 and available on Amazon. So if you no idea what to get someone for a secret Santa party, then take a look at this list of secret Santa gifts for men that will ship right to your doorstep.

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1. A Travel Mug To Keep Your Coffee Warm

a yeti insulated mug - secret santa gifts for men under $25

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The first secret Santa gift idea for men on this list is this insulated travel mug. It comes in so many colors that you can choose from that you’re sure to find the color you want. This travel mug can be used to travel with, but also works as an insulated mug to keep your coffee warm at work. So this is also a present for a coworker. Yeti is known as a good-quality brand that offers great mugs and tumblers like this. So, if a tumbler is more their style, then be sure to check out that option on Amazon as well.

2. A Leather Look Notebook

a leather-look notebook (secret santa gifts for guys in office)

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You can never have too many notebooks and that’s why a good-looking notebook like this one is such a great gift idea. This leather-looking notebook looks amazing and every man will like the way its style and finish that is so great in its simplicity. So if you are looking for a useful and affordable secret Santa present for men, then this is a great idea. It even comes in five different colors, though I personally like this one best.

3. A Set of Marvel Cufflinks

marvel cufflinks as cheap secret santa gifts for guys

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You probably hadn’t thought of this gift idea for a Marvel fan, but they’re a great small gift for men under $25. You get five different sets of cufflinks including ones for Iron Man, Spiderman, the Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. It’s the perfect secret Santa gift for Marvel fans, and thus also for most men. So, if you know he wears a suit to work from time to time or even daily, then these fun cufflinks are a great small gift idea for him.

4. A Multitool: the perfect secret Santa gift for men

a multitool - secret santa gifts for guys under $20

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A more neutral gift that most men will like is a multitool. They are basically a mini collection of all the basic tools one can need. This one even comes with a little bag to hold it. A multitool is a must-have for every man (and woman, I would say). So if you know that they don’t already have one, then this multitool is one of the best ideas on this secret Santa gift guide for men under $25 you can get. Just make sure he’s the one at home that actually does all the tinkering.

5. A Traditional Coffee Press

a traditional coffee press (secret santa gifts for male boss)

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Are you looking for a Christmas gift for the coffee lover, then a traditional coffee press is a great gift to give. It’s easy to use and clean, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and makes a great cup of coffee. So if you want to find the perfect secret Santa gift for a man who loves his coffee, then this is a great idea. It comes in two different colors and is dishwasher safe, which is always a handy feature for kitchen gadgets and appliances.

6. A Set of Fun Super Mario Magnets

a set of fun super mario magnets; secret santa gifts for him under 20

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These fun magnets are probably the smallest secret Santa gifts for men under $25 on this list. It’s a great gift idea for Mario and Nintendo fans to hang on their fridge or whiteboard. They’re fun and come in way under budget, so perhaps they can go along with another gift or some sweets and then you have a nice little gift for Christmas. These magnets are just so nostalgic that every man will love them, but especially those that played Super Mario growing up will love these best.

7. A Poker Set To Travel With

a poker travel set - secret santa gifts under $25 for him

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What man doesn’t love a good game of poker with his friends? Well, you can gift him this travel poker set he can bring along wherever he goes. It’s small and looks great. Especially if he likes to go camping with friends, then this fun gift idea is a must-have. It has everything you need to play a fun game of poker while only taking up the space of a small tin. It’s a great smaller present that is definitely worth its price.

8. A Set of Beer Can-Shaped Drinking Glasses

a set of beer can shaped glasses - secret santa gifts for men under $25

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Another gift on this list of secret Santa gifts for men is this set of glasses. It’s a bit ridiculous, but at the same time, they also look pretty great, even when you don’t realize they’re can-shaped. All in all, this set is a great gift for someone who loves a good beer and is ready to upgrade to proper glasses for it. It’s even handy for other drinks as well, because the indent at the top makes spilling it just a bit more difficult.

9. A Fun Set of Luggage Tags

a fun set of luggage tags as secret santa gift ideas for men

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Aren’t these adorable? Anyway, these luggage tags are great gift ideas under $25 for men who travel a lot. The set comes in a bunch of different themes and varieties, including star wars, Pokemon, Ninja Turtles, Marvel, Batman and so much more. You will find the perfect set as a secret Santa present for guys. So especially if he travels a lot, this gift will be both fun and useful as it makes his bags so easy to recognize.

10. A Panini Press to Upgrade His Sandwiches & Dinners

a panini press (best secret santa gifts under $25 for guys)

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A panini press is great for anyone who loves a good sandwich (and who doesn’t). However, there are so many other things you can also make with a panini press, from meat to grilled veggies, you can make an entire meal on this thing. This gift idea is perfect for people who love to make dinner quickly and don’t have a lot of space in their homes. So if you really want to give a man who loves food the absolute perfect gift, then give him a panini press.

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11. A Shower Beer Can Holder

a shower beer can holder; secret santa gifts for guys

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Does he love a good beer? And maybe he wants to drink one in the shower. Well, now he can with this funny shower drink holder. You can also use it for other drink cans, and is even handy to hold a bottle of shampoo if you’re afraid it won’t actually be used. It comes in a couple of different colors and also comes in a mug version. If you have a look around on Amazon, then you’ll be able to find a wine glass holder as well, if he’s more of a wine drinker.

