16 Fun & Affordable Back-to-School Gifts

back-to-school gifts

A back-to-school gift guide for students, kids, and teachers. 

Going back to school is not always the most fun prospect for most kids. However, you can make it a lot more exciting by getting them something small or some fun school supplies as a gift for the new school to get them in the mood to go and see their classmates again. So, if you’re looking for fun and affordable back-to-school gifts for all ages, then scroll down and take a look at these great back-to-school items to ring in the new school year.

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1. A Practical Planner for the New School Year

academic planner - back to school gifts

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One of the staples you need for every new school year is a good planner to keep track of you week schedule, homework, essays, and test that are coming up. This pretty one here is just an example of the many great planners out there. There are loads of different designs and options available, though one with spiral binding is really handy, because they will lie flat and can be folded in half so that you have the week you’re in ready to go.

2. A Rose Gold Wire Desk Organizing Set

a rose gold desk organizer set as back to school gift ideas

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Upgrade your boring desk with this stylish rose gold desk organizer set. Back-to-school supplies don’t all have to do with what you take with you to school necessarily. This set of desk supplies is a great example of back-to-school gifts that you can use at home. This set also comes in yellow gold if that’s more your thing or you can have a look around at all the other great options for your desk at home out there. Other great examples are a good desk pad or a nice piece of wall art.

3. A 6-Piece Adorable Highlighters Set

a set of adorable highlighters; back to school gifts for students

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Keep yourself entertained while you are highlighting your material with this fun little highlighter set. They have two different sets, though these tiny pill ones are a personal favorite. Highlighters are something you need to buy every school year it seems, and why not go with a set of tiny adorable ones while you’re at it. These will fit in any pencil case and will work as a normal highlighter would, just a bit smaller and cuter.

4. A Cacti-Themed Spiral Notebook

a fun spiral notebook - back to school gifts for teachers

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Another back-to-school essential that no girl can have too many of is a good spiral notebook. This one comes in a couple of different designs including this cacti one. If you like its size, then you can even get a couple of them to get a set with each serving for a different subject. Just make sure they enjoy using ruled paper best because that is a common denominator of these notebooks. So, take a look and pick your favorite design.

5. A Set of Floral Pencil Cases

floral pencil cases (back to school gifts for college students)

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Keep your pens organized and together in one of these lovely pencil cases. They aren’t too big, so great to take with you wherever you go. You can use each for a different set of markers, pencils, or pens if you know you’ll be using all three. These are super affordable, so they’re also great small gifts to hand out or to use as stocking stuffers for Christmas. And we all know that a good pencil case is also a great makeup bag or just general bits and bobs bag.

6. This Fun Lego Lunch Box

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Lighten up the mood with this fun lunch box that’s perfect for any lego fan. It comes in a bunch of different colors and even some sizes, though this basic large size is perfect for a good school lunch. So, if you’re looking for a fun lunch box, then this is a great option. And if you have the budget and really want to go all out, you can even get the drinking bottle that looks like a stack of building blocks. In general, a fun lunch box is just a great back-to-school gift for all ages.

7. A Set of Pretty Pastel Gel Pens

a set of pastel pens; small back to school gifts for students

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A pretty set of colored pens in pretty pastel colors is a great addition to this back-to-school gift guide. You can pick from a couple of different color combinations and choose whether the ink is colored or not. So, if you know she loves pastel colors and uses them in her planner and note-taking, then this is the perfect gift to get. If you want to go with something for younger kids, then you can also go with adorable animal pens as a fun alternative.

8. A Mini Hole Puncher

a mini hole puncher on this back to school gift guide

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Don’t you hate it when your teacher hands out papers without any holes to put them in your binder? Well, now you can solve your issues on the spot with this mini hole puncher you can take with you to school or college. It’s probably one of the most practical back-to-school gift ideas for teens and college students, yet it’s also one of the most affordable ones. So, if you’re looking for something small and useful, then this is the present to get.