12. A Skincare Set for Men under $25

skincare for men (secret santa gift for men)

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Your skin can use some care and attention whether you’re a man or a woman. And that’s why this skincare set is added to this list of secret Santa gift ideas for men. You get all the basics you need including a face wash, face scrub, and of course a moisturizer. If you know that they already have a skincare routine in place, then you can get them a nice face mask or something like that which will be a nice addition to their skincare regiment.

13. A Fun Animal Tie

a fun animal tie - $25 secret santa gifts men

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If you are looking for a nice secret Santa gift for your coworker under $25, then a fun tie like this that’s filled with tiny animals is a great idea. This is perfect for an office environment where he has to wear a tie quite often. You can pick from a bunch of different animals depending on what he’ll like, or maybe there’s a good inside joke you can use as inspiration. It’s a good-quality tie with animal designs that are subtle enough to be actually worn to work.

14. A Star Wars Bottle Opener

a star wars bottle opener - secret santa gift ideas for guys

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If you’re looking for a cheap and small gift idea, then this Star Wars-themed bottle opener is a great option. It’s small enough to hang on your keychain if you want, and then it’s a two-in-one gift; both a fun keychain and fun bottle opener. Of course, this bottle opener is only a good idea if they like Star Wars and drink beer from a bottle from time to time. If they’re not into the franchise, then be sure to check out the other fun bottle openers out there that are all great smaller gifts to give.

15. A ‘Bulletproof’ Whiskey Glass

a bulletproof whiskey glass (secret santa for men)

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This whiskey glass is a great original addition to this secret Santa gift guide for men. It’s perfect for someone who enjoys a good glass of whiskey, because not only does it look great, it also just serves as a glass to drink from. So, if you’re looking for something truly unique that’s also classy at the same time, then I would say that this whiskey glass is a pretty great choice. If you want, you can also go for a personalized whiskey glass, though that will take a bit longer to ship.

16. A Bicycle Pizza Cutter

a bicycle pizza cutter; best secret santa gifts for men

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Does he love cycling or watching cycling? Then this pizza cutter is a great funny gift to get him. You can pick from a couple of different colors, though the yellow one is probably the perfect option if he watches the Tour de France. So, if you’re looking for something small and cheap, then this is the perfect present to get him as part of a secret Santa. Just make sure they actually eat pizza from time to time, otherwise, this product is a bit redundant.

17. A GameBoy AirPods Case

a gameboy airpods case as secret santa gift ideas men

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If they already have a pair of AirPods, then a case for them is a great option for a small gift. This one comes in at about half the budget and is a great addition to some other smaller gifts to give in a set. You can pick from a couple of different colors, though the classic grey one is probably the best choice. This is perfect for anyone who grew up playing on a classic GameBoy that looked like this and it will help them protect their AirPods and makes it easy to hang them on their keys.

18. A Baseball Ice Mold

a baseball icecube mold (secret santa gifts for him)

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Another small gift that any man will enjoy is a novelty ice cube mold like this one shaped like a baseball. It also comes in some other shapes and you’ll even find a Death Star-shaped one on Amazon. It’s great for anyone who enjoys a drink on the rocks, just make sure they actually will use it, otherwise, it will just disappear in some kitchen drawer. If you’re not sure, then take a look at the other secret Santa presents under $25 as great alternatives.

19. Beer Chilling Rods: secret santa gift ideas for men under $25

beer chilling rods - men's secret santa gifts

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No one likes lukewarm beer and these chilling rods are a great instant solution for them. Instead of putting your beer in the fridge or freezer for a while, you can just grab these from the freezer, put them in your beer bottle and it will cool the beer down for you as you’re drinking it. This is one of the best gadgets for men under $25 that they will like. It’s perfect for the summer season as well, when beer doesn’t stay fresh as long as you may want it to.

20. A Box of Pizza Socks

a box of pizza socks as funny secret santa gifts

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If you really don’t know what to get a man as a secret Santa gift, then socks are always a safe option. You can’t really go wrong with them, except if they’re really boring, then they’re not a fun gift to get. So, instead, you can get them a fun set of socks like this. Whether you go with fun packaging or with fun socks themselves, it’s a great way to add some interest to giving someone socks as a gift. And these do both. Both the socks and the packaging is amazing, so take a look.

21. A Pirate Wine Corkscrew

a pirate corkscrew as cheap secret santa gifts for men under $25

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Last on this list of secret Santa gifts for guys is this handy and fun corkscrew. Yes, it’s another booze-related gift, but let’s be honest, that’s probably something the majority of men enjoy a lot. This is just one example of the many great funny wine bottle openers out there, so if you like this idea, but not this one in particular, then have a look around on Amazon at the many other options. If you don’t want to go the funny route, you can also get a more traditional corkscrew with their name engraved on it. 

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After having a scroll through this gift guide for him you now hopefully have an idea of some good secret Santa gifts for him within your budget of $25. If you are looking for even more affordable Christmas and secret Santa gift ideas for guys, you can find them on this list of DIY secret Santa gifts for men. Either way, try to keep it fun or practical as those are always good routes to take for gifts because you’re unlikely to go wrong with them.

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