9. A Set of Macaron Erasers

macaron scented erasers - back to school presents

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Erase all your mistakes while dreaming of a snack with this stack of macaron erasers. Not only do they look like macarons, they also smell like them. Make sure to only get this if they old enough to know not to actually eat them. Fun-shaped erasers are just great gifts for kids going back to school because let’s be honest, everyone continuously loses their eraser (or wrecks it) and needs a new one. And these cute ones are just so much more fun than a plain white eraser.

10. A Stylish Keychain USB Drives

a stylish USB flash drive (gifts back to school)

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Keep all your files and data in one handy spot with one of these USB drives. It’s perfect to transfer files from one pc to another. Or to take homework or an assignment home with you even if the internet is down (which does happen in schools from time to time.) So, if they work on the computer a lot in school or have to do a lot of presentations, then having a good USB drive that they can just hook on to their pencil case or keys is a great addition to their school supplies for the new school year.

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11. A Set of Adorable Enamel Pins

a set of adorable enamel pins as gift ideas back to school

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Want to add a bit of fun to your backpack or pencil case without having to buy a new one? Then adding some adorable pins like these ones is a great way to do so. This set is filled with adorable animal pins and an avocado pin for some reason and are the perfect addition to any kid’s (or adult’s) backpack. A set like this is just a great small back-to-school present that any kid would love to get because they can pick which pins they’ll use wherever they want and they’re also really affordable, which is always a bonus.

12. A Set of Ohuhu Brush Markers

a set of ohuhu alcohol brush markers; back to school gifts for students

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Are they creative and enjoy coloring and drawing? Then upgrade their art with this set of alcohol brush markers that makes it possible to make markers blend into each other and just makes any piece of art so much better. This is one of the best back-to-school gift ideas for creative teenagers. Be sure to get a set that has brush tip markers because those are perfect and really versatile when it comes to coloring in pieces of art.

13. A Colorful Insulated Water Bottle

an insulated water bottle - back to school gifts for kindergarten students

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Everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated when you’re in school for an entire day. This bottle will help you do exactly that. It comes in a bunch of different colorful versions and comes with a couple of different lids to suit your needs. You can even pick the size of the bottle depending on how much water they’re going to drink. And don’t worry, these ones aren’t as expensive as the hydro flask ones out there.

14. A Cute Initial Keychain

a custom keychain (personalized back to school gifts)

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Another way to personalize your backpack or pencil case is a fun keychain like this that will also help people find your stuff again. This is especially great for kindergarten and primary school where kids are extraordinarily well at losing their stuff, repeatedly. So, help their teacher out by making the sorting of backpacks that bit easier. You can pick from a couple of different colors and finishes depending on their favorite color.

15. A Pair of Noise-Canceling Headphones

a pair of noise-cancelling headphones for doing homework in the new school year

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Any teenager will know by now that a good pair of headphones is a must-have while doing your homework, especially if you have siblings in the house with you. And to make it even better, this pair is also noise-canceling, which means that you can even just use them to block out any sounds that are distracting you without even listening to any music. So, if you’re looking for good back-to-school gifts for teenagers, then this is probably the best thing to get. Just make sure to check that they don’t already own a pair.

16. A Pack of Fun Sticky Notes

a pack of fun sticky notes: back to school gift ideas

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The last back-to-school item on this gift guide for kids and teens maybe isn’t the most exciting thing out there, but they are pretty fun. This set of sticky notes is just a great way to add some color and fun shapes to your notes and books. This is perfect for the person who uses post-its a bunch and could use a whole set of different shaped and colored ones. A set of sticky notes like this would also be a great teacher back-to-school gift to give.

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Do you want to go super affordable with your back-to-school presents? Then maybe checking out these DIY options is a good idea to get some inspiration on what you can make yourself. Or maybe your kids can even make for themselves, which is killing two birds with one stone: getting some school supplies and keeping them busy. Either way, I hope you find some fun inspiration and gift ideas for the new school year that your kids will love to get.

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